Complaints against Starfleet officers by civilians of any stature are always considered a serious matter by the Judge Advocate General's office and are almost always handled immediately after they've been filed. On this particular occasion, since the complaint is coming from a head of a foreign state, the hearing and the filing will be going on simultaneously. Vetar will be given a chance to both accuse and bear witness against Charles Tucker IV all in one afternoon.

And there was nothing Travis Mayweather could do about it. He sat staring at the wall towards the back of the converted conference room

He had watched as the Bailiff called the court to rise and JAG Admiral Monroe entered into the room, his admiral's bars shining in the flashes of various pressmen's cameras and a deep feeling of dread set into his stomach. The 'court room' was filled with both reporters and Kriosian lawyers, because between Vetar and Charley's celebrity status and the fact that this was the first time an alien government had actually pursued legal action against a citizen of Earth made this one of the most publicized hearings Travis had ever attended.

Monroe was on older man, pushing sixty, with balding gray hair and face that looked like sour milk. As the bell rang calling the session to order, the old man slid slowly into his chair and perched a pair of spectacles on his nose as he called for someone to hand him the case file and docket brief. It was a good thirty seconds before he even bothered to call the court to sit back down.

"Be seated." He said finally and there was a lot of rustling and shifting around as everyone found their chairs again.

As soon as things settled down, Vetar didn't wait for the Admiral to finish reading his case file and simply started speaking with, at least what he thought, a righteous anger coloring his voice. "I would like to begin by saying that my daughter is a minor under Kriosian-"

"But not under Earth's." Monroe didn't even both looking up from the PADD in front of him as he gently rebuked the fuming War King, "Eighteen is the legal age on our planet and all the starships and space stations we build, so don't go barking up that tree understand?"

"I was assured a fair day in court, Admiral."

This is what finally made him pay full attention to King Vetar and Monroe's eye brow came up from it's resting position in a maneuver that would have made any Vulcan very pleased, "You're getting it right now." There was more fuming on the part of Vetar which lead to a lot of uneasy grumbling from the front row of Kriosian lawyers and statesmen. Not many people could understand them but it was fairly evident that the words 'show trial' had been used a few times. Monroe was very quick to but a end to it. "But I'll tell you what; I'm going to allow the suspension of certain Starfleet regulations to allow some Kriosian court procedures to be used in this courtroom today?" A semblance of order returned and several more flashbulbs went off in the judge's face, causing him to rethink the wisdom of Earth's Fourth Estate Laws. Eventually he continued as though the newsmen weren't even there. "So based on what I know of your laws, your daughter is indeed a minor in the eyes of Krios Prime, right? Now the parents…who the hell are you?" The Admiral was actually behind the room in this case since he was obviously the last person to notice the long train of well dressed Kriosians parading into the courtroom amid flashbulbs and more grumbling from the front row.

Charley took note of his father and the woman he knew as Nerul's mother in the lead.

"Your honor, I would like to join these proceedings."

"You can't, now go away." Monroe nearly spat his next sentence at the lowly junior lieutenant acting as bailiff in the corner of the room. "Who let these people in here?"

But before the security officer could even respond, Travis was on his feet and in front of Admiral Monroe. "Actually I did, Jeff."

"And who the hell are they Travis?"

"I, sir, am First Monarch Kaitaama Essamol of Krios Prime. Grand Leader of the Sixth Circle, High Chancellor of the Eight Moons and-"

"VERY NEARLY IN CONTEMPT OF COURT!" Monroe said between clenched teeth. He didn't appreciate having his hearings turned into a circus by anyone, no matter what titles they held. "Any way, before I was interrupted I was trying to make sure that if a Kriosian parent feels his child's rights have been violated, that parent may speak for his child in a court of law in the event that the minor cannot be there in person, am I right?"

Vetar and his row of lawyers all seemed to nod profusely but the was a huge sound of dissent from Kaitaama's side as the First Monarch innocently raised her hand and waived it in the air until the Admiral acknowledged her right to interject with a slight bow of his head. "That's actually incorrect; it's the parent with dominant custody of the child."

Monroe scratched his head as the subtle nuances of Kriosian parental law threatened to cause him a headache. "So are you the girl?"

"I'm flattered that you think I'm that young Admiral, but no. I'm her mother."

"Well, then where the hell is the girl Mr. Vetar claims was…violated?" Vetar bit his lower lip in expectation of his ex wife's next move. It was a small gesture but Travis took it as a good sign, if Vetar was worried then his case wasn't doing so well.

"She's on Bolia." Kaitaama grinned; she knew exactly where this is going, "At school."

"So the girl isn't here?"

Kaitaama didn't even need to look at Vetar to see the slow forming scowl but the proximity to his displeasure always brought her joy with or without seeing it. "That is correct, your honor."

"So which one of you has dominant custody of the Princess and is willing to speak on her behalf?"

Vetar's voice sounded like a low grumble as he made a half motion with his hand towards Kaitaama. "She does."

"Very well. Queen Kaitaama, as the parent with custody," Monroe emphasized the last three words and looked directly at Vetar when he said them, "Do you have any objections to Ensign Tucker's relationship with your daughter?"

"Not if it remains with in reason, Admiral." Kaitaama said as she flashed a smile at Charley's confused face. "I would like the Ensign to please keep in mind that I want to become a grandmother eventually." Vetar opened his mouth suddenly as if to say something very nasty, probably how he'd disown any low class half breed spawn his daughter and this mongrel would create together, but he was stopped by Commander Tucker's harsh whisper ringing in his ear.

"You say one fuckin' word and I swear I'll knock you right on your ass!"

There was a loud ringing sound as the courtroom bell the proceedings to an end, causing Charley to fall into the chair behind him like a puppet with the strings cut. It was over, it was finally over.

People began to file out and picture flashes came from every direction but all Trip cared about was his son, who sat with his jaw open and a look of mild shock plastered on his face. "Charley, what's wrong?"

"I didn't think we'd actually win." He said with a low, relieved sigh and Trip chuckled at the boy's reaction of awe. Mainly because he'd believed the same thing until just now.


The voice made Trip turn and his back go rigid. "Yes, your highness?" Kaitaama seemed to look a little teary eyed for a moment but pressed the conversation nonetheless.

"I trust everything is in order? Nothing else you need from me?"

"Kaitaama, thank you."

She walked toward him, getting very close so she could whisper right in his ear and say "I just feel glad knowing my daughter has excellent taste in men, Mr. Tucker." Trip smiled when he heard that and held that smile right up until Kaitaama did something very embarrassing. She leaned forward and kissed him, hard on the lips in front of every one. Flashes of holo cameras and digital recorders from every reporter in the room forced him to close his eyes briefly. He wouldn't find out until much later that this made it look like he was 'enjoying' the kiss. She finally released him, leaving Tucker with absolutely no idea how to react. "Goodbye, my Swamp King." She said in a husky, sexy voice as she strolled out the door and down the hall to the docking bay.

While everyone in the room was equally shocked and amazed no one was more dumbfounded then Trip's own son. Charley looked at his father with wary eyes and a crooked grimace that could have made a walrus seasick. "Dad, what just happened he-"

Trip interrupted his son before a very unpleasant conversation started. "Charley, if you know what's good for yah, you'll keep yer mouth shut from now on," Tucker's voice sat on the edge of panic and spousal fear, "And for the love of god don't tell your mother I kissed to her."


T'Pol pushed the shopping basket through the baked goods aisle to the long shelf where cupcakes were sold, looking for the ones with the strawberry frosting and chocolate sprinkles she knew T'Mir loved so much.

She had decided to celebrate with her daughters since this morning she had received a call from the university asking her to consider being rehired on the grounds that her replacement had proven inadequate. Naturally she only agreed after they finally decided to make her the new chair of the Physics department.

T'Mir kicked her feet against the cart impatiently as she waited for her mother to find the confection she desired so much. "I believe them to be at the end."

"I do not see them, T'Mir."

"If they are not there we must take this matter to the manager!"

"It is not the manager's fault that they have run out of your favorite item."

T'Mir tried to argue about her case about who's fault it was that they were out of cupcakes but T'Pol was no longer concentrating. Her eyes were on the changing headlines of the Neptune Colony Free Press by the checkout aisle.

Great advances in subspace communication networks and data PADD technology had made it possible to create "living newspapers". Every hour or so the thin screens lining the display racks of news paper stands and super markets all over that particular periodical's area of circulation slowly transitioned into a very important headline.



And there it was beneath the headline, a very clear color picture of Trip, her husband, receiving a long hard kiss from a woman who she had once seen tangled around his arm on distant planet years ago.

T'Pol first felt an impulse to get angry or upset about this. The temptation for jealousy was certainly there. This was one of her husband's former conquests, lovingly embracing the man who had sworn eternal fidelity to her. But T'Pol also remembered that she had been angry at him before in similar situations and assumed infidelity right away before but more often then not Tucker was always proven to be innocent, if not slightly irresponsible. Oh she was certainly going to talk about it with him, nothing in the universe was going to let him squirm his way out of that. But that didn't mean she thought he did something wrong, she just wanted an explanation. In the end it all came down to how much she trusted her husband to do the right thing every time.

"I trust him a great deal." She said quietly to herself, willing to hear Trip's explanation before condemning him automatically. Because in the end that was simply what their marriage was about: telling the truth and listening intently.

"Who do you trust mother?" T'Mir said curiously from her place in the cart seat.

"Your father."

"I do not." T'Mir said as she crossed her arms in disgust, unconsciously jutting out her lip. T'Pol's eyebrow lifted in surprise.

"Oh? And why not?"

"He does not take me to work with him." She said with a slight frown, "He could be doing anything, like hiding my birthday gifts in his office."

If T'Pol had been human and not Vulcan, she would have laughed.


It was good to be home. That was all Tucker could think after crisscrossing the universe and explaining away a very suggestive holo-photo and staring down angry royalty and....well, it was just good to be home with the woman he loved more then life itself.

Tuning his mind to pleasant things, Trip kissed his wife as she slid her pajama top over her head and onto her naked chest. She returned the kisses with equal passion and she began to reconsider the logic of getting dressed for bed at all. A thought popped into her mind of the last time she and her husband had been intimate and found a rather disturbing trend appearing in their marriage. "It has been a month since we last copulated." Tucker's velvet assault on every surface of her skin moved from her mouth to her neck and he groaned his answer between kisses.

"I know, it's been agony." Trip moved his hand beneath the top of her shirt and squeezed the globe he found there, "I need another session right now!"

By session, T'Pol knew he was referring to the neuro pressure sessions that usually turned into sex before they even began and suddenly the memory of past encounters earlier in their relationship caused a wave a of warm sexual stimulus to course through her body like an electric current of unseen energy. "But I am too tired tonight; perhaps you should ask Kaitaama to help you." He paused a moment, then realized she was joking and pinched her roughly on the upper thigh.

"That's not funny."

"I never joke."

"You are such a liar." He whispered with a smile. Just then she felt his roving hands clawing passionately at the waist band of her night clothes and a grunt of satisfaction as her own fingers dived into the depths of her spouse's black boxers, seeking the instrument of her upcoming pleasure. She forced herself to suppress a smile when she gripped it and watched him groan in ecstasy as she began tracing some of it's more prominent veins with the tip of her thumb. But soon it was her turn to groan when she felt a soft tongue running across the outer edge of her earlobe with just enough pleasure to make her knees weak. They fell back on to the bed, knowing full well that they were about to lose control and start tearing at one another like animals.

"Mommy? Daddy?" The small voice brought their ministrations to a screeching halt.

Standing in the door way in a Starfleet issue T- shirt that reached her knees was their youngest daughter, T'Mir. She was clutching Cardinal Richelieu, a plush selaht her Vulcan grandmother had given her for her birthday two years ago, with tears streaming down her face and expression of sheer terror on in her eyes. She asked again, this time calling out just to T'Pol. "M-Mommy?" It was a rare sight for their normally very serious daughter to ever cry or call her mother 'mommy', but now in the door way she seemed just as vulnerable as every other little girl who had a secret fear of the dark.

"What is wrong daughter?"

"I-I had a bad dream, C-can I sleep with you tonight."

The couple sighed and disengaged themselves from the awkward positions of attempted spousal bliss, re-closing buttons and smoothing out wrinkled pajamas. It was time to be parents once again.

"Sure sweetie." Trip said as he helped her snuggle beneath the covers of the king sized bed and he flashed a silent apology to T'Pol who nodded in understanding. There would be other time for sex, other moments to sate desire. Right now there was closet monster to be slayed and a little girl to comfort.


A/N: I swore to myself that I'd never do another seven chapter story after Wedlock but I just had to write that chapter six with all those Kaitaama scenes, I loved how she turned out. Seriously, I want to know what you guys thought about this story so I know if I should start on a sequel.