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Shun: What do you mean by that? What're you gonna do to me THIS time?!

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Shun: *whispering to Midori* You can tell me what this is about, can't you?

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Shun: T.T I'm doomed, aren't I?

Midori: More likely than not.

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Among the Amazons

Chapter 1: Why Me?

The annoying thing about being a Saint of Athena was the fact that you always had to deal with one problem or another. And they weren't always fun.

Their current problem involved a small island in the middle of the Atlantic. It was home to a training camp under codename Amazons, very appropriate seeing as that they only taught women. They were skilled and often vicious warriors, fierce fighters willing to go wherever their leader told them.

Normally, this place was not much of a problem. But currently, the five Bronze Saints had two major situations going on with this feminine training ground: 1) their leader had recently sworn allegiance to the Sanctuary, which smelled of foul play right off the bat, and 2) They had part of the Cloth.

Apparently, it was how the new Master established trust, and besides all that, with an army of amazons they had little to no chance of taking it by force. The island was over ten miles long and five across. They had no idea where on the island the piece was. That, and, they were outnumbered 10-to-one, and a man couldn't even set foot on that island without being set upon and torn to shreds.

Not pleasant.

But, seeing as it was the only lead they had, they couldn't just ignore it. So they had only one choice: Sneak in, find the thing, and sneak out.

Not their specialty. Not at all.

"So…anybody have any ideas?" Seiya asked, glancing around.

The others were silent. The Pegasus Saint was perched on one arm of the couch, on which Hyoga and Shun sat. Shiryu was sitting on the end of the fireplace, with Ikki leaning on the wall beside him. Even Tatsumi, standing next to Saori's armchair like some sort of huge bodyguard, kept his mouth shut. They'd been this way for twenty minutes now. "…Guess not, huh?"

"Shut up, Seiya."

"Jeez, sorry…"

"I said 'shut up'."

"Ikki, Seiya, please don't start arguing again…" Shun sighed, leaning his head against the edge of the couch. He closed his eyes, looking distinctly like he was getting a migraine from all of this. "We've just got to think…There has to be someway to get in…"

Hyoga nodded a moment, looking over at the green-haired boy. No one really noticed as he paused and stared at Shun for a few minutes, then as a mischievous look crossed his face.

He turned back and glanced at Seiya. "I think I've got it."

"You do?" Seiya looked profoundly confused. "Whattya mean, Hyoga?"

The blonde Saint motioned for the other to lean down, then cupped his hand around his ear and whispered into it. Seiya sat there a moment, listening, then his eyes widened. He took a glance at the other side of the room, then grinned, nodding.

"You're right…That could work…"

"What are you two talking about?" Ikki asked, looking a bit annoyed. "Do you have a plan or not?"

"We just might." Seiya stood, crossing the room to the straight-backed armchair. "Hey, Saori, you mind if we…?"

Once again, he whispered the rest of it in the young woman's ear. Shiryu, Ikki, Shun and Tatsumi looked profoundly annoyed. Those two were enjoying keeping them in the dark.

Saori widened her eyes a bit in surprise. "Well, it's all little unorthodox, to say the least…but you are right, it's the best plan we have."

"What is?" Shiryu asked, raising an eyebrow.

"You'll see." Hyoga stood as well, pulling the other boy on the couch up with him. "Come on, Shun."

"Wha-?" Shun faltered as Seiya joined in, and the other two boys lead him from the room. "H-Hey! What's going on?!"

"We just need a few minutes to work out the details." Seiya repeated as Hyoga pushed him out the door. He turned back to the room a moment and winked. "We'll be back."

The door swung shut.

~ * ~ * ~

Shun went paler than usual as he stared at the item Seiya held up for him. Hesitantly, shakily, he whispered two words:


"Yes, way." Seiya nodded.

"You're not seriously saying that I…?"

"Yup." Hyoga shrugged. "Sorry, pal. It's our best plan, and you're the only real choice."

Shun wanted to scream. This was not only embarrassing, it was insulting! But he didn't do anything…he knew he couldn't fight it. He just glanced half-heartedly at the mirror hanging across from him on the wall.

"Great…" he muttered pitifully. "Why is it always me?"

~ * ~ * ~

"They've been in there a while."

Saori glanced at the clock. Shiryu was right, it'd been almost twenty minutes since Seiya, Hyoga and Shun had gone. She knew what Hyoga and Seiya were planning, yes, but she had to wonder if it would work…and even if it did, if they could get Shun to agree to it…

The door suddenly opened. Seiya entered first, a wide grin splayed across his face. Hyoga was next, hiding slight snickers behind his hand.

"There." the younger of the two grinned. "That aught'a do it."

"Do what?" Ikki snapped, not in the best of moods at all. "What kind of plan were you three working on in there?"

"That." Hyoga said simply, pointing back into the doorway.

Heads turned as the third Saint entered the room. Shiryu nearly fell on the ground out of surprise, Ikki was caught unaware for once in his life, Tatsumi's mouth fell open, and Saori had to hide her giggles behind her hands. Apparently, Hyoga's plan had worked as well as he thought it would…

But that still left poor Shun as the one stuck in the dress.

It was an…interesting picture, to say the least. The outfit was one of Saori's, but was a bit too big for her, nothing fancy. Just simple white with a blue sash, a slightly flared knee-length skirt and long sleeves. Besides that, his hair had been pulled back in a ponytail at the base of his neck, leaving just enough around his face that it kept the soft feeling to his eyes. The seams of the dress had been pulled in such a way as to give the poor boy the illusion of curves, and the, uh…'chest'…had been stuffed to give him the illusion of the other feminine visible difference.

The result left him looking so different, it was almost as if a strange young girl had wandered into the house. This was intensified by the red-rose blush that painted his cheeks as he turned his head in embarrassment, looking like he wanted to shrink into the walls.

"…Okay, okay…go ahead and laugh…" he muttered quietly, sounding mortified.

Ikki turned to Seiya, his face an odd mixture of rage and confusion. "What the hell is this?!"

"Isn't it obvious?" Seiya shrugged. "We need to be able to get in, find the piece, and get back out, without winding up on the business end of some crazy lady's spear. If someone goes in this way, it keeps any of us from getting skewered, and you have to admit, he does look the part…"

"Let's get this straight…" Shiryu still looked a bit leery. "Your idea is dressing Shun in drag and sending him to the island alone?"

"You got a better idea?" Hyoga shrugged.

"…No, not really." Shiryu admitted, turning his eyes back to the young boy. Shun was still blushing, looking off to one side so that he was profiled. "You know…With this kind of set-up, he's really rather pretty…"

"Shiryu, not you too!" the green-haired boy flushed even darker.

Ikki looked rather upset. "This…is…ridiculous…" he growled. "There is no way…no way…"

"It's okay, Ikki." his little brother muttered quietly, still blushing. "I don't have much of a choice…do I? It'll work out better than most others…Hey, if it goes well enough, maybe we won't have to fight, huh?"

He smiled, looking more comfortable than he really was. "Really…I'll be fine… I'll do it…"

End Chapter 1

Heh heh…Poor Shun. ^_^ There's gonna be some serious trouble before this is all over… but for now, let's settle for getting him settled. Will it really go as well as they hope? Of course not…

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