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Her Inspiration

A half an hour later Rei and Kira were both sitting quietly in his limousine. Kira was looking out of her window intensely, trying to soak in everything she could about Arizona. She was simply amazed by the change of scenery, the cacti and bright blue skies and lack of buildings, it was all very beautiful to her. Rei, having driven, walked and ridden his bike past the area several times was no longer fascinated by the scene. He instead satisfied himself with watching Kira. He felt like if he blinked or looked away she'd disappear and he'd wake up to find the blissful moment to be nothing more than a dream.

She looked back at him as if she could feel him watching her and giggled softly. "What's the matter?" she asked him, forgetting about the scenery for a moment.

He smiled mischievously and slid closer to her. "Nothing..." he said as he pushed the hair from her face with his hands. He kissed her forehead gently.

"Mhmm," he said as he kissed her nose playfully. "What do you say we skip dinner and go straight to my hotel?" he asked as he nuzzled her nose with his own.

"But I'm hungry," Kira replied, looking up at him with her large brown eyes that she knew he couldn't resist.

"We can order food whenever," he told her, trying to put up a fight as he kissed her chin.

"Exactly, so let's go to the finest Italian restaurant now and then we can go to your hotel," she said as she gave him a quick peck on the lips and scooted back over to the window.

Rei frowned a bit and then poured himself a glass of champagne from the icebox. "To the finest Italian restaurant in the city Alfred," he called to the driver who nodded and made a right, almost causing Rei to lose hold of his drink. After ten minutes he fell asleep and left Kira to her in-car sight seeing.

A half an hour passed and the limo stopped infront of a ritzy looking restaraunt. Kira looked out the window on the other side and poked Rei in his side to try and get him to wake up. Rei almost jumped out of his seat and quickly wiped the drool from the side of his mouth. She giggled and ran her hands through his hair to make it look presentable again.

"I was wondering if you still drooled," she said playfully to him as he opened the door and waited for her to get out.

He rolled her eyes at her. "I don't drool," he said as he stuck his nose in the air.

"Oh yeah? Then what's this?" she asked as she took a sheet of paper towel from her pocket and wiped away at a spot he missed and waved it in front of his face.

He snatched it and threw it in a garbage can. "Now what evidence do you have?" he asked her.

She took her hand in his and squeezed it lovingly. "I suppose I can collect more evidence tonight then," she told him.

He held the heavy glass door open for her and she stepped in.She stopped in the lobby and turned back at him looking frightened. "I was only joking when I asked you to take me to the best restaurant!" she insisted. "I don't think I'm dressed nicely enough!" she panicked as she watched an overly enhanced blonde woman walk past in a glittering black gown and high heeled shoes.

"Nobody cares, you're with Rei Kashino the world's best motorcycle racer remember?" he told her before he went to the front asking the waitor for a seat. "Do you want to pick the seats Kira?" he asked her.

She pouted and answered "Anywhere where we can't be seen," she said. "Or better yet can we have it to go?" she asked.

"Fine, I'll pick," Rei answered before turning back to the waiter. In minutes they were being led to an empty table for two in the center of the restaraunt.

"But Rei we're in the center all the well dressed women will look at me and whisper about how unkept my hair is and how wrinkly my shirt is! Oh you're evil!" she whined as she sat down before him.

"I don't remember you being this self conscious..." he muttered as he browsed through the menu although he already knew what he was going to order.

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to be a pain it's just that I know that you're a really big deal over here and I don't want to embarrass you," she told him quietly.

"You'll never do anything to embarrass me sweety. I don't care what you wear as long as you're next to me. However it would be hot to see you in a dress like that," he said nudging his head towards a tall woman sitting at the table behind him.

Kira gasped and kicked him under the table after glancing at the woman he was referring to. The brunette woman was wearing a bright coral sequined dress without straps that seemed to be taped on because of how closely it clung to her voluptuous body, Kira was beginning to get the idea that all women in America dressed this way. Rei knew she was far too modest for a dress like that. Kira ignored Rei's naughtiness and changed the subject. "I should have paid more attention in English class... I don't know what any of this says," she complained.

"Oh I forgot that you don't speak English. Well what do you want? There's chicken, pork, beef and seafood," Rei asked her. They finally got their order together and soon afterwards the waitress came to their table and took their order.

As they spoke in English and as Kira listened to everyone around her speaking English she'd never felt more out of place or foreign. Rei read her like a book and saw her discomfort and reached across the table and took her hand in his reassuringly. "You ok?" he asked.

She put on a smile so quickly that it wasn't hard to see how fake it was and nodded. "I think it would have been better if we just went to your hotel," Kira told him as she admired the intricate lace on the round table, the neatly folded silken napkins on the sides of the beautiful silver cutlery and glass plates, bowls and wine glasses along with the sophisticated candle in the center of the table that burned brightly. It was finer than anything she'd seen in Japan, not that she ever went too far from her city Tokyo or enjoyed all that they had to offer.

"I told you," he said with a wink. "Don't worry I have many events planned for the rest of the afternoon."

The food was quickly brought to their table and Kira ate heartily. As she was told it would be the food on the plane was horrible and she was dying for food that actually tasted like it was seasoned.. Rei couldn't help but smile as he watched her eat and noticed how she didn't pay much attention to which fork was used for what and how she was supposed to hold the cup. The girls Rei met so far at business dinners in the States tended to care far too much about their weight and only picked at a salad and indulged only in water.

After finishing his food he asked the waiter to take a thirty dollar tip, much to Kira's surprise, and they quickly headed out.

"What happened to the limo?" Kira asked him worriedly as she looked around quickly.

"Don't worry the hotel is near here, we can walk if you don't mind," Rei told her taking her hand in his.

"Okay then, that sounds good," Kira said with a nod and a smile. "It's so nice out now that the sun is down. Is it always like this here? Scorching in the day and breezy during the night?" she asked him as she looked up at him. She'd always liked and found comfort in the way Rei towered over her in height. It made her feel safe.

"Yup," he answered, swinging her hand back and forth.

"You live in a hotel? I thought you lived here, like permanently," Kira asked him.

"Only sometimes, I go wherever the races are. Sometimes there here, sometimes in California. I haven't decided where I wanna put down roots yet," Rei explained, figuring that she wanted to know why he hadn't purchased a house or rented an apartment yet. "Anywho I like having people clean my room and bring up my food," he added.

"You could buy a house and hire servants," Kira suggested. Deep down she'd always dreamt of starting a family with him and settling in a nice suburban home. She never mentioned it though because he never seemed to be the family guy type.

He shrugged and they kept on walking in silence for a while. Kira took the opportunity to look up at the night sky that burned brightly with stars. "Back in Tokyo it was impossible to see the stars with all the buildings and bright lights that never turned off," she said to nobody in particular.

"Yeah, that's one of the things I like about here. I was sort of thinking that maybe after the races are done for the season that we could settle out here perhaps," he mentioned.

Kira beamed up at him. "That sounds perfect," she said quickly.

He smiled down at her. "It was only a thought you know," he added.

They walked the next few blocks in silence and soon found themselves standing in front of the Marriot Hotel that Rei was staying in. "This is it he announced."

"Wow, it's huge," she said looking up at it, from where she was standing it seemed like the building had no end.

"I know, and I got the room at the top floor too, it's amazing!"

Rei told her as he held the door open for her.

She almost leaned over and took off her shoes before stepping in but then noticed that everyone one else left theirs on. As she bent over to untie her shoelaces before she remembered this her fingers grazed the unbelievably soft red carpet on the floor. It felt too expensive to be walked on. Everything else there was just as grand as the carpet, the employees were richly dressed in fancy uniforms of red and green and the check in counter was made of marble.

"Oh, I forgot my luggage!" she exclaimed as she began to panic.

"Don't worry I had somebody take care of it, it should be up in the room," he told her with a smile, it was cute the way she fretted over the littlest things.

After a three minute ride in the see through elevator they arrived at Rei's suite.

"It's so beautiful in here!" she gasped as she ran to all the corners of the room. "It's gorgeous, my God Rei!" she said as she looked at the view from the large window their penthouse room. The chandelier hanging above the bed was dripping what seemed to be real diamonds and the sheets on the king sized bed were definitely 450 count sheets from the finest linen.

He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist inhaling the never changing scent of her hair. "It is beautiful," Rei said as he leaned down further to place several kisses on her neck.

She turned to face him in his embrace and wrapped her arms around his neck. He made a trail of kisses starting at the base of her neck and ending at her lips. They shared a passionate kiss that was more daring than Kira's usual character.

"Mmm, do you want this as much as I do right now?" he asked her seductively as he led her to the bed in between their fiery kisses.

She nodded eagerly and got on the bed, taking a moment to marvel at how soft and cushiony the bed was. The moment didn't last long because in seconds Rei climbed on top of her and began to undress her, starting with her top and then quickly starting with her bottoms. An hour later the clothes were scattered all over the floor and they lay naked in the bed underneath the covers.

"That was good..." she murmured as she made circles on Rei's tanned very toned hairless chest with her fingers. "I'm suddenly filled with the inspiration to paint, after months of being filled without anything. I could barely even pick up a brush," she added as she ran her hands up and down his chest and then back up, her hand resting on his nipples.

He licked his lips and placed his hand over hers. "Aww, come on you know what that does to me..." he whispered.

She nodded against his chest and crawled on top of him "I know," she said as she placed a warm and gentle kiss on his lips.

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