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"talking" 'thinking'

Chapter 1

'She's late again...' Kagome was sitting on the steps of her family shrine waiting for her friend Sango. 'AHHHHH! we have a test first thing where is she'

"Ka...Ka...Kagome" Sango was running towards her with one shoe on and the other in her hand. Her outfit was wrinkled and her hair was barely brushed.

"Sorry, my alarm clock"

"broke" both girls said at the same time. Sango started to laugh as she placed her other shoe over the now dirty sock.

'Some things never change, Sango had been using the same excuse every morning since elementary' Kagome sighed and started to walk towards school.

"Hey wait for me!" Sango was now trying to fix her hair back in a ponytail while trying to catch up to her friend, that was now at the other end of the street.

"Come on Sango, he must be wondering where we are" Kagome started to pick up the pace.

"I don't know why we always walk to school with that pervert" Sango managed to tie her hair back very nicely without the use of a hairbrush. 'I guess all those years of being late were somewhat helpful'

"Come on Sango, he's not that bad"

"That because he only felt you up once!" Kagome could see her friends cheeks turn a light shade of pink.

'Like you don't like it' Kagome stifled a laugh.

"Hey! Sango, Kagome" Miroku was running towards them waving his hands madly at them trying to get their attention. They were so involved in their conversation about him that they had passed his house.

"Oh, sorry Miroku" Kagome had seen the boy running towards them and had stopped her laughing as to not make him ask questions about what they were saying.

"Hello Sango" Miroku gave her a sly smile and a little wink which Kagome missed.

"AHHHHHHH!" Kagome had looked at her watch "We are sooo LATE!" Kagome bolted down the road in the direction of the school.

"AHHH PERVERT!" Miroku had acted on the moment and was now sporting a red hand print on the side of his face.

'Something's NEVER change' Sango ran to catch up with Kagome…and to get away from Miroku.

'I'm always left behind!' Miroku ran to catch up; it didn't take long considering that he lived pretty close to the school. He soon spotted them standing in the court yard.

"Uh...Kagome?" Sango was startled at the fact that Kagome had suddenly stopped after worrying so much about the test. She turned to look at her friends face. 'Man she looks so dazed' Sango waved her hand in front of Kagome's face trying to bring her back to earth, and the test. 'What could be so impor...' Sango turned to see what was so interesting, her question was quickly answered by what she saw.

"Hey Sango what's with stopping in the middle of the.." Sango raised a hand to Miroku's mouth and nodded in the direction of what, or, more like who, had gotten Kagome's attention.

"Hey Inuyasha, come on Mr. Conner is already on your case for missing the last test" A group of 4 guys were making their way across the courtyard. One of them had yelled as the other two were holding the door open for the forth. The three guys were some of the best looking in the school, but Kagome was more interested in the half demon slowly making his way to the others.

"Inuyasha" Kagome had always had eyes on the half demon every since she first saw him still Hojo's juice box in gr. 2. 'Maybe I should just go over and... NO what am I thinking, there are so many things wrong with that idea! 1) He is the most popular, not to mention hottest guy in the school 2) that brat Kikyo wants him and she is the most popular girl in school 3) He doesn't even know my name!'

"Come on Kagome we have to get going!" Sango was now shaking her friend trying to get her attention.

"Huh? Oh Sango what's..." DING "AHHHHH! The late bell, I'm going to be in so much trouble!"

"Guess she's back to normal" Sango and Miroku both followed Kagome into the school.

-----------------------------------------------In The Classroom---------------------------------------

"The test is now over please pass your papers to the front" Mr Conner had out done himself this time, the test included two essays on something Kagome never even heard of, not to mention the 89 equations.

'I so failed, my mom's gonna kill me' Kagome had just passed her test paper up and turned to face Sango. 'It looks like Sango didn't do to well either' Normally after a test she would get the thumbs up from Sango, but right now she seemed very interested in the floor.

Kagome looked around the classroom to try and get a feel for how everyone else did, 'by the looks of thing I wasn't the only F'. Some of the girls were trying to hold back tears while the guys just fiddled with their pens and pencils but most of them found the floor to be very exciting to watch. Her eyes finally made their way to his seat...'figures' Kagome sighed at the site of the only person in the class who was staying calm, Inuyasha.

'How can he DO that, quizzes, tests, essays, exams, nothing fazes him'. A few years ago this would cause Kagome to fall over but she had long gotten use to his behaviour. 'The test wouldn't have been AS bad if I could concentrate on it instead of him...' Kagome's thoughts trailed off as she studied him better.

Inuyasha was laying back in his seat with his arms resting on top of his chair, his eyes were closed, Kagome would have thought that he was asleep if it wasn't for his foot tapping ageist the side of his desk.

If it was only his face and those cute ears 'man, I always want to rub those ears, GOOD GOD, what am I, some kind of ears obsessed psycho' then maybe she would be ok...'why can't he wear his uniform the right way'

Inuyasha had made it a habit to wear his school uniform his way. He never wore his jacket because he felt it limited him movement. His tie hung around his neck undone, he had this uneasy feeling every time he had something around his neck, but he didn't know why…This however did not bother Kagome, most the popular guys that hung around Inuyasha had taken in this style.

'I wish he would close it!'

It was a very hot day and Inuyasha hadn't bothered doing up his shirt this morning, the open window had let in a small breeze which made his shirt open even more during the test, the other guys would have normally followed their leader in the act of style but Inuyasha's body would have put them all to shame.

Kagome was so involved in Inuyasha that she failed to hear Mr. Conner calling her name.

'There is something about him...'

"Miss Kagome"

'Everyone says that he never shows emotion that he is always calm no matter what'


'Everyone must have some feeling, he can't be as cold as everyone thinks'


'I bet he has a heart of gold and is a real puppy dog deep inside'

"Miss Kagome"

'AHHHH, if only I could get close enough to him, but he likes Kikyo more then me, they will go to the prom together, get married, buy a house, have kids'


Kagome was ripped from her thoughts by a large meter stick slamming on her desk.

"Kagome, I know it's hard to concentrate on math in this heat, but I suggest you do considering your grade" Mr. Conner turned away from Kagome, she let out a small sigh.

'At least he didn't see that I was staring at Inu..'



"Please close your shirt, you are distracting my students!" Inuyasha turned to look at the girl that got him into more trouble but saw her only for a second sense she quickly pulled out her math book to cover her face.

'Way to go Kagome' She hit her forehead on her desk 'this is not the way I wanted him to find out my name'


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