Authors' Note: Well, here is my new story that I started to write completely out of an impulse. I got the idea for it a few days ago and just had to write it. This story is not a Mary-Sue, but will be told completely from the point of view of Haldir's wife. So read it and tell me what you think. Continue or no? Enjoy!

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Married To the March Warden

Chapter 1 Worries

            My fingers curved around the handle of a wooden spoon. The stew in my pot was steaming slightly, it was almost ready. I stirred up the chunks of meat and vegetables hoping that it would remain in its present condition when Haldir returned home. He had left for his post early this morn and now, it was near nightfall. A lone star lit the dark blue sky outside our flet as a gentle summer breeze ruffled the delicate curtains. Where was my husband? I tried not to let worries push into my mind, if there had been an orc attack, I would have heard. A messenger could make it to the city in under an hour's time if they needed to and my senses had not been alerted to any strange movements in the Golden Wood. But then again, I had been off the guard for at least a hundred years and was quite out of practice with these sorts of things. That was where I met my beloved, the one whose single presence made me swoon. After almost a century of being married to Haldir, I still could not believe that he loved me. I am not a beautiful elf, I do not possess the fair skin and calm face like that of the Lady. I am just average, with blond hair that has a tendency to look greasy even when thoroughly washed. My name, Elenwen, meaning star maiden, was given to me by my mother, who now dwells in Valinor with my father. She loved the stars of the sky and wished for her daughter to be named after them. After they had left, I had joined the guard, knowing that they would never have approved. But I did not join the guard out of talent with the bow; I joined it out of mere boredom and lust for adventure. My fighting skills were rather poor, but just good enough to have the March Warden accept me. It was because of this that he had to spend many hours training me, that is how we fell in love. He was so handsome and dashing that at first I was shy around him. Even when we were first married I felt like a young maiden being courted by a new suitor. Yet Haldir was patient and kind, he put up with my lack of housekeeping skills. It was near a hundred years later and I still could barely make a proper stew. Our home was a mess, clothes and weapons thrown haphazardly around the rooms. I had refused his offer of a maid, I lied and told him that I could handle the cleaning, while the truth was I was too shy to have someone else enter my home. I was not one of those ellith who sought out a friendship with another maiden. I was quite content with just Haldir.

            "Ai Elbereth!" I cried. The soup had begun to burn. I pulled out my wooden spoon which had been blackened by the heat of the fire. I removed the pot from the flame. So much for keeping it warm for him. I had never really been good at anything in particular; in fact I was rather clumsy. But then, I do have one real talent and that is my voice. I have always been a good singer and could compose lovely songs. I probably would have been better suited for the work of a minstrel, but I took my place at the borders and then quit that after we married. Haldir had begged me to leave; he said he couldn't bear the thought of me getting killed. After a few stubborn months and many fights, I finally gave in. But my life was good, a constant calm that was sometimes interrupted by the antics of Rumil and Orophin, my dear brothers-in-law. As my mind sifted through these memories the door began to open slowly, the hinge creaking (I had forgotten to oil it) as my husband stepped in.

            "Mae govannen meleth nin," I rushed into his arms and planted a kiss upon his jaw. He smiled, looking rather distracted. "Why, you are a little delayed in returning to me this evening," I had meant it as a casual statement, not a question or accusation. But he scowled slightly, which was unusual for him.

            "I am sorry dearest," he gently brushed me aside as he headed into the kitchen. "We have a new member of the guard. I had to ensure she that was well trained."

            "She?" I was curious now. A female had not joined the guard in many years.

            "Yes, she is quite young but well trained which is strange," he lifted the lid of my pot and sniffed. I could tell that it took all of his skills as an indifferent warrior to not wrinkle up his nose in disgust.

            "I made stew," I bounced on the balls of my feet and smiled warmly. Oh, how my days had changed since I had left the guard. "Come sit while a serve you some." My manner was cheerful, even though a strong worry had begun to creep itself up inside me. Haldir was normally very joyous upon his return home, but now he seemed to be in an almost brooding state. I served him and sat by his side with a bowl of my own. He was silent, his brow knitted as he ate. Why was he not his talkative self? Had I done something to offend him? No, whenever we fought he would let me know if I did something that upset him. But now he wasn't angry, just quiet and contemplative. We had always had a good relationship, he treated me like I was the Lady of Light herself and I worshiped the ground his feet trod upon. Finally, I questioned his behavior.

            "Is something wrong, Haldir?" I rested my hand upon his arm. For a moment he did not answer. Then a familiar smile crept back upon his full lips.

            "No, my lovely one," he wrapped one of his strong arms around my shoulders. "I am fine."

Mae govannen: Well met

Meleth nin: My love

Ellith: Female elves