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I've recently started writing fan-fiction and this is my first X-men story. This story takes place a few months after the end of X2. Right now, some of Xavier's students are going through, what seems like, a rite of passage for those who attend his School for the Gifted…


"Is everyone prepared for the training session to begin?" Professor X telepathically asked his students.

"Yes, Professor." Jubilee, Colossus, Iceman, Rogue and Shadowcat all answered, dressed in their new uniforms. They were exactly like the regular uniforms that the older X-Men wore, except that instead of being black leather with bronze trim, these uniforms were dark blue with silver trim. Some of the students had also made some individual modifications to their uniforms. Colossus had removed the sleeves from his uniform, while Jubilee had cut out the finger holes on her gloves.

"Then let the exercise begin." Professor X informed them, as he initiated the Danger Room Sequence from the control booth high above. The room suddenly came to life with mechanical gears spinning and whirring within.

"Look out!" Rogue yelled out to her teammates as two spinning gun turrets emerged from beneath the floor and started firing non-lethal projectiles at them.

Colossus, already in his armored form, was unphased as the projectiles bounced harmlessly off of him. Shadowcat managed to phase both herself and Jubilee, just in time to avoid being struck. Iceman, who was by Rogue's side, quickly threw up an ice wall to deflect the onslaught of rubber bullets.

"Man, what do we do now?" Rogue said as she knelt down behind the frozen wall.

"It's your call. The Prof made you team leader." Bobby told her as he knelt beside her and gently touched her on the shoulder.

"I guess he did. Okay Colossus, see if you can make it over to one of the turrets and take it out." Rogue said as she talked into her communicator.

"All right." Colossus replied as he started running towards the gun turret on the right side of the room. He was confident that he could accomplish the task, especially since he was virtually indestructible in a body composed of organic steel. But while he was prepared for anything the Danger Room could throw at him, his confidence left him ill prepared for the fact that the Danger Room could throw him just as easily. As he stepped on a floor tile near the turret, he was tossed about fifteen feet in the air and about twenty yards backwards. He hit the ground with a loud, hard thud. He was unharmed, but the sudden impact left him temporarily disoriented.

"Look's like Tin Man's down. What now?" Jubilee asked Rogue, as she and Shadowcat took refuge behind the barrier Iceman had created.

As the students gathered to discuss their strategy, another onlooker next to the Professor made an observation of his own.

"These kids are getting their butts kicked, on a simulation set at its lowest level." Logan stated as he raised an unlit cigar to his face.

"They will get better, as they gain more experience with their powers. It will just take time." Xavier replied to Logan.

Professor X then sent another telepathic message to his students, "Remember that the purpose of this exercise is for you to accomplish your objective, but also to do so working together as a team."

Rogue, who was still knelt down behind the protection of the ice wall, took heed of the Professor's words.

"Okay Bobby, the turret's motion sensor is on the top. See if you can ice it up." Rogue said to him.

Iceman created a hand-held shield made of ice and then ran out from behind the safety of his ice wall. He was able to get close enough to freeze the sensor on the turret on the left side of the room before returning behind the barrier.

"Jubilee, see if you can zap that turret and finish taking it out." Rogue then said to her.

With Iceman giving her cover from the gun turret on the right side of the room, Jubilee blasted the left side turret with everything she had, disabling the weapon.

"Now we just have to take out the other one." Bobby stated.

While Rogue, Jubilee, and Iceman had been working on the turret on the left side of the room, Shadowcat had phased her physical form once again and had walked over to Colossus to see if he was okay.

"You going to make it, big guy?" Kitty asked Peter, half teasing him while she touched his arm and kept them in a phased state together.

"I think so." Peter responded, his pride being hurt more than any part of his physical being, "You know, you don't have to use your power on me. I'm pretty much protected, as long as I'm armored up. I'm sure you must be getting pretty drained."

"Not really." Kitty replied, "I've gotten to where I can phase pretty large objects. Now, it has more to do with me being able to concentrate while I'm phasing."

As the pair sat on the ground with Shadowcat still holding onto the steel forearm of Colossus, they noticed that Jubilee had finished with one of the two gun towers.

"That's our cue. Follow me." Kitty said as she stood up

"What do you mean?" Peter replied.

Shadowcat then ran towards the turret on the right side of the room,  unharmed as the bullets passed right through her. She continued on her path, going straight through the turret and shorting out its electrical components. Colossus followed behind her, leaping at the turret shoulder first, completely demolishing it.

"Excellent work." Xavier said, congratulating his students as the Danger Room training session ended, "I'm glad that you were able to accomplish your objective working together. But bear in mind that this was a low-level exercise, you still have much work that lies ahead."

As the doors to the Danger Room opened, the group started making their post-training plans.

"I'm going to hit the mall, you two wanna come with?" Jubilee asked Rogue and Bobby.

"Sure, how about you Bobby?" Rogue asked him.

"Sounds like a plan to me." Bobby replied as he put his arm around Rogue, "Hey, you guys wanna join us?"

"No thanks," Colossus responded, "I think I'll stay here at the mansion."

"What about you Kit-Cat?" Jubilee asked her.

"I think I'll just hang around here too." Kitty answered.

"Sounds like a killer Friday Night to me." Jubilee said sarcastically as she, Rogue, and Bobby left the Danger Room.

"So what'cha got planned?" Kitty asked Peter.

"I'll probably go and work on some more of my sketches." Peter replied.

"I heard you were THE artist around here." Kitty complimented him, "Maybe you could let me look at some of them?"

"Um, sure. I can go to my room to get some of my completed sketches and let you see them." Peter responded as they walked toward the Danger Room exit together. He had a sudden feeling of uneasiness come over him. No one, especially a girl that was as smart and pretty as he thought Kitty was, had shown an interest in or had given him a compliment on his artistic ability. As the pair reached the exit door, Logan appeared in front of them.

"So, now that you're through playin' around with the kids, you ready to play with the grown-ups?" Logan asked Peter with a wry smile.

Peter stood there and looked at Kitty, remembering the plans he had just made with her. He wanted to spend time with her, but he didn't want to pass up a chance to pick up fighting techniques from Wolverine. Just then, Kitty solved Peter's dilemma for him.

"Go ahead. I actually have some things I need to care of, but we can still meet later tonight and you can show your sketches to me." Kitty told him.

"Of course, um…I will see you later." Peter answered nervously, as he watched Kitty walk down the corridor.

"It's a date then." Kitty said as she turned the corner at the end of the corridor.

"A date?" Peter thought to himself.

Peter walked back into the Danger Room with Logan, wondering if she meant what she had said. Kitty ran to the elevator, her feeling of anticipation already starting to get the best of her.


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