TITLE: In the Past, In the Future

AUTHOR: Danielle


DISCLAIMER: All Joss Whedon's, also the song is Someday Out of the Blue by Elton John


SUMMARY: What if Angel and Buffy were forced to get married but what happens when Angel royally screwed up in the future. EPILOGUE

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RATING: PG-13 sort, it's sad, I almost cried writing it. AN: Character Deaths, just to warn ya. But it's good, I swear.

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So that was the end of there story really. He never had anymore visits from Liam, no more freaky dreams, and no one saying that he messed his life up. Because he really didn't in the end. In the end he got the girl, he got the perfect life. He got something that not many people have.
Angel stared out the window. So many things had changed since the day he had married his wife. Since the day they had been lifted up to the heavens. This day so many years ago had been the day that had changed his future so madly. He met her today. The love of his life. And how he did love her.
His parents still didn't budge that much, they never liked who he had married. His mom even refused to come to the wedding. They only came around, sort of, when they had met their grandchildren. They would baby- sit, but they wouldn't come around when Buffy was at home. Two years after there marriage, they had there first daughter, Heather, and then came Matthew , Meredith, Eitan, Ariel and Liam. He had thought of the last name. He remembered when he told Buffy he wanted to his newest son to be named Liam, she had looked at him like he was nuts.

"Why?" She asked with her eyebrows raised.

He laughed, she had just given birth and she still acted like Buffy. Still happy and sweet and wonderful, and oh so sarcastic.

"I think it's appropriate," he said taking his son from his wife and looking at his new son.

"Really, why?" She said trying to get up from the bed.

He gently pushed her down and looked down at his wife, "For them giving me you, for them shoving me in the right direction. I think we could name our last son after the person that brought us together. "

"Better be our last child too. My limbs hurt. And I'm forty! I'm old and I look like it. My boobs already sag. And I've had six children in the last fifteen years! No more sex, I'm old and I can't have anymore children."

Angel chuckled at the declarations she had yelled at him that day. He assured her that she was still beautiful, still stunning in her old age. He had shown here that he didn't care that her boobs sagged, and the sex... He laughed a little more loudly at the thought, which definitely didn't work out for her.
It had been around forty years since that day. Since Liam had been born. He was eighty five, and his wife... he looked out the window again. He didn't understand how it was fair that people died everyday, without a care. How someone could just die, and there would be an announcement in the news, on the paper. And people would take so lightly. Not until it happened to them, did they really understand.
There was a knock on his door. No, not his door, the old people place his children forced him to live in now. He slowly walked to the door and opened it. He smiled at the visitor.

"Heather!" Angel said to his oldest daughter.

"Hi daddy!" She said hugging him.

"And here I thought no one would remember today." He laughed sadly.

"How could I forget, today is the say you meet Mommy," she said walking him towards the couch.

"Yup and what a wonderful day that was," he said to her as she sat next to him.

She looked at him for a second and touched his hand, "I are you okay, daddy?"

He smiled at his daughter, "Of course, honey."

She nodded, "I brought you something. I found it in one of the boxes that were in the attic, here you go." She said handing him a small pouch.

He slowly opened the pouch and tears sprung to his eyes. His daughter looked at him concerned but he shook his head. He looked at the Claddagh ring and smiled. Buffy had given him this on there tenth anniversary. More tears came to his eyes and he tired to wipe them away but he already knew that they would keep on coming. He had been waiting for them all day.

"Daddy," Heather said quietly as she hugged him close to her. "Its okay daddy, I promise."

He smiled sadly at his daughter and laughed, nothing would be okay anymore. He lived in a shrill of a place that was nothing like the home he and Buffy had lived in. They had the perfect house. It was white, big house, with a blue picket fence and a big yard so the kids could play all the wanted. It was there house. Now Eitan lived there with his wife and children. He didn't mind really, as long as one of the children had their house but it was still his house. The house was were he had made love to his wife for hours on end, were all his children were made. He thought. Heather left an hour later and once again he was staring out that window. He got up suddenly and went to his room. He opened a small box with pictures, jewelry, letters and clothes, but he was looking for something else. He took a small paper at the end of the box and pulled it out. Tears once again formed in his eyes, why was he doing this, he didn't understand. It would just kill him more than the day was already killing him. The paper read:

My dearest Angel, I love you, you know that. I'm so glad your sleeping tonight, for it has been days since you have fallen asleep. I love you so much. And the thought of leaving you here, by yourself, terrifies me. I can't help but think I can't live anywhere without you and your love. I have loved you my whole life even before I have met you. I'm so in love with you and I want you to try and live and remember all those years that we had together, all those happy years we lived together. And promise me; don't go all Romeo, okay?
With all my love,
Buffy O'Connor- I love you.

Angel lay on his bed and cried. He remembered how he had woken up that day and found her cold beneath him, and how he had panicked. He wanted to die. He really didn't want to live on this plane without her in it. He would never kill himself only because she asked him not too. But everyday he would hope he would wake up and not be alive. He looked at the bed and grabbed Buffy's old pig and hugged it close to him. He loved her and he still did. He fell asleep that day and to his happiness he didn't wake up the next.

Some day out of the blue

In a crowded street or a deserted square

I'll turn and I'll see you

As if our love were new

Some day we can start again, some day soon


Anne looked around and couldn't find anything familiar. She walked slowly up the sidewalk and then looked back. She was totally lost. She walked quicker towards path she was going on and once again looked back and ran smack into someone's chest.

"Oh God, I am so sorry," she said as she tried to pick her books up.

"Its okay," a deep voice said helping her with her books.

She looked up and saw the most gorgeous guy alive. Wait, I know this guy. He was the one from my dream! Anne thought to herself. He handed her, her books and gave her the cutest half smile.

"I'm Leone O'Roake, my friends call me Roake," he said holding his hand out.

"I'm Anne."

"Nice name, so you seem lost, did you need help?" he asked taking hold of her hand.

She shivered at the contact but smiled, "Sure, actually I got pretty lost." As they turned around and went the right way to Anne's class.

"So did you have a lecture or something?"

"Yeah, on Art History," she said as they came nearer to the school.

"Well maybe after that we could have coffee or something, you know..."

Some day out of the blue

Maybe years from now

Or tomorrow night

I'll turn and I'll see you

As if we always knew

Some day we would live again, some day soon

Some day out of the blue

In a crowded street or a deserted square

I'll turn and I'll see you

As if our love were new

Some day we can start again, some day soon