Three weeks of vacation

"Talking" 'Thinking' /yugi to yami/ //yami to yugi// [ryou to bakura] [[bakura to ryou]] {malik to mairik} {{marik to malik}}

Chapter 1: Leaving

** Yugi POV **

'Ten min. before class finish'

Thought Yugi excited who stop looking at the clock and start looking at Yami

'He so cute I lov'

//Aibou are you are alright// said Yami true the mind link while looking at Yugi with worried eyes


//Are you sure//



'Oh no I was staring at him again. I love him so much but what if he leaves me because he is disgusted whit me and leaves'

** Normal POV **


The gang meet outside. Yugi was the first to arrive followed dy Yami, Jou, Seto, Ryou, Bakure, Malik, Marik. They are going to start leaving when...


It was Anzu she went to yami and grabbed his arm and yami felt a pang of jealousy from yugi's side of the link and decided to put it a side for now and he would talk to yugi about it later.

"You guys are leaving with out me"

"YES" All the gang said in unison she let got of yami and yami took that time to get on the other side of yugi far from anzu

"Leave us along if not am going to send you to the Shadow Realm" said marik

"Marik" said malik

"But she she ..."

"No but"

"We are friends"

"NO!!!!" yelled in unison

"I hate you guys" yelled anzu

"This is taking to long" said an irritated marik

He puts up his hand and was about to send anzu, suddenly he feels something he turns his head to see bakure holding is arm.

"I want to do it"

"No me"

"No me"


Yami puts is hand up and said some thing and anzu despaired

"HEY!!!!!" said marik and bakura

"Let's just leave please bakura"

"Ok hikari"

***5 min later***

"Bye bye" said the two spiked haired teens walking in the shop

**With yugi and yami***

They went to yugi and yami's room to start packing for the vacation. When yami is finish he sits on his bed waiting for yugi to finish packing ***Flash back***

Anzu comes running this way and straight for my arm, when she grabs my arm. I feel a pang of jealousy from yugi's side of the link.

***And of flash back***


"Yes" said closing is back pack and goes and he sits beside yami.

"You know when anzu grab my arm"

yugi nodded and yami felt another pang of jealousy

'Do you think he love me' thought yami

"In are link I felt a pang of jealousy true the link when anzu grab my arm, why?"

'I have to tell him that I love him' thought yugi

"I I ..."

Yami put a comforting hand on his shoulder and said


"I I ... you"

Yami was lost for word but inside he was yelled yes Yugi on the other hand he is sad and think yami rejected him because he dint answer him. So he started to leave but a hand stops him and spinshim around and kiss him on the lips yami pulls away and said

"I love you too"

Yami kisses yugi on the lips in a hot-heated kiss. He pulls so that yugi was lying on is back and position himself on yugi and start kissing is neck. And started to take off is light shirt when...

The door bell rings

Yugi jumps and nocks yami off the bed


"I haf to answer the door" yami pouts

"We'll have fun later because the gang is here and they are waiting for us"

"Coming" yugi yelled went the door bell again

yugi left the room followed by yami that hade the suitcase. They open the door to see jou

"Hey yug, hey yami"

"Hi" said yami and yugi

/Yami should we tell them that we are together/

//If you want//

/can we tell them in the car/

//it fine by me//

"Yug and yami earth to both of you"


"Let go then"

The three of them went to the limo and got in

***In the limo***

""we have a 30min before we arrive so make yourself comfortable" said seto taking jou in his lap (they are going out together) and start kissing is neck. Yami did the same with yugi and whispered

"We should tell them" yugi nodded and said

"Cant I have everyone attention"

Everyone look at yugi and yami

//Should I tell them//

/No I gona tell them/ yami nodded

" I just wanted to tell you that me and yami are together" said a blushing yugi

"That's great" said everyone expects for two that

"hahaha hehehe" laugh marik and bakura

"What are you laughing at??" yelled ryou and malik

marik was the first to recover and to speak

"bakura spit on somebody" and he started to giggled

"BAKURA!" yelled ryou so loud that the whole town had eared

Bakura stop laughing and yelled


"I told you not to spit on people now close that window and" he said loudly

"And seto can you lock the window" he said softly

"Yes I can" he said and with a click

"It's done"

"No" said bakura and pouted

The rest of the trip was calm.