There Was A...Boy?

Chapter 8

That very night Zidler scurried over to Frank to tell him of the threats the Duke had made.

"Don't you understand?! If you don't break it off with Christian, the Duke is going to kill him!"

"Kill him?" Frank was genuinely taken aback by this. Images of my…assets…flashed in his mind.

"Tut, and he has such a wonderful, perky ass, too. That would just be a terrible loss." He shook his head at the thought.

"And even worse, he's going to take back all of his investments! Please, for the love of humanity, you must break up with Christian!"

Frank heaved a sigh as he gave it some thought. Yes, the sex was excellent, but in the great multitude of people in the world, he was bound to meet somebody with an even tighter butt, right?

'Oh, who am I kidding?' he admitted to himself. 'There's nobody with a nicer ass than Christian. So for the sake of preserving it, I must drop him like a hot potato.'

"Alright," Frank told Zidler. "I'll do it. I'll go to Christian and tell him that it's over." He dabbed at his misty eyes with a hankie. Damn allergies…

He waltzed over to his wardrobe and grabbed a feather boa to wrap around his shoulders and made his way over to my apartment.

"Frank!" I cried as he emerged through my door.

"Christian," He greeted me coldly. I knew something was wrong when he didn't immediately stick his tongue in my mouth or his hand down my trousers.

"After you went home today, the Duke approached me, and…flashed me. Christian, he's just so much bigger than you are, there's no way I can pass that up. Yes, his face is revolting, but as long as I can put a paper bag over it…"

"That can't be true!" I interrupted. I saw right through his story. Frank was a top, so only the tightness of our asses mattered to him! "Something else is the matter. Tell me what it is, please!" I begged him, but he just turned his back to me.

"I am telling the truth. I told you before…I can't fall in love with anybody. I was only using you, and now your time is up," he said without looking at me.

"I know that you're lying. Please tell me what's really going on!"

"Just accept the truth, Christian. And don't come after me," he ordered as he bit his knuckle and ran out of my apartment without looking back.

I was dumbfounded. He had to be lying. There's no way I would just accept that so easily, so I ran out of the building towards the Moulin Rouge.

"Frankie!" I stood in front of the cabaret and shouted at the top of my lungs. "Frankiiieeee!"

I continued to scream until a large man in an ugly jean vest came and punched me out. I awoke later in my bed with Riff-Raff and Magenta by my side.

"It vas for ze best," Magenta said to me. It wasn't very comforting since her voice completely lacked emotion.

"Yes. Romances with Frank always end in disaster," Riff-Raff added. He's one to talk, considering who he's dating.

"You aren't helping. Just go," I told them. They certainly didn't hesitate to leave.

I continued to lay on my bed, consumed by depression.

Something just wasn't right. I couldn't rest until I found out what it was.

I had to return to the Moulin Rouge… one…last…time.