"Lady Elizabeth, you are wanted in the chamber," Alice, the servant said.

"Thank You, Alice," Elizabeth said.

She walked down the long hall to her mothers chambers. As she was about to knock she heard voices coming from the room.

"She is to marry and that is the end!" She heard her father yell.

To marry? Who will be married? She wondered. She knocked lightly on the door and waited for permeation to enter.


She walked into hesitantly inside the room.

"Good evening Father," Elizabeth said sweetly towards her father.

"Beth sweetie seat down. We need to talk to you," her mother said.

But by the sweet tone that her mother was using she knew that something was going on that she didn't agree with. Elizabeth sat on the couch looking at her parents.

"Elizabeth, we have arranged for you to be married," her father said in a business like tone.

Like his daughter getting married was a thing that happened everyday. She sat there starring. She kept thinking, why? What? When? How? But the only thing that came out of her mouth was...

"Who?" With wide eyes, like she was about to cry.

"Sire Liam O'Connor."

At the words of her future husband she blushed. Future husband...

"I know this is very forth coming but Liam has a very wealthy life. He will be coming to London tomorrow night for dinner," her father continued.

She looked at her father, "WH-where is he from?" She questioned, her eyes getting wider at the second.

"Ireland. You will be married in four month prier to now." Elizabeth's father said as he tied his boots.

"But father... four months?" Elizabeth whined.

"You will do as you are told, Elizabeth," her father said in a firm voice.

"Mother," Elizabeth said, facing her mother with a pleading look.

"Sorry, Beth. But Liam is a very, nice handsome man. I'm sure you'll be very found of him," Her mother said with her own look, Don't-Mess- With- Your- Father-There-Is-Nothing-You-Can-Do.

"Fine," Elizabeth huffed.

"I'm sorry Elizabeth that this is so forthcoming. But the O'Connor's our very well-off people. They our good friends of ours and you'll meet Liam at the ball," her father said gently.

"But father you said dinner not a ball," Elizabeth complained.

A ball. There couldn't be a ball. She would need a dress and her hair done. There wouldn't be enough time.

"Only a few people will be attending. The Harris's, Rosenberg's, Giles's, Osborne's, and a few of the O'Connor's friends," her father once more replied.

"But father, I still have to have a dress. I do not have a gown," She said.

Elizabeth hoped to convince her father to give her little more time to get ready for the information she had just received. Also so I can look good for my fiancé, she reminded herself. She wanted to look drop dead gorgeous.

"Then wear one you have already used," He commanded.

"But father-" she tried to argue.

"No buts Elizabeth. Now leave and if you need start getting ready, do it now!" And with that he opened the door and walked out.


"Liam, welcome to London," Liam's father said sternly.

"London. And we are in London again why Father?" Liam asked dully.

Why he was asking he had no idea. Getting engaged to a girl named Elizabeth. Yes, he thought, pretty name. But the last thing on earth he wanted to do was get engaged to marry to some snobby women who all she thought about is her looks and money.

"To meet your fiancé, Elizabeth Summers," his father said.

"Are you sure?" Liam said.

Liam was smiling inside his head because he knew he was bothering his father with his silly questions. His father looked at him for a split second then looked at the crowd.

"Your mother and friends will arrive on the next boat so we can talk to Elizabeth father, Hank Summers," Liam's father said, motioning Liam to follow him.

"And I have to marry this Elizabeth because...?" Liam asked looking expectedly at his father.

"Because her family is wealthy which is gives our family much money. I have met Elizabeth and she is a very beautiful, kind, girl. And if you would like to know she is quite attractive," His father sated.

Attractive, Liam thought, well if his father said this Elizabeth is attractive then she must be some a noble woman.

"We will be attending the ball with him and Summer's and a few of their family friends. I have invited the O'Brien's, Chase's, Doyle's, Price's, Brinkle's, and Gunn's," his father said.

"Well that's good. At least Frances and William will be there," Liam said as he looked around.

"At the ball, Liam, you will spend time with Elizabeth and not Frances and William. You will give her a Claddagh ring and dance. You will speak with Frances and William for a short amount of time, otherwise spend time with Elizabeth. Have I made myself clear, Liam?" His father said. Liam looked at him and huffed. "Look there is Hank."

Both Liam and Daniel walked over to an elderly looking man in his forties.

"Hank it's been too long," Daniel stated.

"Daniel," Hank said. They hugged and then both turned to Liam.

"Hank this Liam. Liam this is Hank. Elizabeth's father," Daniel said.

Liam bowed, "Nice to meet you, sir," Liam said polity. Giving his hand, he shook it.

"Please do not call me sir. It makes me feel old. Call me Hank," Elizabeth's father said.

"Yes, si- Hank," Liam said as they climbed into the wagon.

"Where is your wife and daughter, Daniel?" Hank said polity to start conversation.

"You know how Ilana and Katherine can take forever. They will be arriving on the next boat," Daniel said.

"I will arrange a carriage to escort them back to the house. I would do it myself but there is work to be done before the ball. And I'm sure you, young man, will need the rest before you meet, Elizabeth," Hank said.

The rest of the drive was in silence and then they arrived in front of a huge house. "Welcome to our home. Please make yourself at home," Hank started, "This is our main butler, Christopher. He will attend you to your rooms,"

"Good day to you sirs," an old gray haired mean with wrinkles said.

"Christopher, these two men our Daniel Thomas O'Connor and Liam Angelus O'Connor. Elizabeth's fiancé," he said proudly, "Well you please show them there rooms?" He said motioning with his hands the stairs. "Sorry, but I will not be seeing you till the ball. However, I suggest you get some sleep. It will definitely be a long night," Hank said the walked away.

"This was please," Christopher said, as they followed him. "This is Hank's and Joyce's guest chambers, this is were and Daniel and his friends will be staying. Liam if you will follow me your room is in Elizabeth's wing."

Liam waved at his father then went out of the chambers. Big house, he thought.

"Um excuse me, Christopher, will I be meeting Elizabeth?" he said hesitantly.

Even is he had known it was improper it he just couldn't be help but be anxious to meet this... Elizabeth.

"No sir. She is in her mother's hall getting ready. You will only be seeing her at the ball. This is your room. Please enjoy your stay," He said opening the door to his room.

Liam walked in and looked around it. It looked almost like his room in his house just a tiny bit smaller because this room was a guest room. It had a big king's size bed, a dresser, a desk and space to move around. So this was going to be his room for the next four months. Yippy do duh!