Chapter 6: The beach and lunch

"Let's go swimming" said jou to brighten the mood

"Yes" said all said except the three yamis

Ten minute later on the beach

"Come please"

"Please come"

"Dammit come"

Said three different voices




Said three different voices

Yugi, ryou and malik are trying to get their yamis in the water.

"Please yami come with me" said pleading to yami and using his puppy dog eyes. Yami cant recites does eyes

"Ok but long"

Yugi tinkle yami and yami started running after yugi. Yugi ran in the water and yami fallowed yugi in the water. But for ryou and malik they are not has lucky bakura and marik still refuse to go in the water. So they asked the rest of the gang for help. They made a cocoon. Bakura and marik thought ryou and malik gave up so the decided to go to sleep. The gang went and got a bucket of water from the sea. After they went to the sleeping yamis and they made a circler a round them and dropt the water on them. The rest of the morning the yamis that were sleeping chasse everyone.


"Is it ready???" yelled bakura and marik after ryou and yugi who are doing lunch in the kitchen.

"Almost" yelled back yugi

Not two second later you could see ryou and yugi arrive whit two trays ryou has caring the drinks and chips, yugi has caring sandwiched.