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Chapter 1 The First Sign

Raven had been having the strangest days at her new home at the Tower. But that day was the most strangest of them all. Raven had seemed to have gotten a flu of some kind. But she had the flu tons of times on Earth. This one seemed to be no trouble at all.

The flu made her lose her voice, so it was kind of hard for her to meditate or use her powers in a fight. But they were not fighting in a long time, so Raven had not told her team that she could not use her powers at that time. And with her not being able to meditate it was hard for her to hold her powers when she got even just a little bit angry at Beast Boy. But the flu would pass sometime.

"Please Beast Boy," Starfire whined in the kitchen at breakfast. "Please eat your food and stop playing that game you call cerates."

Beast Boy kept waving his arms in the air and pointing to his mouth like he could not speak.

Starfire shook her head and kept eating her breakfast, trying to block out the green dude waving his arms like a freak.

Beast Boy rolled his eyes, still not speaking, and gave up on Starfire. He quickly turned around to bug Raven when she came into the kitchen for her herbal tea to smooth her nerves.

Beast Boy did the same thing he did to Starfire to poor Raven. She just watched him in thought and never said anything because she couldn't. After five minuets of Beast Boy waving his arms and pointing to his mouth Raven slipped away to get away. He seemed to have what she had.

Beast Boy was now really mad. He could not speak for anything. Somehow he had lost his voice. Nothing could get out of his big mouth that morning, but he was still annoying.

"Paper!" he thought as he turned into cat and dashed over to where Robin was seated looking over some papers.

The green cat silently jumped up behind Robin and grabbed the papers from him.

"Hey!" Robin called out in protest. "Give that back now, Beast Boy!" In a blink of an eye Robin had grabbed Beast Boy's green cattail. Beast Boy quickly turned into a gorilla, and as Robin ran forward to get his papers he stuck out his huge hand and wrapped it around Robin's face.

"Mest Moy!" Robin yelled as he tried to get his face out of Beast Boy's gorilla hand. Beast Boy was not about to let Robin free. All he needed now was a pen.

Raven slowly turned her tea with a pen because all the spoons had not been washed. Beast Boy was going to wash them that night, but you know how he is. Suddenly a huge hand shot out and grabbed her pen and she almost spilt her tea on herself. She glared over at Beast Boy who was still a gorilla holding back Robin with his hand. Robin was still yelling in protest.

Beast Boy quickly turned back into his normal form, and Robin lost his balance from the sudden change and fell onto the ground. Beast Boy wrote fast onto the paper, "I can't speak!!!" He waved the paper in the air for all to see.

Robin was in no good mood after what Beast Boy just did. He got up off the floor and dusted himself off. He glared over at Beast Boy, like everyone else was doing, and it started.

"What were you just doing?" Robin yelled as Beast Boy turned around to him waving the paper in Robin's face. Robin grabbed the paper away and crumbled it up in a ball. Robin threw it and Raven caught it and began to write something as Robin yelled at Beast Boy some more.

"That paper I was looking at was important, and you knew that," Robin yelled. He was going to go on some more, but Raven stuck the same paper in his face.

The paper said, "Beast Boy lost his voice and so did I. It's just a flu. And STOP yelling at Beast Boy."

Robin gave a foolish smile as he said to Beast Boy, "Sorry, didn't know."

Starfire looked up at the three from her breakfast. She had a huge smile on her face. Robin knew that look and quickly walked out of the room. Beast Boy and Raven were not that lucky.

Before the two silent teens could make it out of the kitchen, Starfire caught up with them. She quickly grabbed their arms and practically drug them to the table.

"On my planet we have different kinds of foods that help us get over sickness," she said in her perky way that drove Raven crazy to no end. "I know just the thing for you two."

She then ran/flew around the kitchen grabbing things from every counter, jug, and cabinet.

"You two just sit there, while I start to cook!"

Her two prisoners slouched in their seats as they heard this and waited for the worst of the worst. Lucky Robin who made it out in time.

Starfire started to hum a small song as she carefully put some of her mix onto two plates. She flew over to where Raven and Beast Boy were sitting with helpless faces.

Starfire put the plates of mixed food of-whatever next to her friends and waited till they ate their food from her.

Raven stared at her plate of mush then up at Beast Boy, who was doing the same thing as she was. They both looked up at the beaming Starfire and a pit formed in their stomachs. They both sighed.

Beast Boy could not make Starfire's eyes disappointed. She was too sweet and was never mean to him, so what could he do?

Beast Boy slowly picked up his spoon and slid a glob of mush onto it. He raised it to his mouth, and in the corner of his eye he saw Raven with a look of disgust and Starfire happy as ever. (As always.)

"Well," he thought as he closed his eyes and prepared for the worst taste in his life. "It can't get any worse than this." In the back of his head a question popped up. "Is any of this stuff meat?"

Before he could answer the question or think twice Beast Boy shoved the food in his mouth.

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