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Summary- After graduation Rei goes away to California to race while Kira studies art in Japan. Will their love be able to stay strong, or will she find comfort in the arms of another man. TxK, KxR, RxOC.


It was a busy day at the airport. It was just a week before the first semester of school began, students were coming home from vacation and leaving to go back home. Rei and Kira stood in the center of all the chaos, alone in their own little world.

He shifted from foot to foot and ran a hand through his shoulder length blonde hair. He was never good at good-byes. He looked up at Kira and then cast his eyes back to the rubber streaked white tiles on the floor. "Well, this is it..." Rei said slowly, the words struggling to pass his lips. He hung his head low and allowed his blonde hair to shade his eyes.

She sighed deeply and nodded in agreement. Kira wanted nothing more than to be able to smile at him and say that everything would be okay and that she'd be able to deal with not seeing him in three years, and to be able to tell him that she wouldn't worry too much while he was in California racing motorcycles. Unfortunately, she couldn't hide her raw sadness from him.

"God... Kira, I love you. I'll miss you like crazy while I'm gone," he said, as he caressed her cheek with his hand.

"I'll miss you too," Kira said, her voice straining as she tried to keep the tears from coming. Unfortunately she couldn't stop them and the came running down her cheeks.

Rei bent down and swooped her small body into his arms and held her tightly. She wrapped her arms around him and buried her head in his chest.

"I love you Rei. Be safe out there on the racetrack," Kira said softly.

"I will, make sure that you show those preps what real talent is," he joked, hoping to get her to smile once more before he left. he felt her nod into his chest.

"Flight 009, Tokyo to California will be leaving in fifteen minutes and is boarding now," called an attendants voice over the loud speakers.

Rei reluctantly let go of Kira. "Well, that's me," he told her, although she already knew. He wiped away her tears and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before running off in the opposite direction, leaving Kira to watch sadly as the one person she loved walked out of her life.

"Wait for me!" Rei called to her before turning a corner.

She'd wait for him forever, but a large part of her heart wanted to run after him and forget about the free three year scholarship to Japan's best art school. The other part of her wanted to ask Rei to stay and ignore the offer from the famous biking companies in America. The smaller part of her just wanted to curl up and cry. She hated herself door being so weak without him.

Kira almost jumped when her cellphone vibrated in her back jean pocket.

"Hello..." she muttered into the phone.

"Hey Kira, Rei's flight just left right? Well we're waiting out front. Come and meet us there," came Harumi's cheery voice.

Kira got the message, hung up and stuffed the phone back into her pocket.

After getting lost many times, and asking numerous people for help she found herself in the pick up area of the airport. A red Jetta Volkswagen pulled up in front of her and beeped lightly.

Tatsuya jumped out of the passenger's seat and opened the door for Kira like any other gentleman would have done.

She slipped into the back seat without saying a word. Rei living in America for three years, Harumi going away to beauty school, her mother dying it all felt surreal, like everyone she knew and loved was leaving her.

"How are you feeling?" Harumi asked as she began to drive away from the airport.

"I'm..." she was about to say 'okay', but decided that she'd had enough of having to lie to people about how she really felt.

Harumi gazed at Kira through the rearview mirror for a moment and found the answer to her question on Kira's grieve stricken face.

Tatsuya and Harumi exchanged worried glances. They both feared that Kira would break if Rei weren't around.

"Are you hungry?" Tatsuya asked, trying to break the silence. Kira was bound to be hungry, she spent the entire night helping Rei to pack.

Kira shook her head.

He sighed and hoped that Kira would snap out of her depressed stupor before the school semester began.

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