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Return To Hogwarts-Chapter 1

* * *

"Hey, Mom! You gotta see this! There's a owl outside with a letter tied to its leg!" a dark-haired boy with brown eyes called to his mother. Hermione Granger turned to look at her 10-year-old son.

"Are you sure?" Hermione asked, hoping that it wasn't the letter that she had been dreading for a long time.

"Yeah, come see!" her son called. She hurried to the window and opened it with hesitation. The owl flew in and landed infront of them, sticking out its leg. Hermione untied it and looked at the envolope. Her worst fear was answered as she read the emerald green writing:

'Sirius Granger-Black, Number 8 Jameson street, London'

"It's for me?" her son asked. Hermione nodded, a sick sensation building in her stomach. The whole reason why she left the wizarding world was because she was pregnant with Sirius Black's child. Sirius was one of a kind; a rough, once handsome man who was put in wizard prison for a crime he didn't commit. He was her best friend's godfather, which made him quite a bit older than her. He died before their son, Sirius jr, was born. No one knew she was pregnant when she left, not even Sirius himself. Well, Madamn Pomfrey knew because she was the school nurse.

'Dear Mr. Black,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find an enclosed list of necessary books and equipment. Term begins on 1 September.

Albus Dumbledore


"Hogwarts? What's that?" Sirius asked, confused. Hermione sighed.

"Its a school were you learn magic. Its very secret," Hermione explained.

"But how do you know?" Sirius asked.

"I...I heard about it from a friend of mine. The letter. It means you're a wizard," Hermione lied.

"I see. Can I go?" Sirius asked.

"I can't see why not, but we'd have to get your supplies," Hermione said.

"Where would we get this stuff? A wand, a cauldron..." Sirius asked.

"I know a place. My friend took me there once," she lied again.

"You knew a wizard? What were they like?" Sirius asked.

"Just like you and me," Hermione said, walking into the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea to soothe her nerves. Her son was going to Hogwarts, where she pratically grew up. She had made great friends at Hogwarts. She remembered Harry Potter, green eyes and untidy dark hair, and Ronald Weasley with flaming red hair and freckles. They had gotten into many advetures together, but that last one was enough. She could still remember the Death Eaters in the Department of Mysteries and when she woke up in the hospital wing and found out the man she loved was dead.

"Are you okay, Mom?" Sirius asked from the doorway.

"Yeah, Sirius. I'm just fine," she said, sipping her tea.


Diagon Alley was packed, just like Hermione remembered. She watched as Sirius gazed intently at the moving pictures and begged her for a broomstick. He was having the time of his life, just like she did once. He pulled his mother into a shop that read 'Weasley's Wizard Wheezes' just to look around at all of the joking merchandise. Hermione ducked as a firework shot towards her.

"Catch it Fred!" a man yelled from behind the counter. His twin brother raced after it.

"Terribly sorry about that, Miss. The fireworks sometimes do that," Fred said.

"Yes, most apologies Ma'm. I'm George Weasley and this is my brother, Fred," the man behind the counter introduced. Hermione knew who they were of course. The Weasley twins, troublemakers, Ron's older brothers. She could go on forever about the pranks they played back in the day.

"It's alright. We were just leaving," Hermione said, turning to leave.

"Hey, wait a minute, have we met before?" Fred asked slowly.

"No, I don't think so," Hermione lied, guiding Sirius out of the shop.

They finished up their shopping and left Diagon Alley. She felt a little guilty about lying to Fred and George, but they had lied to her many times so it was fair.


On September 1st, Hermione helped her son get onto Platform 9 3/4 and saw him off on the train. She saw a family with a load of red hair as she walked out. She ducked out of sight before the Weasley's saw her.

* * *

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