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Naughty Godlings and Demonic Pudding


The golden haired one giggled madly, hidden away behind the trees with his ki masked so that nobody could detect his presence, not even the sleeping fire demon that was soon to be his latest victim. For hours, this strange being had been waiting in the same hiding place until the moment was just right to strike. He had been tracking this particular demon for weeks now, attracted by the attitude and unsociable way of life this youkai possessed.

This peculiar being was none other than Ainokami [1], otherwise known as Cupid or Eros. He was the god of love, and his looks matched his title perfectly; with golden locks of soft hair that framed a child-like face, a pair of the most adorable baby blue eyes, and a pair of pure white feathery wings, he looked like nothing more than innocent child who wouldn't harm a fly. But, though he may look angelic, this god was extremely mischievous and loved to cause chaos among the three worlds. With godly powers and magical arrows that could make anybody fall instantly in love, this god was a force to be reckoned with.

His reputation as a mischief-maker made him very unpopular with the gods, especially Koenma and the Reikai staff. After becoming bored of being cast away by all the immortals, Ainokami had decided to wreak havoc upon the ningen world. And what better to start than with an unfriendly fire demon?

It all began only a few days after Ainokami had wandered into the ningen world. He had been flying around aimlessly, unnoticed by the humans, shooting a few arrows here and there, until he came to a park. There, the god of love had found four boys, whom he recognized to be Koenma's famous Reikai Tantei. Since these four were known to be 'invincible' among most Reikai residents, the god decided to see how they stood up against his arrows of love. But which would be chosen to be lucky victim number one?

The black-haired one with too much hair gel would be way too powerful if he ever found out who was behind all of this and wanted revenge; the large carrot-topped one wasn't exactly charming enough and his love for a certain ice apparition might get in the way of things; and the long red-haired one with the stunning green eyes had too many girls already in love with him for this practical joke to be very funny. This left the short one with spiky hair, whom he recognized as Hiei the fire demon.

This demon was a perfect candidate to be victim of Ainokami's latest prank- a cold, unsociable loner who was the last person someone would expect to fall in love. The god knew this was the legendary Forbidden Child of the Koorime, and, judging from the way he had been labeled a taboo at birth, he surely hadn't lead a pleasant life. Ainokami liked to think that he was doing Hiei a FAVOR by making him fall in love. After all, it was the Ainokami's strong belief that everybody deserved some love in his or her lifetime, and after observing this detached fire demon, love was probably the last thing on this demon's mind.

Now, after weeks of constant following and observing Hiei, he had finally decided that today was the day to strike. The fire demon was asleep in a tree at the park, unaware of what was going on around him. The god of love flew over to the demon and sprinkled some sleeping powder on Hiei as he muttered a simple spell. That was to assure Hiei didn't wake up until the procedure was complete.

Ainokami couldn't help but giggle at the thought of what was about to happen. It would be so much fun to see the look on that fire demon's face when he realized he was in love! And when all of his companions found out... Oh, that's when the REAL fun starts. The looks on their faces would be priceless- a true Kodak moment. Ah, if only he had a magical camera...

After quickly getting control of his giggling, Ainokami summoned his golden bow and magical arrows out of thin air and then set about choosing the correct arrow to do the job. Although all of his arrows may look the same to the untrained eye, they were all made from different materials, which could change each love spell so that it fit the victim perfectly to allow maximum use and better results.

The god finally chose an arrow made from the wood of the sacred tree of the god of fire. Found in Reikai, the tree looked like the trees in the ningen world except for the leaves. Instead of leaves being made of green plant-like material, they were made of flame, yet when one touched them, they felt like ice. This suited Hiei perfectly- the fire demon with a heart of ice.

Another insane giggle escaped from the mouth of Ainokami as he readied his bow and arrow. He drew the bowstring back until it was taut. Finally, the moment he had been waiting for. It was time to strike!

The arrow flew straight through the air faster than the human eye could see and hit the unsuspecting youkai's left arm. As soon as the arrow came in contact with the fire demon's skin, the love spell it contained was transferred into Hiei's body. Once the arrow had done its job, it disappeared.

The love spell that this particular arrow contained was concocted to make the victim fall in love with their ideal soul mate. The potion would eventually wear off, but there was no telling how long it might last. It could be years or even decades before it wore off, but the only way to be sure is to take the antidote- a potion that only Ainokami knew how to make.

Ainokami could only wait for the fire demon to emerge from his unconscious state. The sleeping spell shouldn't last longer than a few minutes. Due to the love spell that was cast on him in his sleep, Hiei should have had some pretty interesting dreams and Ainokami wanted to see the fire demon's reaction for himself.

Finally, minutes later, Ainokami's patience was rewarded when Hiei woke up. The expression on the fire demon's face was well worth the wait. It was a medley of horror, disbelief, shock, and even a hint of fear. The god of love assumed that Hiei's appearance was due to a dream he had had about his newfound love interest. Now, to find out whom exactly the unsuspecting lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it) lady was...

After he made sure that Hiei couldn't sense him, Ainokami closed his eyes and concentrated on tuning his mind to the right wavelength. This would allow him to read the fire demon's thoughts, but because the god's powers were limited, he could only read thoughts pertaining to love and romance. What came to him surprised him greatly.

Ainokami knew that this woman was supposed to be Hiei's soul mate, but never would he have suspected her! Of all the beings in the three worlds available to choose from, she was most suitable for the Forbidden Child?! Ainokami could barely contain a gleeful giggle as even more thoughts of this unlikely woman came from Hiei's mind.

Tsk, tsk, such a naughty demon! Ainokami could hardly believe he was thinking about Botan like that...

Oh, this was going to be the best prank ever! Ainokami decided to help Hiei out a bit, and he departed immediately, his mind set on what he must do. He would have to find this soul mate of Hiei's and cast a love spell on her as well so that they may both be in love with each other. The mischievous god could hardly wait!

[1] I don't really know whether or not this is what Cupid is in Japanese, but I looked it up on the internet and this is one of the names that I found so I'm just going to use it.

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