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It had started on the day he contradicted his judgment in letting his former three students enter the exam. The furious glares, the deep eyes staring, the harsh words exchanged later after the exam – it mounted higher and higher to a point that he decided he had enough. Arguing with the lazy-looking bastard was a loosing battle. He said that they were his soldiers now and they shall be. Unless anything and absolutely anything happens to them, he'd had his head on a golden platter.

Needless to say, the three did not become chuunins of their first try. When they were entered the second time, he was more comfortable for he knew that the trio would definitely pass.

He was in one of the office in the building where missions were given out filing reports. It was past sunset and the chuunin exam had ended three days ago. He found not time to visit any of the three and as much as he hated himself for not doing so, he thought it was for the best that he didn't. After all, he did not want to exchange harsh words with their instructor. No, the first time had been more than enough. He didn't think he could handle anymore. Besides, he had no desire of seeing the said instructor.

The headache that he had been trying unsuccessfully to ignore was now on full blast. He pulled the knot of his ponytail loose and let his dark brown hair fall freely till his shoulder blades. He massaged his temples and area above his ears, then running his fingers through his hair several times. He then pressed his palms to his eyelids, a deep sigh escaping his tired lips. It was nine in the evening and he still had so much work to do. There were no orders that all the reports had to be filed that very night, but he did not want to go back to his empty home just yet. He'd much rather keep himself busy that spend the entire evening on his own in his little apartment.

He was not aware of the door sliding open and closed. Nor was he aware of the footsteps that stopped once the person was in front of his scrolls and paper flooded desk. He only noticed that the stranger was there when he was finally standing in front of him.

"They passed."

He did not remove his open palms on his eyelids. His eyes really hurt now from reading and writing endless things the whole afternoon. He just answered the man in front of him. "I know."

"Naruto was expecting you." He still kept his palms on his eyes. "He was expecting you to wish him well."

"Kindly pass my congratulations to him." He said and finally pulled his hands away from his eyes blinking away the black spots that he saw. He picked up the scroll from the still large pile and began to read it, paper and pen poised and ready to make necessary changes. "You'll have to excuse me, Kakashi-sensei. I have a lot of work to complete tonight." The slender man before him raised a silver brow and for several minutes he remained where he was. He stopped his writing and looked at the man before him with eyes that betrayed nothing. "Is there something else you need, Kakashi-sensei?"

"No." He said, his visible brow dropping from its raised state.

"Well then, I'm sure you have better things to do." Iruka said, placing the scroll he was holding in another pile and the paper he was writing on in a folder along with the others that he had previously written in the past seven hours.

Kakashi placed a hand firmly, but gently on Iruka's that was holding the pen, stopping all writing movements. "Go home Iruka. You're tired."

Iruka did not reply but turned to look at the long fingers stopping his writing movements. Ink was dropping on to the paper, ruining the report he writing. He narrowed his eyes and pulled his hand away quite sharply.

"Please leave, Kakashi-sensei. I have a lot of work to complete." This time, the words that left his mouth surprised Kakashi. Not the words, but the tone the words used. It was something that Kakashi never heard before coming from Iruka. It held a deep numbing cold that Kakashi found surprising that someone as respectable, responsible, earnest, gentle, tender, and all-around disgustingly nice person like Iruka could possess a tone like that.

Kakashi obliged. He pulled his hand away and took in the appearance of the chuunin before him. He was slender and had long tresses of dark brown hair the shade of cacao. He also had circles under his eyes and was paler than usual.

"Fine. But Naruto will be coming to see you tomorrow." With that said, Kakashi left the office silently.

Iruka just sighed and continued writing his reports.


By the time he finished, it was nearly midnight. He gathered his things and left the empty office buildings. It was drizzling outside and he got soaked up just a bit since he was walking in a rather slow and tired pace. When he got home, he headed straight for the bathroom, took a hot shower, dried his hair and fell on the bed with his towel still wrapped in his terry cloth robe. He did not notice that he had fallen asleep until he felt the first few morning rays falling on his face.

He peered sleepily over at the clock and closed his eyes again. He felt so tired. It was only ten in the morning and it was a weekend. He didn't have to go to the academy or the office that day. He could just stay in bed and get some sleep.

His eyes snapped open when he felt a presence in his house. He grabbed the kunai under his pillow. The moment the bedroom door flew open and threw the sharp weapon at the intruder.


Iruka blinked from the half kneeling, half crouching position he was in on the bed. "Naruto?" He then glared coldly. "How did you get in here?"

"Mou! Mou! Iruka-sensei! You left the front door open! No need to throw kunais at people!"

"You should have been able to dodge that, silly." Kakashi appeared behind Naruto.

Iruka relaxed his stance and got off the bed, straightening the not-so-rumpled state of the covers and pillows before he found Naruto and his instructor looking at him rather oddly.

"What?" He asked, glaring. He was not in a good mood that day and his body ached. He had one hell of a killer headache and he felt very cold. He tightened the robe around him only to notice that his entire torso was exposed for the whole world to see. From the corners of his eyes, he found Kakashi giving him a rather hard stare. Blushing hotly and angrily, he tightened the robe even more. "Leave! The both of you! Now!"

A wave of nausea hit Iruka then. He swayed on his feet and if possible the nausea got worst. He dashed for the bathroom, slamming the door behind him.


This is my first attempt in a KakaIru fic. I love the pairing and I can't get enough of them.

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