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Chapter 13 One Simple Catch

"Come on you guys," Betony said as she helped the few Teen Titans and Felix down the waterfalls. Ironclaw was on top of one tying up the rest of the guards they had defeated. It had only taken a few minutes to knock all of them out.

"Why are we all going down when Robin and Raven are up?" Cyborg asked his tiny tangle-child friend.

"Thorn Beak read some more in that book and she found out a lot about this place," Betony said as they all quickly made their ways into the think green jungle. Ironclaw spread his wings out and flew down to the ground and landed perfectly in front of Beast Boy.

"I wonder if you get your powers back here you can change into a brazzle," Cyborg asked Beast Boy while nudging him. Beast Boy just coughed a little and had a faraway look on his face. He was losing it fast. He could not even spit out another one of his stupid jokes.

"The monks of Half-Moon were really smart," Betony went on as they went off the path they had taken to get there. "We could never hold our breaths underwater to get to the monastery underground. And if we climbed all the way up the waterfalls it would take forever."

"So your point is?" Felix asked while stumbling over a fallen tree trunk.

"Thorn Beak found out that the surface for the monastery has three walls around it that are invisible to the naked eye. We would never be able to find it. But there is one cliff here that goes all the way up and you can see the inside of the walls. We all go up there and I think that is where the cure could be."

Cyborg was just thinking that he could have seen the walls with his Cyborg eye, but the way Betony was describing seemed a lot better than climbing the waterfalls again. They trudged though the jungle for a long time.

"Hiccup...when do we stop?" Starfire asked as she lagged behind. "Hiccup...friends...hiccup...I'm getting tiered."

"We can't stop now Starfire," Felix said as he helped her along. "We got to help Robin and Raven. If we stop the sickness could get worse."

The six traveled for the whole night and most of the early morning. They were so tiered out. Only Cyborg and Ironclaw were not so tiered. They were just sleepy.

The sun started to rise and it was shining through all the leafs in the huge jungle. They found a huge river and made breakfast with the fish in it. They sat around a tiny fire Felix had made with just a wave of his hand.

It was strange that normal people in this new world could just make a fire by saying a tiny poem and waving their hand over a mushroom. Felix had practiced this in the other world and had trouble, but he had done it once or twice. It was easier to do it in this world though.

Suddenly there was a cry or scream from some place way above the six. They looked around them to see nothing.

"Look up!" Felix yelled to his friends. They saw the cliff and the inside of the walls. At the very top was a tiny figure almost falling off and hanging onto the side of the cliff's edge.

Cyborg used his cyborg eye to take a closer look. He gasped and said, "It's Robin and Slade is pushing him off!"

His friends gasped as well and kept their eyes on their poor friend. They all yelled protests when Robin fell. Ironclaw went into action and flew into the air in a simple attempt to rescue Robin from falling.

Robin had gained all his strength and was not that too thrilled about it though. Slade had taken away his belt, so that meant no cord or gadgets to stop his death fall. It was hopeless. Or was it?

There was a bird cry from below Robin. The teen tried to turn himself to see what was going on, but he could not seem to see anything.

Suddenly something grabbed Robin by the end of his cape and he was jerked up. Then Robin was flying over the huge river and jungle below him. He was speechless as he stared wide-eyed below him. He hung onto the tiny white flower and looked up.

Ironclaw winked down at him and Robin smiled one huge wide smile that could have lasted forever. Robin then laughed for some reason and pumped his fist into the air. His feet finally touched hard ground and he was welcomed with warm hugs.

"You had us freaked!" Cyborg said as he patted Robin on his back. Starfire hiccupped through her whole happy speech. Beast Boy just coughed and gave Robin a thumbs up sign.

"I got the cure!" Robin finally said to his friends and held up the flower in his shaking hands. He was just a little freaked from the fall. Everyone just stared at him and their jaws seemed to drop.

Robin let Beast Boy and Starfire sniff the flower and right away they felt strength flow through them. After a few seconds Starfire tested her powers out by showing up her starbolts. A happy smile spread across her face as she hovered into the air.

Beast Boy tested his out by turning into a monkey and jumping around the tiny camp. He then tried something he had never tried before and turned into a green brazzle and stood right next to Ironclaw with a proud smile.

"I can't believe it!" Ironclaw breathed as he looked Beast Boy up and down. "He looks just like one."

"Let's go quickly!" Robin said and his friendly voice quickly changed. "Raven needs help."

Felix and Betony jumped onto Ironclaw and he jumped into the air and started to fly upwards. Starfire grabbed onto Cyborg to go the same way as Robin jumped onto Beast Boy's back and they all took off.

Slade was just leaving when a starbolt hit the wooden door and it exploded in his face. His guards turned around to see a huge team mad as ever. Slade ordered his team to fight and Robin yelled, "Titans! GO!"

Starfire dropped Cyborg to do his stuff as Robin jumped off Beast Boy. Ironclaw fought big time and he knocked out three of the guards in one huge swipe of his giant loin paw. He pecked at some of the guards as well.

Starfire and Cyborg seemed to be working together perfectly. The starbolts and sonic cannon were taking out tons of guards in seconds. Beast Boy was doing his best still as a brazzle.

"You just can't seem to die can you?" Slade yelled at Robin, as they stood ready for a fight. Robin held up his fists and Slade came at him. The teen ducked and twisted around and kicked the villain in the side.

"I make not dieing into a habit, don't I?" Robin said with a tiny smile. "I just don't like it." Robin then dropped to the ground and tried to trip Slade, but he was too fast. Robin backed up to not get punched. His back hit the wall and he ducked and Slade's fist hit the wall and the wall smashed.

"That has to hurt," Robin said as he sprung backwards onto the wall and jumped off it. He landed on the other side of Slade and lashed out with a roundhouse kick. Slade caught Robin's foot and was going to twist it, but Robin jumped into the air with his other foot and kicked Slade in the face with his free foot. Robin landed a few feet away from Slade. He was panting hard and anger was flowing through him. It was anger at Slade. He had given him the sickness, shoved him off the cliff, and was right in front of him. Slade noticed the anger and knew he had to get out of there. His guards were weakening and it was now or never.

"Mika!" he yelled. Mika had been fighting off to the side. She was flying here and there and using her powers against anything that came her way. She heard Slade and flew over to him. "Get us both out of here," he ordered.

Mika saw the anger in Robin's eyes as she picked up Slade and flew off. She wanted to be good, but right then was not the time. Slade told her to make an earthquake and she did. The land that the Titans were on started to rumble and she heard some shouts as she flew away. She never wanted to come back to this place.

"Robin!" Cyborg yelled over the rumble. Robin looked up and saw his friend run over to him. "We have to get off quickly. Go get Raven!" He pointed to the little blue ball huddling in the corner of one of the walls.

Robin had forgotten for a few seconds about her. He nodded at Cyborg to go and ran over to her. He pulled her up close to him. Her eyes were closed and her skin was so pale. Robin got the flower out and put it next to her for her to smell.

The rumbling was at the back of his head as Robin waited for Raven to get better. He waited for a few seconds and nothing happened. He clung onto her hand while shaking is head in horror.

"NO!" he whispered and closed his eyes. He could not bear to think that she was dead. He was too late to rescue her. He let one tear fall down his cheek. He had not cried in such a long time, but he did not care. Raven could not be in his life anymore.

The rumbling got worse as he touched his forehead to her dead forehead. His eyes were still shut and his tear dropped onto her cheek with a tiny splash.

Suddenly there was a gasp from the body in Robin's arms and he opened his eyes. He saw Raven's big eyes flutter open and she looked up at him. Now Robin was crying because of how happy he was. It was out of pure joy.

Raven gave a weak smile and reached her hand to his face and whipped the tears away from his cheek. "Don't scare me like that again," she said weakly and her voice shook a little.

Robin smiled down at her and managed to say, "You were the one who scared me a few seconds ago." They both looked in each other's eyes for a long time. Raven finally felt strength flow though her body. Her power was coming back, but she was focused on Robin too really care.

She took his other cheek with her other hand and pulled him to her. Robin did not fight it and they both shared an incredible kiss. Raven's emotions flew from her and the rumbling under the two stopped. It seemed like the two were floating in the air.

Then they pulled away from each other and smiled. Robin looked up and noticed that the rumbling had stopped. He helped Raven up and noticed that everyone was looking around with confusion. Something had stopped the rumbling but no one knew what.

"Let's get out of here," Raven whispered to Robin. He just nodded and they both walked over to Cyborg to regroup the team. Everyone was okay. Starfire floated a few feet off the ground to show that she was happy. Beast Boy showed Raven that he could change into a brazzle. Cyborg was just happy that the team was back to normal.

"What stopped the earthquake?" Cyborg asked while scratching the back of his neck.

Robin glanced at Raven and she just blushed a little. They both held eye contact and they knew they had stopped it. It was a secrete they would not tell though. Their lips were sealed.

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