Moonlight Sonata By Luna Stop Swearing

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Episode 1: Antescedent

Commotion was the order of the day at Seirin High School. Well at least, along the seniors ' wing. All the seniors were jostling and pushing each other just to catch a glimpse of an 8x11" piece of bond paper neatly tacked up with a blue pushpin in the center of the seniors' bulletin board. Class 3-4, having just come from PE, was alerted by Class 3-2 and 3-3 that there was a new announcement on the seniors' bulletin board. Class 3-1 had had chemistry at that time, but somehow, several well-meaning students from the three classes got a hold of the PA system and spread the word.

Apparently it contained big news-everything posted on the bulletin board was considered big news, since things were posted there so rarely, and when something was posted, it was usually about a school outing or a fair or a class activity. Anything fun and school-related graced the seniors' bulletin board. Yoshikawa, in the middle of the hubbub, heard people saying it was about a TV station shooting an episode of the famous drama My Classy Girl at Seirin. Others said it was about the resignation of a teacher who had impregnated a freshman. And some even said that it was about a foiled terrorist plot at school. They, of course, hadn't read the announcement.

Noboru Yoshikawa felt like he was drowning in a sea of sweat and scents and bodies, and tried to look for a familiar face to hang on to, a human buoy of sorts. None emerged. Only now, as he struggled to remain afloat in this sea, did he realize that he knew very few seniors outside of his classroom, despite the fact that he'd spent all three years of high school with them, and had been with some of them since junior high. Well actually, Yoshikawa knew quite a lot of people in his year, but less than half of them knew he existed, despite the fact that he was Anko Uehara's on-again-off-again boyfriend.

He watched several guys from other classes trying to cop a feel on the more well endowed of their batchmates. Sanzo Hisashi, a notorious pervert from Class 3-2 (he was the perfect example of a playboy, being very handsome and very rich. It was one of his habits to collect the underwear of every girl he slept with, sort of like a fee, and rumor had it that he kept each pair in its own plastic Ziploc bag), had his fingers on the hem of Yuriko Takahashi's skirt (It was public knowledge that she was still a virgin and refused to be violated before marriage), and it was quite obvious what he was going to do next. After feeling thoroughly disgusted, he decided to play vigilante and yanked Yuriko's arm and pushed her against Haruko Akagi. A startled Sanzo, disappointed, moved on to new game, and Yuriko and Haruko were just puzzled. Yoshikawa did his best to blend in with the mob, yet to keep his head above the crowd (it was easier now, since he had grown quite a lot since junior high). Sometimes human nature sickened him.


Looking for the source of the sound, he saw Kikuchi Yoshito waving at him. While wondering what Kikuchi was doing in the crowd (he, after all, hadn't changed, and still preferred shying away from crowded places and keeping to exactly four places at school: the classroom, the computer room, the rooftop, and Eikichi Onizuka's 'house') The bespectacled lad smirked and grabbed Yoshikawa by his collar, and soon both of them were on the floor, slightly bruised, but safe from the mob.

"We're late for class," Kikuchi stated simply, then started walking towards the classroom. He was a brisk walker, as he did it as part of his exercise for karate, walking and running around Ichijoji Park on weekends and holidays when he didn't have an Internet connection.

Yoshikawa, on the other hand, usually sat in front of his XBox and PS2 and just played games. Other times, he watched anime and read manga in his room. On those occasions that Anko grew sick and tired of his otaku ways and dragged him out of his room for some fresh air, they watched a movie or went to the Ichijoji Reservoir (one of their favorite haunts), talked, and awkwardly made out. He wasn't much of an athlete (okay, he sucked big time), and had some difficulty catching up to Kikuchi.

"Ah, doumo, Kikuchi. Have you found out what all this fuss is about?" Yoshikawa inquired as he and Kikuchi walked back to their classroom. "Is it really about a filming here at school?"

"It's not exactly important to me, so I discard the information as quickly as possible."

"So you do know? What is it?"

The genius pushed the nosepiece of his glasses higher. "Well, if you're that curious, it's a..."


What exactly is the 'big happening' at Seirin Private High School? How will it affect the lives of our favorite students and faculty? Has Uchiyamada bought a new Cresta yet? How many Crestas have been destroyed so far? Will you review my work? Stay tuned for the next episode of Moonlight Sonata!

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