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Hermione sighed as the lightening flashed outside of her window. It had been two months since she had been at Hogwarts but she remembered everything as if it was yesterday. Severus Snape a man far more than what he seemed had stolen her heart and made her the woman she was. But now it seemed like a memory that constantly troubled her. Should she keep it or forget it? Was it right to still feel what she should never have come to know. She was constantly pushing him out of her mind, in vain trying to forget the pain of it all. Hermione knew she still loved him, even after the effects of the potion had worn off. But why? Why did she still feel the way she did! Hermione slammed her fists down on the seat beside her, standing. She began to pace about, throwing her hands up once in a while, fighting the eternal torment.

After a few minutes she sat back down, staring out the window. Leaning her head against the window she began thinking of Snape. She truly couldn't forget him, even if she tried. The feelings she had begun to feel during the end of the year had her confused. At first it was lust and need to fulfill her desire, but now it was more, she just wanted Snape. Or did she?

Changing her position she leaned her head against the seat, closing her eyes. What would happen when school started? How would Snape act towards her? Would he still covet her like before? Would he torture her in class because of what had happened between them? Hermione was so lost in her own thoughts that she didn't notice the train stop. What would happen when she saw him, the one person she wasn't sure she was ready to see again?

Then the door of her compartment opened and she stopped her train of thought. Who would open the door of a taken compartment? Opening her eyes, Hermione almost screamed aloud. Severus Snape stood in the doorway, glaring at her, his dark eyes intense upon her form. She could feel the heat there, those eyes that made her want to melt as memories returned afresh once more.

Hermione blinked forcing herself to remain calm. "Professor?" She was confused now; no teacher other than Professor Lupin had ridden on the train. Glancing outside, she noticed that the train was still stopped. Looking back to Snape, she realized that he must have just gotten on. Hermione didn't say anything, just stared. He was the same as before, he would always be the same. The same cold hearted, but gentlemanly man she had come to know over the duration of her sixth year.


Keeping his eyes on her, forcing old memories to stay down, Snape stepped into the compartment, placing his things into the storage compartment above the vacant seat. Shutting the door behind him, he took off his top robe and sat down. "This seat isn't taken is it?" Hermione shook her head, thinking that he could have asked that first, not that she had expected him to in all honesty, he was Snape after all. "Then I suppose you wouldn't mind my company for the remainder of the journey?"

Hermione shook her head again. "No sir."

Snape nodded at her in reply. Glancing out the window and gave a small snort. Raining again. It always seemed to rain when he took the train, not that he really ever did. But since the dementors attack on Harry, Dumbledore had stationed a teacher on the train each year after. Or any time students were on the train.

Snape looked to Hermione for a moment and then back out the window. Nothing about her had changed and strangely his feelings hadn't either. She still filled his mind when he came to know the loneliness of his life late at night. He still wished things had progressed further, but he knew it was impossible. Dumbledore would never allow it and neither would modern society. Looking at her again, he spoke.

"And how was your summer Miss Granger?" No harm in making conversation. After all, the ride was still a long one and he had nothing better to do. Even more so, Hermione was one of the smartest students at Hogwarts, surly she wouldn't be that much of a bore. Though she tended to be a know it all and show off sometimes. He had to wonder though, were his feelings about her mind right to think or say? Were any feelings about her right to indulge in?

Hermione blinked, looking at Snape. Strange of him to ask, he usually wasn't one to speak with students in such a way. Come to think of it their relationship the previous year had been very unlike Snape, she supposed there was much she didn't know about him in reality. Speaking up she gave a fake smile. "Fine and yours Professor?"

Snape nodded, noticing that she had changed over summer unlike he first thought. Hermione seemed a slight bit taller, fuller in her feministic features, and even more grown up than he remembered. Two months, could it change a person that much? He supposed so, remembering his own teen years. He had changed quite a bit himself in two months. Snape sighed, remembering his younger years. What he wouldn't give to go back and change a few things. What he wouldn't give to tell his younger self not to be so foolish. Not to seek revenge upon those who he loathed.

True he had slightly gotten over his grudge after all the time that had passed. But even after all the years that had gone by, nothing could change the fact that he had once been a Death Eater and that Voldemort still remained. Even after being weakened enough to be destroyed early in Harry Potters sixth year, he had still escaped. And until he was found everyone was on high alert to watch whom they talked closely with about maters containing him or anything else important. How could they know that Voldemort was still around? Snape's Dark Mark. Which burned from time to time as a reminder to him that Voldemort still lived. And until Voldemort was destroyed, it would continue to do so. Snape pulled himself from the past as memories started to come to him. Looking back out the window into the storm laden skies he thought of potions and lesson plans, doing is best to ignore the beautiful young woman across from him, a young woman who still haunted his dreams.


Hermione had been watching Snape and couldn't help but wonder what had made him sigh. Had it been her? Did he still desire her as he had before? He had been looking at her when he did it. Hermione's mind flashed to one of her most recent dreams and she shivered. It wasn't the thought of the act itself, but the thought of Snape. She couldn't imagine him naked. She'd heard rumors about him, though most weren't true. But the thought of a man his age touching her, was beyond her stomach capacity. But then again the dreams had been so- Hermione stopped herself before going further into the thought. The last thing she needed was to have any such thoughts around him, the last time it had happened they had been way to close even if it was because of the potion.

Standing, she opened her overhead compartment. Pulling a book from it, she sat back down. Opening the book, she started reading. Even though she had read the book dozens of times, she didn't want to think about Snape and the old dreams or even the news ones. Least of all now that he seemed to be interested in her again.


Snape glanced at the book Hermione had taken from her overhead compartment. It was a romance novel. What in the world would posses her to read one? Was that it? Was that what the dreams were about last year? Romance? Had Hermione wanted romance more than sex? But if that were so then why did it appear that way? Wait, romance eventually lead to sex. And sex was one of the more carnal needs to humans when it came to puberty. Snape couldn't help but stare at her for a few moments, contemplating the romance novel and her desires the year before.

Hermione felt his eyes on her and looked up. Their eyes meet and the gaze held for a few seconds longer than it should have and both looked away quickly when realization hit. Hermione was blushing slightly and Snape was cursing himself for staring. He shouldn't have been and he knew it. He had put the feelings behind him. At least he thought he had. Glancing at Hermione again he realized she was watching him, as he had done her.

"Is there something about me that makes you so interested that you have to stare Miss. Granger?" His dark eyes burned with an arrogant smirk and challenge, so very much like him.

"I could ask you the same question Professor. I do believe you were the one staring at me before hand. I only found it curious as to why you would be?" Hermione smirked in her minds eye. She could play this game easily. They weren't at Hogwarts yet, so he couldn't take points away for her smart remarks. Strange, the look in his eyes. It was as if he was daring her to do something more than just answer him. She suppressed a shiver, images of last years little spats coming to her, making her ache in more ways then one. They had fought and it had lead to many things it never should have.

Snape sneered. "True, but then again so were you. I'm curious as to why you would be interested in a romance novel? I thought a girl of your mind power would not be interested in such things." A compliment. Had he just complimented her? Great, he was in for it. Just what he needed, her telling the whole school. Oh well, wouldn't be the first time he had given such a compliment. He had done it once before to a graduating student, who had been a great wizard at the time. Sadly the boy had been killed by Voldemort not to long after. Snape pushed the past aside, concentrating on the current challenge.

Hermione was taken aback. He had complimented her on her mind. That was strange of him. But then again, he was acting strange, even more so then when he was drugged by the potion. "What is wrong with reading a book? Every book has something to teach. I see nothing wrong with a romance novel. Maybe if you read one you would see how to act around women.." Oh shit, she thought. I'm in for it. Just like in the library, she had smarted of about women and partners and his love life.

Snape stood, pretending to be angry. The moment she had said the words he had remembered the library. And it made him want to laugh out loud. "Back to running your mouth I see. Perhaps a lesson is in store Miss Granger, care for me to repeat what I've already taught you, did it not sink in the first time?" Hermione seemed to push herself back at these words. The last thing she wanted was to reawaken the feelings from last year, though they were already rising and she knew it.

"I think I am done with those lessons Professor. We are no longer under the spell of the potion if I do recall correctly. There for I am not tempted by your little lessons." Hermione was sitting up straight, talking in an adult voice and in an adult way. She was not about to be intimidated by him. Not ever again. Maybe in class, during potions in front of others to keep his edge. But not in the ways of love, sex, romance, any of it!

Snape chuckled. "At least you are learning to control yourself." Sitting back down, he lost himself in thought for a few moments. But was pulled from them by Hermione's outrage.

"Excuse me? I wasn't the one who was all touchy feely during detention, was I? I wasn't the one stealing kisses in the Library, was I? Sure on equal terms I touched and kissed, but other than that I didn't do a damn thing to you, Severus Snape!" Hermione instantly regretted her words. Even though she would soon be an adult, she couldn't speak to him like that. She was still a student and still under his power. Hermione could tell he wasn't too happy.

Snape growled, stalking across the small space, getting right in Hermione's face. "Yes, Miss Granger, blame it all on the man. We are the mortals and you are a goddess. Well, I suggest you watch what you say. Just because we are on this train and not at school does not mean I cannot punish you, young lady. Everything that happened last year, you also took part in. Everything you did when I touched you, kissed you, when I even came near you told me all to well you wanted me. I didn't need to be a genius to know that. You could hardly keep your eyes off me and you wanted everything I offered when I came to you with it. And mistakenly that was an offer I should never have made. But under the circumstances at the time I didn't know what I was doing and I was driven by lust, as were you. So don't go pointing fingers when you have no right to. You are just as guilt as I and cannot deny that fact."

Hermione stared at him, not speaking. She was scared out of her wits. Sure, she had seen him mad at one time or another in her six years at Hogwarts. But never like this. Never so calm about it all, so filled with power and knowledge that he was like a towering giant. What was he holding back though? She saw something and felt something in his actions and words that she hadn't before. She didn't want to push him, but she did want to know. "Well, it's too bad your offer wasn't as great as it sounded or looked. You couldn't even keep anything hidden, even in class it was clear what you wanted! We could all see it! And besides I wouldn't want to be with someone like you anyway!" There she had said it. She didn't want him. Oh what a mistake, for she knew as well as he it was a lie but she would lie to herself and him to keep herself sane. She didn't know how she truly felt and it confused her to all ends.

Snape turned from Hermione at that moment, before he lost his last bit of sense. True it didn't hurt as bad as it could, but it still hurt to be so badly insulted. He had been insulted in such ways before but by her, by the one woman and person who had known him better than most it was a low blow. Sitting down, he conjured a book and began to read, completely ignoring the slightly enraged girl across from him. He didn't need to deal with her smart mouth, or insults. He would show her just how he could control himself during school and that she would regret insulting him as she had just done.

Hermione also ignored Snape and went to her own book. She hadn't meant to say what she had, but he had pushed her buttons well enough - though not accurately - to make her slightly pissed off. And that was enough to make her say things she didn't mean. Well, she didn't mean them fully. The thought of being with Snape was kind of strange. Ignoring her mind, Hermione started reading again, as the train rolled on. The sun was setting and the lights soon came on. Hermione and Snape didn't speak the rest of the trip.


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