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Return To Hogwarts-Chapter 11

Something to refresh your memories:

"AHHHHH!" a scream echoed throughout the tunnel.

"SIRIUS!" Hermione screamed breaking out in a run. Sirius sr had transformed and ran as fast as his legs would carry him. Finally he reached the Shrieking Shack. Hermione and the others were farther back, but he did not dare wait to run to his son's aid. He flung open the door to see Peter Pettigrew lift the Cruciatus curse off of Sirius jr. Sirius1 stepped in front of his son and held his wand ready.

"I'll murder you!" Sirius growled, taking his place in between Wormtail and his son.

"You!" Wormtail screamed, pointing a metal finger at him.

"Yeah. You really didn't think I wouldn't come back and tear you apart limb from limb, did you?" he growled. Wormtail didn't seem able to speak until-


"PROTEGO! You may have got the better of me before, Peter! You won't ever do that again, traitor!" Sirius shouted. Wormtail transformed and scurried to a hole in the wall. Sirius's demolishing of the wall was interrupted by Ray's scream.

"Behind you!" he whirled around to find Wormtail getting ready to kill him.

"NO!" Sirius Jr lunged at Wormtail, using every ounce of strength he possessed to bring him down. Before Sirius could do anything, Wormtail flung the boy headfirst into a pile of wood. Sirius Jr wasn't moving.

"BASTARD! REDUCTO!" Sirius screamed, aiming his spell at the metal hand. It blew up, revealing a bloody stub.

"ARRRRGGGG!" Wormtail screamed, dropping his wand to cradle his arm. Sirius took his opportunity to tackle his former friend to the ground. He stood overtop of him, his wand pointed directly at his throat.

"I should kill you on the spot, but that's not something children should ever see. As Harry said before, you deserve Azkaban!" he spat, before stunning Wormtail.

"Is he alright?" Ray asked worriedly, standing over Sirius Jr's lifeless form. Sirius walked over and felt for a pulse. To his great relief, he found one.

"He's still breathing. We need to get him medical attention fast!" he exclaimed, carefully turning Sirius Jr over.

"Sirius? SIRIUS!" Hermione screamed, rushing to where Sirius was kneeling beside her son.

"What happened?" Harry asked frantically.

"Pettigrew threw him into the wood. We need to get him to a hospital," Sirius explained urgently.

"Let me," Albus offered, levitating Sirius Jr through the door.

"Pettigrew is stunned," Sirius said quietly, following Hermione and Albus, with Will and Ray on his heels.


Sirius Jr woke up in the hospital wing with a splitting headache. He winced as he looked around. He heard soft, muffled voices coming from somewhere.

"I'm sorry. I-" He recognized that voice.

"It wasn't your fault, Sirius. I should've-" His mothers voice was interrupted.

"If I wasn't so stupid-"

"You're not stupid."

"Do you really think so?"

"I do."

"If you two are finished being stupid, I'm sure your son would like his questions answered," a third voice added. Then Harry Potter came into view followed by his mother and the man who he hoped was the father he never knew.

"Sirius, sweetie, you're awake," Hermione said softly as she sat in one of the chairs beside the bed.

"Hi- hi Mom. Where are Ray and Will? Are they okay?" he asked, finishing with a moan. His head really hurt.

"They are just fine," she answered, then she turned to Harry, "Isn't there anything we can give him for his head?"

"I'll talk to Madame Pomfrey," he turned to go to the matron.

"Good. And Pettigrew? Where's he?" he asked. It wasn't Hermione that answered, but Sirius.

"He's got a first class ticket to Azkaban and if Harry and Albus can wrangle it, a date with one of the guards," he said grimly, "H-how are you feeling?"

"My head kinda hurts. How long have I been here, D- here?" he changed his mind in the middle of his sentence, but both Sirius and Hermione noticed when he started to say 'Dad'.

"Three days," it was Harry who answered, "Here's a pain relief potion," he said, passing a vial to Sirius, who drank it quickly. Instantly, the pain in his head was gone.

"Thanks," he smiled.

"No problem. Now I suppose you have several more questions?" Harry asked. Sirius nodded and looked to his namesake.

"Are- are you my dad?" he asked. Sirius looked to Hermione before answering.

"Yes. I am your father. And- and I couldn't be prouder of you," he said, smiling.

"I thought you were d-dead?" Sirius asked tentivly.

"Is that what they've been telling you?" Sirius sr grinned and launched into his story, "You see, when my dear, dear cousin knocked me into a thing called the Veil of Mysteries, I was left to wander deep dark corridors until finally something happened. Two of my best friends, Lily and James Potter, confronted me. They told me that I could choose to live if I wanted too, so I decided to come back."

"And now Sirius Black walks the earth again," a soft voice said softly. It was Remus Lupin.

"How are you feeling, Moony?" Sirius sr asked.

"I'm fine. I'm just glad Dora knocked me out when she did or I could've bitten someone," he said. Harry frowned.

"You aren't retiring are you?" he asked.

"This is the second time I could've caused students injury. I can't risk it anymore," Remus said, "How are you, Sirius?"

"I'm okay," Sirius jr answered, "But you're a good teacher." Remus laughed.

"I'm not risking it. I'll finish the year off and then I'll permanently retire," he said with such finality that no one wanted to argue.

"Any more questions?" Hermione asked.

"Just one," Sirius Jr said, about to ask his parents the question he had been burning to ask, "Where does this leave you and Dad?"

"Uh-" Hermione started, clearly not expecting this. Sirius just stood gaping at his son. Harry on the other hand had a huge smile on his face. He drew his wand and pointed it at Sirius.

"Sirius, if you don't kiss her in three seconds, I'll hex you," he said grinning. Sirius was looking at his godson, astonished.

"You truly are your father's son, Harry," he said. Then he grinned and kissed Hermione lightly on the lips.