Like a Thief in the Night

by WSJ

WSJ: *rolls eyes* I'm surprised this hasn't been done before! Or maybe it has, but I spent about four hours searching the Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Anime Crossovers sections and didn't find anything like this. Well, as the old saying goes, if you can't find it, do it yourself! ^^ *sucks on a candy cane happily*

Bakura: *rolls his eyes* Oh dear God...

Summery: Once upon a time Youko Kurama and Yami Bakura were partners in crime. Nothing in Makai was safe from the sticky-fingered pair of thieves. They couldn't be caught, and were the most wanted men in Makai. That all changed when Kurama, wounded and close to death, chose to take on a mortal human body. Out of loyalty to his friend, Bakura too takes a human host, waiting for the day when the invincible duo of demon thieves will be reunited once more...

Notes: AU for both YYH and YGO, although more for YGO than YYH. The yamis' pasts in Egypt are completely altered, and Kuranoe and Yomi don't exist in this fic (so far. I'm completely fudging Kurama's past, and once I find out more of what really happened to him I may find a way to stick those two in.) I'm going by the Japanese versions of both serieses when it comes to names and such (although on YYH not a lot was changed...). Also, some of the YYH characters may be a bit ooc, because I'm just beginning to get into that anime and I'm still learning how the various characters act.

Also note that my favorite characters are Hiei, Kurama, and Koenma, along with Bakura, Ryou, Malik, and Ishtar, and that I'm not particularly fond of Kaiba, Kuwabara, or Yusuke.

Romance: Yusuke/Keiko, Yuugi/Anzu, Jou/Mai, possible Otogi/Shizuka (if I ever get around to including them, I may not even bother), and possible Kurama/Botan/Bakura and Koenma/Botan/Ryou in the future (hey, who can say? =D There's plenty of possibilities and I do so enjoy romance tangles. *snerk*)

Bashing: Kuwabara and Honda. The idiots must die. Yay. Also slight Yusuke bashing, but only a tiny bit. ^^

Ryou is the host/hikari
Bakura or sometimes Yami Bakura is the demon/yami
Malik is the hikari
Ishtar is the yami

Disclaimer: SJ does not own Yuugioh or Yu Yu Hakusho, because if she did she would own far more Kurama and Bakura merchandise then she does. *pouts* Stupid otou-san, not letting me order things off Ebay...

Okami - Japanese - literally 'wolf'. In this case refers to a 'wolf demon', or werewolf.
Kitsune - Japanese - literally 'fox'. In this case refers to a 'fox demon'. Kitsune are very prominate in Japanese legends (something you run-of-the-mill YYH fans may not know). They're usually red, although white or silver kitsune like Kurama aren't unknown (though that may be why he has red hair as a human?). They tend to live thousands of years, and are known for their trickery. At birth they have just one tail, and as they grow older and gain more power it will split, the maximum number of tails being nine. Therefore, the more tails a kitsune has, the more powerful and old they are. Kurama, just for reference, has five tails.


Like a Thief in the Night

Part One: Thieves of Makai

Prologue -- The Hunter

Quote of the fic:

"I can't believe it, there's another man as beautiful as I!"
~(Emperor Hotohori, Fushigi Yuugi)

"I won't stand for this!" Koenma almost yelled, standing up in his seat and planting his hands on the desk in front of him. "Botan, we have to do something!"

Botan sighed and nodded her agreement. "Yes Koenma-san, I know, but what? Those two are the best escape artists in Makai. All attempts to capture them have failed miserably! Every time we get close they disappear into some rat hole we can't follow them into."

Koenma plopped back into his seat, a pouting and slightly worried expression on his face, his pacifier bobbing up and down as he spoke. "Oh, this is not good. I have spies in the underground that say they're planning to go after the Sennen Items! Do you know how powerful they would become if they got their hands on even one of them?!"

Botan looked worried, nervously fidgiting with her ponytail. "Oh no... Thank kami that the Items are scattered all over Reikai and Makai. They can't get to all of them at once."

"No," Koenma agreed. "But it makes them harder for us to guard."

"Aren't they locked away behind physical traps as well as curses and seals?" Botan asked, brightening up slightly. "That should at least make it unpleasent for them to try and get at those Items. And even if they do manage to get into the chambers that hold the Items, they can only claim them if the Item lets them. Surely the Sennen Items wouldn't let themselves be taken by those so obviously evil. Would they?"

Koenma shook his head slowly, but still looked worried. "Bakura is a master of getting past traps, and Kurama is the best curse-breaker to live in Makai in the past thousand years. Together they're nearly unstoppable. I don't know much about the Items, Botan. You'd have to ask otousan. All I know was that they were created several thousand years ago by a mysterious and shadowy group of six Egyptian priests and their pharaoh. But if what otousan said is true, then at least one of the Items is corrupt already, I have no idea which."

Botan bit her lip. "Oh dear..."

The doors to Koenma's office burst open suddenly, admitting the running and panting form of Blue Ogre, who was waving a scrap of paper over his head. "Koenma-sama! They've struck! The Sennen Ankh has been taken, all guards dead! They're moving, sir!"

Koenma jumped up, as Botan gasped, his eyes wide in shock. The Ankh's hiding place was in one of the darkest parts of Makai. It was amazing that the duo of master thieves had dared go there first. Then again, it was just like them, striking in the place least expected or most dangerous, just to flaunt who they were.

"WHAT!?!" Koenma yelled, snatching the message from Ogre and reading it francitly. He gulped, and Botan grabbed the note from unresisting hands to read it for herself. "This isn't good... They're definately moving south, toward where the Sennen Ring is hidden."

"But sir, surely they wouldn't be so stupid!" Botan cried out, letting the paper flutter down to rest on the desk. "If we know, then they know we know, and they know we know they know, so surely they know we'll send more guards to the Ring's temple, because we know they know we know they know we know!"

Koenma uncrossed his eyes, spitting his pacifier so that it bounced against Botan's forehead. "Your logic frightens and confuses me!" Quickly he retrieved the pacifier from where Ogre had caught it before it hit the ground, and stuck it back in his mouth. "But even so, you're right. Still... they've been thieving Makai and Reikai since before I was born. Ogre, what are some of the recent crimes they've comitted?"

Ogre hesitated slightly, and when Botan and Koenma both turned to look at him expectantly he sighed and looked up at the ceiling, as if reading his answer from there. "They have sucessfully broken into your father's treasury twice and made off with all manner of priceless artifacts. They have stolen no less than six hundred and twenty-seven artifacts, mystic talismens, and enchanted weapons over the past three hundred years alone, not to mention the seven hundred before that! They hire their services as thieves to any human, demon, or spirit who pays them enough. Sometimes, if they get bored, they'll hire out for free, just for the heck of it. Although more noted for their breaking and entering record, both are also notable fighters, especially when able to work as a team."

"Wait," Botan interrupted. "A team for the past thousand years? Just how long have these two known each other?"

Absently Koenma waved a hand, otherwise seeming deep in thought. Botan turned around to face the screen mounted on the wall as a picture wavered into view. Botan blinked, staring at the image before her. It had apparently been taken in the midst of battle, and Botan would have bet that the poor cameraman hadn't lived to tell the tale. In the foreground a young man with spikey silver-white hair and brown eyes, dressed in a gray tanktop and pants and barefoot, scowled as he held up a luckless shrine guard by the collar, his other hand cocked behind his head and holding a wicked curved short sword, poised to impale the pleading guard. He looked about twenty-five, and between his snarling lips Botan caught the hint of long fangs. Other then that and the white hair, he could have passed for any normal human in a normal town.

The other man, however, was a different matter. He was crouched behind the other, in an almost feral stance, ready to spring on anyone close. This man looked younger, maybe nineteen or twenty, and wore the same clothes as the other man, but in a lighter shade of white. He too had long white hair, but here the similarities ended. His eyes were gold, his fangs longer and more defined. His ears were not human's ears, but those of a fox. A long silver fox's brush graced the air behind him, almost seeming to twitch back and forth, though this was a still picture. Botan gasped, for the moment stunned into forgetting they were dangerous demons at the sight of their absolutely perfect, gorgeous bodies... "Oh gods..."

Ogre cleared his throat, snapping Botan back to the present. "Indeed. The one in the foreground with the sword is Bakura, the older of the two. As far as we can tell, he's anywhere from a thousand to five thousand years old, and probably closer to the five thousand side. He is, in reality, an okami, what Westerners would call a werewolf. In human form he looks perfectly normal, but he can change at will into a fierce white wolf. The one behind him is Kurama, a kitsune. We know for a fact that he is only about one thousand years old. Due to these two having incredible resemblence to each other, as you can see from the picture, we suspect them to be related, though we don't know how. Why or how they joined together we don't know, but apparently Bakura took Kurama under his wing when he was just a child. The earliest known thievery these two made together was when Kurama was barely ten (which, of course, is very young for a fox demon that lives thousands of years. That's like taking a three year old out to rob a bank)."

Koenma nodded, crossing his arms over his chest thoughtfully as he paced the length of the desk and then back again. "They've gotten cocky. They believe they can't be beat, because they haven't been in a millenium. But... Ogre, there's no record of anyone hiring them lately? No one asking around for them in the underworld?"

Ogre shook his head. "No sir."

"Oh dear..." Koenma's pacing sped up a little. "That means we have to assume that going after the Sennen Items isn't a job. They're doing it to keep the Items for themselves!"

"And with that much power in the hands of two demons..." Botan trailed off, and all three of them stared at each other with a mixture of horror, disbelief, and worry etched on their features.

Koenma closed his eyes, standing still in the middle of the desk and obviously thinking. "The Ankh is already in their hands. While they probably haven't had enough time to figure out its magic, it's sure to give them an energy boost. We'll have to send someone to stop them, someone very powerful indeed... but who?" Suddenly his eyes snapped open and he answered his own question. "Ogre, send for the Hunter!"

Ogre and Botan gasped. "But sir-"

"Do as I say if you want Makai to still be standing by tomorrow morning!" Koenma shrieked, jumping up and down and waving his finger at Ogre. "Now do it!"

"No need, m'lord," said a quiet, calm, almost regal voice from the corner. "I am here."

"Ah!" Koenma said, his tantrum turning off like a thrown switch, leaving Botan and Ogre to wonder if it was some secret skill he had mastered. "Good, you're here. But really, you don't have to 'm'lord' me! You're just as much a king as otousan is!"

The Hunter's eyes flashed in the darkness of the shadowy corner where he stood. "Not here." he said quietly, resting a hand on the golden bauble around his neck almost absently. "Not here." Then he faded from view and was gone in a swirl of shadow before any of the trio could say more. Gone to hunt demons.


WSJ: Mwahahaha... And so ends the prologue! Anyone know who the Hunter is? :p Come on, shouldn't be THAT hard...

Oh yes, about Bakura being a werewolf. Obviously not canon. :p Don't worry, plenty of explination coming in future chapters. *snicker*

I've heard that Kurama is over a thousand, but then I've also heard that he's only 300. For the sake of this fic and his relation to Bakura, he's a thousand. Okay? ^^

Also, my theory of the Sennen Ankh is that Shaadi is not the one meant to hold it, he's just being allowed to hold it for a time because he comes from one of the tomb keeper clans. The Scales are his, but not the Ankh. Therefore, in my stories I tend to give the Ankh various new owners. :p

God bless minna-san!