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0-----------Last Time-------------0

"You what!" Sango lunged at Kagome; "I can't believe you put that pervert in ALL my classes!"


The PA came on.

"Would Kikyo please report to the Teachers cabin"?


Chapter 11

'What the-'
Kikyo got up from her table and made her way to the door, everyone had stopped what they were doing, not only because someone was called down but the fact that they heard the PA. It was nice to be reminded of technology. Feeling embarrassed Kikyo kept her head up and her cold mask on, no one would ever see her sweat.

"Gee Em, what do ya think happened?"

0-----------With Kagome-------------0

"Wow" Miroku turned to the two girls, "Someone get the camera, this is a Kodak moment if ever there was one".

"No kidding" After Sango was sure Miroku wasn't paying attention she leaned over to Kagome, "Do you think they found them yet?"

"I don't think so, I was with Inuyasha the whole time and I didn't see him head to the teachers cabin"

"Ya, but you came back first" Sango pointed out.

"But he wasn't that long after me, I doubt he would have enough time even with his demon side, I mean the teachers cabin is on the other side of the camping ground"
'…Maybe he said something earlier, before breakfast…'

0------------With Kikyo---------------0

'Why the hell am I being called down…if they found them it would have been that Kagome taking the blame…unless they figured out I did it, humph, the brain deprived morons that run this sorry excuse for a camp would never figure that out.'

Kikyo found herself outside of the teachers cabin. She slowly raised her hand to the rusting door knob but brought her hand back down.
'Get a hold of yourself!'
She quickly pushed the door open and found a small living room, with one of the chairs occupied by…Hojo!
'What is he doing here'
Kikyo saw him shift his eyes to her so she shot him the coldest glare she could muster with the uneasy feeling in her stomach. The boy put his eyes back on the floor with a red tint to his cheeks.
'Is he blushing?'

"Kikyo?" A young woman with an Ian Foresight T-Shirt stepped into the room.

Kikyo looked up to acknowledge her.
"Hello Hun, I'm Miss. Clash, Mr. Bans is waiting for you, you'll find him on the first room to the right, number 3 I believe", and with a smile she glided out of the room and towards the Mess Hall.

Kikyo walking passed Hojo and looked to her right to find a birch door with a silver number 3 nailed to the top. The raven-haired girl pushed the door open to find a small desk with a chair on either end. She took a seat and drummed her nails on the corner of the desk. Mr. Bans entered threw the opposite door and sat down across from Kikyo.

"Kikyo, before we get started is there anything you wish to tell me?"


"…ok" The bald teacher bent down and put a pile of 7 white boxers of the table.


"Tell me Kikyo, why in the world would you steal someone's under wear"

'How the hell did he figure it out' her mind went to Hojo, 'could he have seen us!'

"…Fine, but why Hojo's under wear, the boy has enough pro-"


0---------Teacher's Living Room-----------0

Hojo's was picking himself off the floor, the scream scared him half to death.
'Oh god…what's going on in there'

0----------Back To The Mess Hall-------------0

A light bulb went off in Miroku's head.
"Hey, this doesn't have to do with why you were in the boy's cabin does it?" He shifted his gaze to Kagome.

"Uh, depends…what did you see last night, Heh, Heh, Heh…" Kagome rubbed the back of her head.

"Not much" he glanced at Sango, "I was pre occupied"


"Your sick!"

"Please calm down Pumpkin Pie's, I have a little matter to discus" Miss. Clash walked threw the door holding a clipboard.

"Thank you darling's, as some of you had found, there was a sign up sheet hanging on the flagpole. Since not everybody has picked their classes I'd thought I'd bring it in here for ya. Remember, only pick 5 classes" and with a smile she headed into the kitchen.

The guy's went back to their musical bodies and the girls back to talking about which cutie from a different school their going to snuggle up to during the bonfire.

"Oh, one more thing sugar pie's, there is a limited amount of room for each activity"

Shoe's, charm bracelets, hair ties and PSP's where a mangled mess on the floor as the race for the check list began. It seemed the girls had the upper hand with their compact fuzzy pen's, while the boys had to wait for the old paper mate to make it's way around.

"Feh, you better be thankful, see what I saved you from" Inuyasha slid beside Miroku as his table was somewhere in the ball of arms and legs.

"You got that right" Kagome could barely hear what seemed to be Mel's voice yelling, 'Em…use unicorn pen…Kikyo too…'

"I wonder what Kikyo did to get Mr. Bans on her back" Inuyasha leaned with his elbow on the table.

Miroku looked up, "Ya, I was wondering that too" he pointed to the two girls across from him, "I think they know".

"Why would you say that!"

"Come on Kagome, you've been whispering with Sango ever since Kikyo was sent down, plus let's not forget your little adventure last ni-"
Sango jumped across the table and slammed her hand ageist Miroku's mouth.

Inuyasha turned to Kagome who was sporting a nice tomato red.
"Your adventure?" he cocked an eyebrow.


The door to the mess hall slammed open and a very frazzled looking Kikyo walked threw. The ball stopped only for a second before resuming the pen war. Em and Mel managed to squeeze out during the pause.

"Wow, you look like hell"

"…They weren't his" Em raised an eyebrow at Kikyo.

"Hey, Kikyo, me and Mel signed you up for...wow…you look like poop"

"…They weren't Inuyasha's underwear"

"What!" both girls yelled, which got some strange looks.

Kikyo glared at Kagome who was glancing at her over Inu's shoulder, "She, she put them in my bag"

Em stood between Kikyo and Kagome, "Hold on…rewind for a second, there not Inuyasha's?"

Kikyo turned bright red, from anger, or embarrassment, she didn't know, "No…they…were…Hojo's!"

"……Hahahahaha, holly shit! That is too good!" Em was in tears.

"I knew something didn't look right"

Em and Kikyo turned to Mel.

"I mean, they were kinda…0blush0…small"


PA: "Will Kagome please head to the teachers cabin!"

'What! I can't believe Kikyo put the blame on me!' Kagome looked at Sango, who was glaring at Kikyo.


She turned to Miroku and sighed, "I'll fill you in later." She got up and headed to the teacher's cabin

0--------At The Teacher's Cabin---------0

"Oh, uh, hi Hojo" The boy looked up.

"He-Hey Kagome"
'God when will this get over, I just wanted my underwear back…'

"Don't tell me you're in trouble too?"


Kagome turned to the doorway to find a very stressed Mr. Bans. "Follow me"

Kagome was lead to the same small room as Kikyo was only 5 min's ago. "Take a seat"
"I've talked to Kikyo about these" he placed the boxers on the table, "and she tells me that you're the one that put them in her bag, is this true?"

"Uh, well…yes"

Mr. Bans leaned forward in his chair, "Kagome, I would never have expected you too-"

"No, no, you see, Kikyo first put them in my bag, then when I found I put them back into hers"

The bald man rubbed his temples, "Kagome, how do you know that Kikyo put them in you bag?"

Kagome shifted in her seat, "Well, I over heard her talking…and saw her leave the cabin, so I went in and that's when I found them"

"Well, this is the second time today I heard this, but maybe you can clear something up, why Hojo?"


0---------In The Teacher's Living Room-----------0

Hojo pulled himself back onto his chair.
'God…not again'

0-----------On Tour-------------0

After everyone was signed up, Miss. Summer took all the teens to the flagpole.
"All right everyone, since you will be starting your activities tomorrow morning we have decided to take you on a tour of the camp ground so you can get comfortable with the campsite" she looked to Mark and Steven, two of her students, "Also, this way you have no reason to be late." Mark gave a wink to Miss. Summer, which earned laughter from the other students.

Mr. Steven stepped up, "Ok, that's enough, everyone to the lake" Miroku and Sango slowed down and waited for the others to pass. Once they were sure no one was looking they bolted to the teachers cabin.

"So, when are you guys going to tell me what's going on?"

Sango looked at Miroku, "Well, you see…"

0---Teacher's Cabin---0


Sango had finished telling Miroku the story of the under garments, from plan A to Plan B.
"Yup, that's the story."

"I see…but I still don't get one thing though, why didn't you guys put them into her bag first?"

"That's what I said" Kagome walked threw the teachers cabin and collapsed on the front steps. Sango sat down beside her with Miroku on the other end.

"How did it go?"

Kagome gave Sango a smile, "not bad, he's not going to punish either of us since he can't figure out who's telling the truth…but I feel bad for Hojo."

Miroku and Sango looked to each other.

"Well, it turned out they were his underwear"



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