Review Replies Chapter. AKA, Epiloge of an Epiloge!

Alright, because Review Replies Chapters aren't technically aloud, I'm gonna keep this short. I hope the people at FFN will forgive me anyway, they should considering this is a minor rules infringement and lots worse goes on, just look at your average Mary Sue fic! I'm not going to reply to you individually this time because it would take too much words space, (I feel like I'm pushing my luck already,) and, besides, I can probably answer any questions in here. If you want a more personal reply, drop me a line and I'll see what I can do…

Firstly, thanks for reading and reviewing this fic. Thanks you very, very, very much! This has been my longest fiction ever and it's wonderful to see it's been so well received. I'm truly touched by your words, it's given me confidence as a person and as a writer and it's most probably more than I deserve. Thanks people, it's you guys who keep me going!

Secondly, some general points I'd like to answer:

1: My Trigun Fanfiction.

This is NOT the only Trigun fic I've written, there's some more, very short stuff posted on FFN, if you care to look it up. Also, I have MANY unpublished works lounging about on my computer, as soon as I get the time I'll start bringing those out. So don't worry guys, I'm gonna be back to please/torment you with more of my writing soon! Keep your eyes skinned! (though be warned, some of it might be posted in the R section to be safe, so be sure to check that out every now and then, if you don't already.)

2: Contacting me and my Live Journal: The title says it all, if you want to talk to me, either drop me an E-mail or go visit my LJ, it's available via my profile page, just check out the 'web site' part. Be sure to pay a visit because, apart from anything, it has some as yet unpublished Trigun fic of mine on it. Plus I'll probably write about my fanfic works in general there, so if you want the latest news, pay a visit!

3: The Sequel? Well… will here be a sequel to How Far is Eden?


Sorta… it won't be quite like How Far is Eden though. I've written the first chapter already, and it's going to be in a more conventional view point, (i.e. third person past,). It WONT just be about Knives exploration of Gunsmoke and it's also going to have a different tone, a little less philosophy, a bit more humour/action/adventure/romance. However, it will still delve into character development, there will be NO Mary Sues and it will feature the Insurance girls, as well as delving into the past of both Vash and Knives! So, despite being a little different, it should hopefully live up to it's predecessor! Keep your eyes peeled folks… though, to be honest, I probably won't be posting it for another month AT LEAST! So you're gonna have to put up with my other Trigun fics 'till then.

BTW, the working title for it is… Eden's Children.

Last but not least I'd like to give special mentions to some of my favourite reviewers. AnonymousTrigunOtaku, Ron the Future Weasel, Aoi, Silver arm, Angelstryke, Magnet Rose, LeDiz, The Dreams of the Dead, Communist Penguin, Zolac no Miko, Tea Roses, Magnet Rose, and everyone else who kept with me in this fic. I hope I'll see you all again in my future works.

Until then…

Love and Peace!