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"So, lover boy. What are you going to do today?" Harry glared at Tonks. He ignored her and walked right past her into the kitchen. Harry was back at Grimauld place against his will. Dumbledore and his bloody Order had forced him to spend his summer in this old house. While he didn't particularly like Dursleys, far from it, he still preferred their company over the Order's; and this house which only reminded him of his failure with Sirius. Yet, like always, he had no say in the matter, and once again his life was ruled by other people. He hated it, and he had fought their decision, but in the end he knew he couldn't win, so here he was. This didn't mean he adjusted, oh no, he had proved to be quite difficult for the inhabitants of the house, which mainly consisted of the Order. He didn't talk to anyone and he definitely didn't smile or laugh. He had settled on glaring and he was getting real good at it. Why should he act happy when he felt like his life was on the brink of ending? He had nothing left to bring any happiness in his life, at least not when it came to the anything the Order knew about… He had an unlikely source of happiness, and he had his fair share of secrets, but he couldn't let those be known, and since he was practically a prisoner in a house that he now owned… well, he couldn't bring said happiness into his life just yet.

"Come on Harry. Talk to us! Or at least someone, it doesn't have to be me or any adult!" Remus Lupin pleaded with him for what felt like the hundredth time in only a week. Harry's glare thrown in the werewolf's direction was in league with Snape's. Remus was the very reason he was in this blasted house to begin with. He had been one who had tricked him to take a portkey, and Harry would never forgive him for that betrayal. It was a trivial thing to most, but for him it meant something else. Every time he had been forced into taking a portkey something bad had happened, and Remus knew of this, yet he had done it. To Harry that meant Remus didn't really care about him or his feelings.

Since he couldn't be left alone in the kitchen he angrily turned on his heel and stomped up the stairs to the second floor. If he was lucky he would find some peace there. He was in a horrible mood. Ever since he had woken up this morning someone had constantly been around him, trying to drag him into a conversation which he wasn't even interested in to begin with. Once he reached his room he went inside and slammed the door which caused Mrs. Black's painting to scream her head off in the usual manor. He opened the door and stuck out his head when the Order members raced by to shut her up.

"SHUT UP YOU FUCKING HAG!" he screamed so it echoed and slammed the door shut again. The Order looked at each other in the heavy silence, which followed his fit of anger. Mrs. Black had obeyed Harry, but what a language he had used to conjure up that result! It scared the adults to come to the conclusions that those particular words were the first ones he had spoken this summer. The adults looked at each other. The boy they knew didn't swear.

"I don't know if that was an improvement of Potter... or not," Snape said slowly when no one else spoke. This brought them back to life, and they all went down to the kitchen, which was where their usual meetings were held.

The Order settled down in the kitchen after Harry's little display of emotions.

"Did you tell him you're his new godfather?" Molly Weasley asked as she prepared a snack for them all.

Remus nodded and helped her to place butter on the table and a few butter knives.

"Yes I did," answered. He didn't look very happy about it.

"And he didn't say anything?" Molly asked him surprised. The Order had all discussed what could be done so Harry would speak again, and telling the boy had had a new godfather was considered a safe card for making him talk.

"No he didn't. He only frowned," Remus said and everyone could see he was worried about Harry's reaction. Snape who was seated in his usual corner spoke up.

"I don't see the why you're all worried. I personally see this as an improvement for Potter," Snape said. The crowd froze and looked at the man angrily. Even Dumbledore glared at Snape for that comment. Snape gave them all a look as if to say "what" but the others chose to ignore him.

"Hasn't the boy spoken to his friends?" Alastor Moody asked and looked around for someone to an answer him.

"They've tried talking to him but they didn't have any more luck than we did," Arthur Weasley said sadly. Music began playing from Harry's room upstairs. The music was dark, black, heavy metal. The Order had learned that they could judge what mood Harry was in from the music he played, and they all winced when they heard the metal. It meant that he was in a really shitty mood, and needed some quicker and darker music to vent his emotions. Mostly he played Rock, but he really listened to all kinds of music. The Order let him be, and never shouted at him to turn the volume down or to turn it off. At least they were happy Harry wasn't melancholic, he was just angry. He seemed saytified enough to be left alone and listen to his music. For as long as he had an interest in music and they would let him keep it up with it.

"This thing with Sirius really broke him," said Molly said and sat down. She inclined for everyone to begin eating the sandwiches she had made.

They all jumped when someone they didn't expect spoke.

"Did it?" A voice from the door said darkly. They were all shocked, not only had he spoken, but they had also expected him to be up in his room. After all, the music was still playing.

"Harry dear? Would you like some food?" Molly said quickly and motioned for him to sit down, but her hands and voice betrayed her. Her voice trembled with nervousness and her hands shook. Everyone in the room knew how critical this moment was. If anyone said something anything wrong then Harry would be out the door faster than they could say "twinkle," and the chances of Harry speaking more to them would drop to zero. Molly stood up as if to help him into the seat. Harry immediately took a step back.

"Sit down," he said cold and short.

"But-" Molly protested. The other members were watching the whole drama play out in front of their eyes with passivity. Eventually Molly gave up and simply sat down like Harry wanted her to do.

Harry looked at her searchingly. "There's no need to feed me," he said slowly but clearly. They noticed he didn't wear his baggy clothes today. Some days he would still wear them, even if they all knew he had new and better clothes somewhere up in his room. Today he wore black pants and a black shirt. It was simple but stylish. For more effect he also wore a silver belt. He didn't wear any glasses today. It was the same as with his clothes, sometimes he wore them and sometimes he went without. His now shoulder length black hair was behind one of his ears. He also wore an intimidating black fang on a leather rope around his neck. No one knew where he had gotten it from, and they were all quite apprehensive about asking him. Harry tended to be very defensive towards everyone this summer.

"You've changed," Tonks remarked. Harry didn't answer and pretended he didn't hear her. He went to the fridge and took a butterbeer from one of the lower shelves.

Molly couldn't keep quiet anymore, her mother instincts kicked in. "That' s alcoholic butterbeer, dear," she said. He barely looked at her as he closed the door but when he got the cap opener out from one of the drawers he leaned against the sink and faced them all. He looked at her steadily but with an expression devoid of any emotion as he slowly opened the bottle. He slowly raised the bottle towards his lips and drank audible without breaking eye contact with Molly. After he had gulped down almost half the bottle in one go he lowered it and wiped his mouth lazily.

"I know," he stated. The adults were too shocked to say anything and Harry began to walk towards the door. Once he reached it he was stopped by Snape's voice. He was the first one to recover, not a surprise considering his training as a spy.

"Potter, where did you get that belt?" Snape asked him sharply. Harry shrugged. "It's the Malfoy crest.!" Snape continued suspiciously. His black eyes were narrowed as he looked at Harry searchingly. Harry gave him a wry little smile.

"Oh, I didn't know," he said innocently before he disappeared through the door with a little laugh. Yes he had indeed changed, if only they knew how much…

The Order turned to Snape as soon as Harry was out of hearing range. For the time being they decided to ignore the troubled teenager.

"What do you mean with 'Malfoy crest', Severus?" the headmaster asked and looked up over his moon glasses.

Snape nodded grudgingly. "You saw it. On the front of the belt there was a silver inscription of an M with a snake entwined around it. It's the Malfoy unofficial family crest."

"But how did he get it?" Shacklebolt asked.

"Severus, could you please look in to it?" Albus asked. His voice was grave and the people gathered didn't like it. Whenever Dumbledore sounded that grave there was almost always bad news to come.

Snape seemed surprised over the request. Usually he didn't have to snoop around for things like this, seeing as it could cause him to be suspected as a traitor. He always had to be subtle when he asked around, and asking about the Malfoy crest wasn't exactly subtle, it was painstakingly obvious. Oh well… he could find ways around that. He had before.

"I will... have a talk with Lucius," he said darkly and secretively.

"Good, I don't want that boy to live through anymore grief. He has surely had enough. At least he is talking to us now, but I don't know what has gotten into him," Molly said thoughtfully and Arthur took her hand and squeezed it reassuringly. A knock on the front door stopped them from talking more about Harry.

"There shouldn't be anyone here now!" Moody said and pulled out his wand. The others copied his move. Snape was the first one to open the door while the others were crowded behind him.

A young male was standing outside. He didn't look at all fazed over the fact that several adults were greeting him with their wands pulled. Nor did he seem surprised over the actual wands, so he had to be a wizard. His coal black hair was shining in the sun, and his grey eyes looked at them icily but he spoke to them in a neutral voice.

"Hello sir. I'm looking for Potter."

"You're a Malfoy," Snape stated with hidden surprise. The others didn't hide it as well as he did and they stared openly.

"No kidding?" said the Malfoy and made his way inside without carrying about all the wands pointed at him.

"But all Malfoy's are blonde! This one is has black haired!" Tonks said unintelligently. Snape rolled his eyes. People around him always seemed to state the obvious. Malfoy shook his head at her.

"You know as well as I do how easy it is to change hair color, Tonks," he said and looked her up and down. He took in her appearance, but didn't seem to like what he saw. Tonks looked offended and Shacklebolt laid an comforting hand on her shoulder.

"How do you know my name?" Tonks asked sternly to cover up her hurt pride. Malfoy shrugged.

"Ryan told me. How did you think I could possible find this house other wise? With all those wards and what not it's nearly impossible to find it even if you do have the address," he said with a snort. It was true, they had improved the wards since last summer, so it was difficult to find the house unless you had been there three times before. It was all made for Harry's sake. A Death Eater could get the address from someone who knew through means such as torture.

"Ryan?" everyone repeated. Neither of them knew who this "Ryan" was, and he certainly wasn't an Order member. The unknown man nodded. He was dressed in a similar to Harry, but he had short sleeves on his shirt instead of long. It wasn't a particularly warm summer day, because the wind was blowing pretty hard outside. Harry suddenly appeared in the stairs above them.

"Here already Darek? Not that I didn't expect you…" he said lazily but seemed genially pleased over his guest's appearance.

"I'm like what, two minutes early? Did I ruin your precious timetable Ryan?" Malfoy said sarcastically. Harry ( or was it Ryan?) gave Malfoy a small smile.

"Did you bring the CD?" he asked eagerly instead of commenting on what Malfoy said.

"Of course," he replied. "Do I ever forget something?" he asked arrogantly. Harry rolled his eyes.

"Don't even get me started on that, now come on, I'll show you to my room." The two of them began to walk upstairs.

"Hold on!" said Moody.

"What now?" Harry asked in a bored voice when he and the stranger stopped. They both leaned against the wall and looked down at the adults with bored expressions.

Moody continued with his questions. "Who is this man and why does he call you Ryan?"

"Ryan is another name for Harry. This is Darek Hudson... He is known as Draco Malfoy," he said and then the two of them hurriedly disappeared from view into Harry's room when all hell broke loose. All the adults raced after them at the sound of Darek Hudson's real name. The door to Harry's room slammed shut and was locked.

"He's a Death Eaters son for Merlin's sake! Don't you ever stop to think Potter?" Snape yelled as he stopped outside the locked door. He had been the first one to arrive.

"Yeah? What does that make you, Death Eater!" Draco spat. "Or should I say spy?" Draco's voice taunted through the door.

"Harry! Open up please!" said Molly and while rapping on the door. There was no answer. Instead loud music began to play. Bill Weasley tried to spell the door open, being a curse breaker and all, but it didn't quite work and Bill got a new puzzle to figure out. The Order had no choice but to sit down outside and wait for Malfoy to come out. And that didn't seem to be happening anytime soon.

"Will you come home soon?"

"I don't know Darek," Harry said with a sigh as they sat on his unmade bed and talked while listening to music. Draco sighed as well.

"We miss you," he said seriously. "It's time for us to come out in the open, don't you think? I mean, what are we waiting for now that Voldemort has shown his face?"

Harry shook his head.

"I just don't know" Harry said. Darek got up off the bed and went over to the windowsill and sat down. The window was open and rustled his black hair, making it look alive. Darek sat and watched him closely.

"How do you think Hogwarts is going to take the news, and your friends?" he continued to ask.

Harry have him a wry smile.

"I don't know that either. God I'm tired of saying 'I don't know', but I truly don't!" he exclaimed. "Lupin is my new guardian by the way," he added as it popped up in his mind. Darek smiled widely at that.

"Oh if only they knew," Darek said with glee in his voice. Harry stuck his tongue out as Darek began to cackle evilly. He had never quite gotten used to that particular laugh of Darek's. Harry drew up his knees and hugged them to his chest.

"You know, I did start to like Sirius. It wasn't just an act," he confessed. Darek knew everything about him, so he didn't need to explain the situation or his relations to other people.

"But not enough," Darek added.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked surprised. How would Darek know what he felt? And not enough? He had offered a lot of things to keep Sirius alive, even if he hadn't quite succeeded. He had done many other things through, he had helped an convict to escape, he had saved his life when the dementors came and many other things… all those things could get him thrown into Azkaban if they became known.

"I've done some research about the veil. It says that a person who falls through is able to come back if someone loves him or her enough."

"But I-"

"Obviously don't love him enough," Darek cut him off. It sounded harsh, but it was just his way.

Harry gave in. "Maybe not," he said. "But I'm sure Remus loves him enough!"

"Maybe. But why isn't he here in that case?"

"You must have missed something," Harry said and got up and started to pace in the room. Darek watched him curiously and thoughtfully. He wasn't known for missing out on things.

"Like what?" he asked.

"I don't know. Perhaps love isn't enough. Maybe you need to do a ritual or a charm of some sort," he reasoned. Darek nodded and thought it through.

"But for what? The body is supposedly intact, so is the magic… I can see no reason for a spell to be made." Harry shrugged.

"Don't ask me! I'm not the one who did the research about it!" He said with a hint of irritation. Darek shook his head at him.

" Don't take it out on me," he said and began to dig trough his pocket. "Here, I brought you some cigarettes. I know you've run out of them." Darek threw the packet over at him and he caught it easily, he wasn't a Seeker for nothing. He grinned at Darek in triumph who rolled his eyes.

"Thanks," he said gratefully and hurriedly lit one. He took a long, deep drag and relaxed slightly. "Man! I've waited for this for far too long!" he exclaimed as he exhaled.

"It's funny, isn't it? Cigarettes do wonders. Without them you're so tense and such a dickhead!" Harry couldn't find the energy to rebuke him for that comment. He simply smirked and inhaled again. He went over to Darek and joined him in the window. Since the window was huge they could both easily fit in it at the same take. They sat opposite from each other, each leaning on the side of the window.

"What do you expect? I'm addicted to them!" Harry said. Darek gave him a small knowingly smile. He did indeed know the boy before him was addicted to them, them and many other things…