Mom and Dad and Self Sealing Stem Bolts


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When people write those relationship future fics, they never seem to write much about the day to day lives of everyone's favorite Vulcan-Human relationship or even how they deal with the big emergencies. To them, this marriage would be this never ending whirlwind of passion and big, world shaking adventures involving Romulans and Klingons and purple skinned Qs. I, naturally being the devil's advocate that I am, have a much different take on the future…


"Mother, may I have cupcakes?"

"No, you may not."

"But mother, they will provide me with many useful carbohydrates that will power my juvenile metabolism."

It was quite possibly the most unusual tantrum ever thrown in a supermarket by a child. There was no screaming, no yelling, and no crying. All it consisted of was T'Mir Tucker and her mother, T'Pol, quietly arguing over the merits of pre dinner snacks as they stood in the checkout line waiting for their turn at the register.

"I have already made plans for a nutritious meal, allowing you to eat pastries would not allow those plans to come to fruition."

"Not so if you let me eat them after dinner is completed."

More then a few people turned their heads at very calm manner in which the daughter tried to insist on the purchase of cupcakes to her equally calm mother. In fact a lot of the parents watching the pair's display found themselves wishing their own children would throw fits like the very organized little girl in front of them. But T'Pol honestly found herself preferring the loud screaming match of a human girl to the well thought out presentations T'Mir seemed to pull out of thin air every time there was something she wanted to convince her to buy.

Fully human parents just didn't realize how easy they really had it.

"It is not too late mother; we can still return to the baked goods aisle and acquire twelve cupcakes for a very reasonable price."

"The answer is still no, T'Mir."

"But the answer is illogical if the proper reasoning is not provided."

"I am your parent, I require no reasoning."

Unfortunately, T'Pol wasn't able to catch herself in time before the massive contradiction left her mouth. Ever since she had become a mother, she had started having these lapses in her concentration on a daily basis and she found herself struggling to maintain the proper level of discipline in the presence of her children's insidious intelligence. Though she loathed admitting it to anyone, T'Pol had slowly begun to understand why Surak had led a life of celibacy in a monastery. Parenthood was the most illogical of all pursuits.

"I find your logic flawed." T'Mir said as she absentmindedly took her mother's hand in preparation of their departure from the store. Though the young girl's emotional control rivaled that of her mother, T'Pol could easily tell the annoyed edge in her daughter's voice.

Not for the first time that day, the Enterprise's former science officer stifled a sigh. "One day T'Mir I hope your logic becomes as flawed as my own."


T'Pol was a little shocked to see her husband sitting at the kitchen table with their fourteen year old daughter, his usually jovial manner replaced by an annoyed scowl. "Charles, why are you not at work?" Then her eyes fell on her teenage daughter's shamed but angry expression, "And why is Elizabeth not in school?"

"Well my darling wife," Captain Charles Tucker III smiled sarcastically and pointed to Lizzie with one finger, "Apparently our daughter, our precious baby girl, has developed an aptitude for the lost art of heavyweight boxing." The former science officer glared at Elizabeth but some how managed to keep her anger suppressed long enough to speak without emotion. "You may go to your room now." She said curtly, not able to trust her voice beyond those seven words.

The unfathomable rage settled down inside her stomach like a knot and T'Pol again wished to be human, to release the burning pressure inside her that demanded release on a deserving daughter. She may very well have done just that if she hadn't felt Trip's gentle hands rubbing the tension out of her shoulders from behind. "You okay?" He asked quietly. He knew she wouldn't tell him if she wasn't but it that had never stopped him from asking before and it wouldn't stop him now. T'Pol simply needed to know he would always be willing to listen if she wanted to talk.

"I am well." She said quietly as one of her hands reached to join with his reassuringly, "You should return to work."

"There's no rush." He whispered into her ear huskily.

"Goodbye Charles." She said in the voice that passed for playfulness on Vulcan and Trip smiled, knowing she was going to be okay.

"Have it your way." He said with a laugh before gently kissing her ear (something that never failed to draw a surprised gasp of pleasure from her) and then turned to say good bye to his youngest child. "Bye sweetie."

"Father, may I go to your place of employment with you today?"

Trip chuckled as he gathered the precocious dark haired child into his arms. She was always trying to copy her mother and ever since T'Pol had done a lecture at the engineering department, T'Mir had insisted on accompanying him to work as often as possible. "Aw, darlin', I don't know your mom might need your help around the house."

The youngster shook her head, her brunette hair flying every where as her head moved. "That is illogical; mother has never required assistance before." She raised her eyebrow slightly as she spoke, reminding Tucker of the woman standing not three feet away, "But I do recall you said you needed more help around the office at dinner two weeks ago, perhaps I could aide you in your tasks."

Trip's chuckle turn into a full blown laugh when he thought about the fact that his daughter may very well have be much smarter then any of his subordinates. "I only wish I could, pumpkin."

"One day I shall attain a Starfleet commission and you will have no choice but to take me to your office." She looked dejected only for a moment before her face lit up with a memory of something. She struggled from Trip's arms and ran into the next room with her feet stomping on the floor the whole way. A few seconds later she returned with a very detailed drawing on a piece of white construction paper.

"I have sketched a Tursiops truncates."

Trip stared at the picture, trying desperately not to let his daughter realize how much smarter she was then him. He could see it was a whale or something but when T'Mir used a scientific name he knew it had to be something really obvious. "Uh…well, it's a very nice-"

"A bottle nosed dolphin." Was T'Pol's interjection and Trip mouthed a quick thank you to his wife before returning to his daughter's innocent face.

"Oh sweetie it's beautiful. I'll hang it on my wall."

"Next to the Panthera tigris altaica?"

"Right next to your picture of the tiger."

T'Mir seemed very pleased by this and halted her interrogation abruptly with a look of self satisfaction. Wrapping her small arms around her father's waist, she squeezed a loving hug before running from the room to play up stairs.


There was a beep as the wall screen in Trip's office as a short message prompt flashed across the blank screen.

Deep Space One

Off duty


Tucker was at the console immediately, smashing the buttons that accepted the subspace signal and minimized every other programs currently running. He smiled when the prompt quickly transitioned into a live feed of a young blonde man in Starfleet blues. "Charlie, buddy, how you doin'?" It had been at least three months since Trip had last talked to his eldest son and as much as it pained him, he hadn't even thought about the boy in just that long. He smiled at the image on the screen, relishing the chance to talk to his absentee child.

Ensign Charles Tucker IV did not smile back. In fact, he looked terrible, nervous and unable to meet his father's gaze from across subspace. "Uh…hey Dad."

"Don'tcha 'hey Dad' me, you little rascal, You gotta call me every once and a while!"

"Yeah. Okay."

"And your mom's been worried sick about you…"

"Dad. "

"…Nagging me ta go out there and check on ya…"

"DAD!" And for the first time, Trip saw the look of utter fear on his boy's face. The way he had to bite his lip to keep from screaming. Charles had always been a little shy and edgy, but never like this. "Son what's wrong?" Before the question had even left his lips, Trip looked beyond his son and saw the telltale white walls of a Starfleet brig and the frowning face of the on duty guard.

"Dad, I…I think I'm in a lot of trouble." He swallowed, then gulped air to force out the words. "This girl I sort of…had…sex with. She's an alien and her family's pressing charges."

For the first time in his life, Trip had nothing to say.

To Be Continued