CHAPTER ONE: Our meeting and the journey

Running. She could feel the wind whipping through her tied hair. Tears like scorching streams ran down her cheeks and into the bitter night air. A searing, ripping pain erupted in her chest and she could do nothing to stop the ache resounding within her heart walls. Her first kill's blood already drying on her clenched fists, yet they would always remain wet and slick in her nightmares. "Why? By all the Gods mercy, why?" Her bare feet pounded the ground with feverish speed, over jagged rocks that cut her feet, all the while her heart screaming. "I could have saved him. If only I was quick enough, fast enough…"

~ ~ ~ ~

She awoke on hard, unforgiving dirt, her chest heaving and her face damp. "Only a dream." She murmured softly, slowly releasing her grip on one of the swords strapped to her hips, the lasts threads of the dream already leaving her tired mind. She was of a taller stature, with dark chestnut hair weaved with golden strands, tied back loosely and allowing a few strands to frame her face. She wore simple dark navy billowing pants, yet her torso was only covered by strips of cotton wound around her chest, just enough to make her decent. Her eyes shown in the early morning dark, mysterious specks of emerald green full of intelligence and guile. Her traveling companion, a small demon in the form of a moth, fluttered gently near her ear and whispered. "It is almost dawn, Meaganu (May-ag-a-new). Perhaps we should prepare to start moving." Meaganu blinked and nodded her head. There was much traveling to do, and she wanted to reach the castle before nightfall.

                                                         ~ * ~

"Kagome! Hurry up, you know he doesn't like guests to arrive late!" Inuyasha was standing at the edge of a clearing, his annoyance palpable in the still morning. Kagome was quickly packing their provisions and sighed. "Maybe if you helped, this wouldn't take so long." "Feh."  Miroku and Sango kneeled on the ground rolling up their cots and strapping them to their backs. "Inuyasha, your quick temper and lack of self control are very unbecoming…" Miroku stated for the hundredth time as he walked up next to the hanyou. Kagome and Sango quickly followed and they began their trek.

         "Inuyasha, how long do you think it will take to reach the castle?" Kagome asked, a slight disdain in her voice. Inuyasha paused. "I hope to be there before dusk. The woods surrounding his castle are… unsafe to travel after dark." Raised eyebrows at this statement caused him to scoff. "Not that I couldn't destroy them easily, of course… it's just, well…" The three humans shared a knowing smile as they rounded a hill. Ahead of the group, spread out before them as a painting on canvas, Sesshomaru's castle loomed on the horizon ten miles to the west. "The Western Lands." Kagome murmured softly, glimpsing the powerful youkai's lands for the first time. Inuyasha rolled his eyes and started down the crest, leaving the others to scramble after him.

                                                       ~ * ~

           Meaganu used her youkai blood to it's fullest that day. Her feet sped her through the underbrush easily, and her mind reeled as her enhanced senses took in the increasing age of the forest surrounding her. The tiny moth demon, barely able to keep up, fluttered noiselessly beside her. "Hitchan, how long do you think we have been traveling for?"

"Close to seven hours, Lady Maeaga. The castle will be in our sight shortly."

         She smiled slightly, finding the 'Lady' remark both amusing and annoying. Her two swords, Yu Yu Ko on her right and Yagoshow on her left, thumped softly against her hips. Meaganu enjoyed the weight and the feelings of protection the two swords built by her own hands had to offer. Meaganu was a hanyou, her mother being a hanyou and her father being a full youkai. Her skills with the swords were unmatched by any she had fought; every opponent set on battling her had been slaughtered. Still deep in thought, Meaganu was met with the sight of Lord Sesshomaru's castle. It was huge, with foreboding stone walls naturally black and smoothed over from time. Like his heart, I'm sure, she thought to herself and smiled wistfully. She had heard about the dog demon from many of her kills, and had even heard about his recent rivalry with his hanyou brother. Apparently this inu-youkai had come to understand that what he really wanted, Inuyasha's Tetseiga, was not worth the trouble. It was a powerful weapon, of course, but Sesshomaru hardly needed any more power.

            "And that is why I've come." She spoke to herself, slowly down as she neared the castle's gate. Ever since Meaganu was struck out on her own, she was driven by a need inside her. She would battle anything, always seeking the most powerful and murderous of the youkai. Her victims would be lulled into a sense of false security by her apparent  hanyou blood, and then her talents would unravel out from her and they would be eliminated. Meaganu was like a locked chest, even to herself. Inside, there were powers even she wasn't aware of… or didn't want to be aware of.

            "What an impressive abode, isn't it my Lady?"

            "This one is high on his horse, that's for sure."

Meaganu strided up to the first guard and in a flash of silver cut his torso in half. She turned to the other and smiled playfully, slowly lapping up the dying soldier's blood from her sword Yagoshow.

            "I wish to speak to the master of this house."

                                                             ~ * ~

Well, there it is! My first fan fic chapter… and hopefully not my last. I hope it intrigues you! I'll try to get the next chapter out soon, but I can't make any promises… ^_~