Megaman 3 (The GS version)


(Location: Author's house)

Isaac slumped in his chair, looking for all the world like the bored Venus Adept he was. Somewhere in the background, he could hear Mia and Jenna arguing over who should get him again. Isaac sighed and began pulling out strands of his hair to admire.

Felix, meanwhile, was busy watching the author playing some Nintendo game, without too much interest. "Why on earth are you playing a game like that?" He inquired. "Shitty graphics, cartoony looking enemies, and the weirdest looking evil villain ever. I can see that you aren't exactly too strict about the quality of your game play."

The author raised an eyebrow as he stared at Felix. "My dear boy, I'll have you know that this game had stellar graphics for is time, and retains the exact same playability value it had when it first came out."

Just then, a fireball created by Jenna flew past the author's face, singing his cheek in the process. He didn't even bother to blink. "Jenna, stop fighting with Mia. Mia, come over and Ply me before you two get into any more catfights over your precious Isaac."

Isaac sighed and looked around. The entire GS crew looked bored out of their skulls. Well, except for the Tablet Guardians. They were having a rousing game of Let's- Beat- The- Snot- Out- Of- Each- Other (Special rule edition). Oh, and Ivan and Sheba. The two of them were off snogging in a corner somewhere.

It was Picard who voiced what every single adept in the room (sans Jupiter) was feeling. "I'm bored." He said. "And believe me, after living in Lemuria for upwards of a century, I know bored."

The author sighed. "Fine then. What would you like me to do in order to get you off… my…" He gaze moved upwards to the TV screen. "Case…" He murmured to himself.

"I know that look." Felix said with a resigned sigh. "Seen it far too many times on all the other authors. The parody bug strikes again."

"How sweet of you to notice, Felix." The author deadpanned. Looking around, he ducked to avoid an Ice Missile. "Where's Ivan? He's taking the lead for this one."

"He always takes the lead in your fics." Isaac pointed out sourly.

"Don't worry, Isaac." The author said sweetly. Too sweetly. "You get a role as well. Where is Ivan?" Snapping his fingers, he waited. And in present course, he was not disappointed. Ivan appeared, although in midair, with Sheba currently clinging to him. With an oof!, both of them collapsed onto the floor.

"I guess I have to aim my author powers better..." The author muttered sheepishly. Standing, he reached over and flicked off the TV. "Well, then!" He said cheerily. "Shall we get started?"


"So, tell me again." Ivan grumped as he stood in front of the computer. "What exactly is this game we are currently parodying?"

"Megaman 3." The author replied distractedly. He was trying to remember his password for the computer. "The game that Felix was slamming just now."

"Oh, joy." Felix growled. "In addition to being stuck parodying a game, we're stuck parodying a lousy game."

"Just you wait, Felix." The author grinned. "Just you wait."

"And I suppose Sheba will be playing the female lead?" Isaac asked.

"Actually... there's no female lead." The author laughed. "There's no romance in it either. Just ol' Ivan against an army of bad guys. Well, eight armies, actually."

"This just gets better and better." The blonde haired boy observed.

"There!" The author leaned back in his chair, smiling. "You'll all start tomorrow." Here's the cast sheet."

Ivan raised an eyebrow as he stared down at the list. "Um… I'm the only one on it." He said.

"That's right!" The author replied. "I don't want to give away the surprise of who's playing the robot masters."

"Uh… robot masters?" Picard questioned. The author snapped his fingers.

"Of course! I forgot to tell you about them, huh? Well then…" Reaching into his shelf, the author pulled out a thick volume, crudely stuck together with glue, and filled with crayon illustrations.

"Made it when I was three." The author told the speechless members of the GS crew. Lifting the tome so everyone could see the title (Dr. Wily's Big Book o' Robot Masters), he began to read.

"Robot masters are big bad meanies that are really difficult to beat and stuff-" The author grimaced, and flipped forward until he came to set of pages that looked legible. "Robot Masters are the creation of German Roboticist Dr. Albert Wily (And if you missed the obvious allusion, you suck). They are soulless, demonic epitaphs of death, and are not bound by any of the laws of Robotics, save only to obey Dr. Wily in everything they do. The original octuplet of Robot Masters were actually co-created by Dr. Thomas Light and Dr. Wily. However, a freak accident with a teleporter scrambled his mind, driving him insane. Stealing six of the Robot Masters (he considered the other two unworthy for battle purposes), he launched a reign of terror throughout the world, with a robotic army ready to fulfil his every whim. Cut Man, Elec Man, Ice Man, Fire Man, Bomb Man, and Guts Man were his generals. But the "worthless" Robot Masters were to prove his undoing. Rock and Roll (and if you missed the pun, you suck), the two left behind, were unique in the sense that they were more advanced in thought, speech, and emotional capabilities. When Rock saw the destruction caused by the Robot Masters, he volunteered to be upgraded into a new, battle-worthy body, to stop Dr. Wily, known to the world as large as Mega Man. In this he succeeded, and was sent to jail. (and if you thought he was going to fail, you… guess.)

However, Dr. Wily was released from jail, in the face of really, really bad politics. And the first thing he did was to zap himself away into a fortress hidden in the mountains, also known as a Skull Fortress. (Apparently, bad guys have this thing about skulls.) Soon, eight more Robot Masters were unleashed. Metal Man, Wood Man, Bubble Man, Air Man, Heat Man, Crash Man, Flash Man, and Quick Man led the Second Robot Rebellion, causing widespread death and destruction. Forced into a corner, and with no other option, Rock once again took on the role of Mega Man, halting the Rebellion and sending Wily back to jail-"

"After two times of nearly conquering the world?" Garet snorted. "Why didn't this Mega Man just blow his head off and be done with it?"

"Glad you asked." Flipping to the last page of his big book, the author read out. "

Isaac Asimov's three laws of robotics state that the primary law, to be inputted into any and all robots upon activation, is that no robot can cause harm, intentionally or otherwise, to a human being. (And if you couldn't figure out that Wily ignored this order, you suck).

Now, back to the story. A psychology Doctor, a Mr. Cedric Froid, stated that he had managed to purge the madness from Dr. Wily. Tests from various experts around the world proved his sanity, and Dr. Wily was released for the second time. And no, contrary to popular belief, he didn't warp away into some fortress in the mountains this time." The author snapped the book shut, a satisfied smirk on his face. "And that, my friends, is where the third Megaman game begins."

Sheba raised an eyebrow. "If they released a homicidal maniac that tried to rule over the world twice, I really have to wonder about the efficiency of your government."

"So do I." The author smirked. "Well, I'll read out the roles that will be apparent from the get-go." Drawing a sheet of paper from the paper, he read out "Okay, Ivan's already playing Mega Man, as previously stated. Hama will be playing Roll, which fits, 'cuz she's his sister. King Hydros plays Dr. Light, and Kraden plays ol' Doc Wily. You have until tomorrow to prepare, and Sheba?"

"Mm?" The Jupiter adept looked up.

"You don't have any role in this one. Sorry, but the only other roles that are significant are Robot Masters, and I think there's something morally wrong with Ivan beating up his girlfriend."

"Only Robot Masters?" Sheba cocked an eyebrow.

The author hesitated. "Well..." He muttered. "There's one exception, but frankly, Mega Man beats him up too. So nach. You can watch from the command room (i.e. the author's study room), though."

Sheba made a dissatisfied noise, and turned away. The author looked around. "Okay, everyone else, you have until tomorrow to do whatever it is you want to do. Ciao!" Humming, he left the room.

Ivan rolled his eyes. "There are certain disadvantages to being the author's favorite character." He muttered.

Sheba smiled. "Well, what are you going to do on your last day of freedom?"

Ivan grinned sheepishly. "Oh, I don't know. How about I spend it with one of my favorite characters?"

Isaac watched the two Jupiter Adepts leave the room hand in hand. "I wonder what my role will be?"

Garet snorted. "If I know anything about the author, it'll be a dumb one. I'm going to the kitchen. I need a snack… bad."

"Yeah, me too." Isaac muttered. All the adepts left the room, each contemplating the horrible tortures the author would put them through tomorrow.


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