Liquid Fire

(Ranma/Sailor Moon X-over)

By Shad4c

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Double Start

Pluto gazed out of the ethereal mists that surrounded the eternal Gates of Time, she waited and watched helplessly as the events that she had been unable, indeed had been unwilling to stop played out in front of her eyes in blow by blow cinematic screening of the doom of her entire civilization. The home she had fought so hard to protect over the millennia, having to watch as it fell into the darkness of oblivion now so that what she had seen its light give birth to never come to be, for the freedom of the ENTIRE Cosmos, the Moon Kingdom had to fall.

And falling it was, already the Outer Senshi were dead, Saturn by her own hand with Neptune and Uranus having fallen in battle with Beryls out-system allies, preventing them from helping in the present battle.

She watched as one by one the Lunar Guardsman fell protecting their Queen, as first Sailor Mercury and then Jupiter and the rest of the Inner Senshi were dragged down by the combined efforts of the Youma, Generals and the Nega-Shadow.

She viewed the death of the Earths Prince and the suicide of the Moon Princess.

She watched as Beryls grand victory turned to ashes as Queen Serenity used the last of her strength to seal the Dark Kingdom into a Negaverse and send her daughter and her court into the future to live out their lives.

She looked on as Beryl lashed out at the last second trying to break the spell that would bind her into exile and rob her of her dreams of power. The dark whips of energy struck at the Luna-magic yet seemed to do nothing as with a scream the Dark Queen disappears from this universe.

She watched with saddened eyes as the Queen she loved toppled over into deaths embrace and a place that was once so full of life settled into an airless tomb as the spells that supported the atmosphere dissipated with chilling speed.

With a final sigh she leaned heavily on the Time Staff and waved away the picture held in the gate. The time of the Moon Kingdom was over now, ultimately ended by one of its own most loyal defenders. The only thing to do now was to look to the future, the shining beacon of hope in a mired array of dark futures that was to be humanities hope on the path she had set them on, Crystal Tokyo of the Crystal Millennium and Neo-Queen Serenity.


The Centuries rolled by as Sailor Pluto maintained her lonely vigil over the Gates of Time. Watching as humanity crawled back from the devastation that was the fall and slowly but surely re-built their civilizations. She watched and waited as she had for so long in the past as the Ages turned, saw kingdoms rise and fall, but paid them little attention as she looked for the sparks of power that would one day flare.

The sparks that would be the birth cries of the Princess and her Senshi.]


As the green haired senshi stood watching the present course of the time stream through the Gate she suddenly started as she felt the first Senshi soul spark she had been waiting for. The lonely soldier commanded the Gate to show her owner of the spark that marked the beginning of the future.

The image in the ancient artefact swirled before resolving into the picture of the inside of a hospital. In the picture she could see a red hair woman giving birth, the mother of the future Senshi. She shifted the view as after giving birth the child is presented to its mother. Air hissed through her teeth in dismay as the gender of the Neo-Senshi became obvious.

"Congratulations Mrs. Saotome.... it's a boy" The doctor stated as he presented the child.

Nodoka Saotome smile at her baby as she announced his name.

"Hello Ranma, my son"

On the infants forehead the signal of Mars flicked for a moment in response before fading back into dormancy.

Authors Note

Hi Shad4c here, sorry for the llooonnnggg wait between stories I'll try and do better from now on. Anyway this story is being written in response to the Temple of Ranmas Seifukus statement that their aren't any Ranma as Mars fics around so I've decided to put my money where my mouth is so to speak and write my own.

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