This was just an idea that I had. I'm sure that something similar to this has been done before, but I felt like writing it anyway and I of course do things a little differently. I changed the end of "Chosen" a bit and it would also take place in the 2nd Season I guess sometime after "The Dark Age." I had to have it before Spike was put in a wheelchair. Also, I know the chapters are short but I do tend to always have short chapters. The story isn't that long because I didn't have that many ideas anyway. Well, you know the drill! Reviews are always welcome=)

Chapter 1

Buffy was running to try and get out of the school as everything was falling down around her. She tried to see which way she could go and she thought of heading upstairs to the roof. She couldn't believe that she just left Spike back there to die, but there was nothing she could have done. He had to finish what he started and she had to get out of there even though she was willing to stay with him. She was running for the stairs when she suddenly tripped and fell down on the floor. She was about to get up when a high beam above her fell down and headed for her head. She put her arms up to shield herself from it. Buffy noticed a bright light and then the beam fell on her. When Buffy woke up she had a huge headache. She sat up and looked around at her surroundings. She noticed that she was outside on the ground. She wondered what happened and why she wasn't in the school getting buried under all the rubble. She stood up and looked around as she tried to figure out where she was, it looked like she was still in Sunnydale and it was suddenly dark out. She didn't know what to think when she heard a familiar voice, a voice that she never thought she would hear again. "Bloody hell." She turned at the voice and saw Spike standing up behind her.

"Spike?" He looked at her and he seemed to be confused too. "Oh god, Spike!" Buffy said as she went to him and gave him a huge hug. "I thought you were dead." Spike registered the fact that she was hugging him and wrapped his arms around her too.

"Well, I technically am dead. If you're wondering why I'm not burned to a crisp right about now you're guess is as good as mine." Buffy then pulled away and looked at him.

"What happened? I was in the school trying to get out and I was hit by this beam, at least I thought I was. Then I woke up and I'm out here. I do remember seeing this bright light though. What's going on?" Spike shook his head and looked around.

"I don't know, love. Maybe we should look around, see what we can find." Buffy nodded and they decided to walk in silence until they found something. Looking around they realized that they were in the cemetery and that they were still in Sunnydale, but they still weren't sure how they got there after what happened. They continued to walk when Buffy suddenly stopped which caused Spike to bump into her. "You think you could warn me next time you do that?" Spike said as he looked at her and saw the scared look on her face. "Buffy, what is it?" Buffy looked at him.

"I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." Spike wasn't sure what she was talking about when she turned away and then pointed to something in the distance. "Look," she told him as he looked to see what she was pointing at. What he saw was the school and it still seemed to be in one piece.

"So, looks like the high school didn't get destroyed after all. How do you figure that?" Buffy shook her head and turned back to him.

"Look again, that's not the same school. That's the old school, the one that I used to go to." Spike looked again and saw that she was right.

"How do you suppose that happened? I thought the Watcher blew that one up." Buffy nodded.

"He did, Spike. Something really weird is going on here." Spike nodded also.

"You're not wrong about that." Buffy then grabbed his arm and pulled him in the other direction.

"Come on, there's something I have to see." She told him as they started walking. They walked until they got to Buffy's house and they noticed that it looked the same as it always did on the outside. They walked to the window and Buffy looked inside the house. It seemed pretty quiet inside when Buffy suddenly saw Joyce walking around. She gasped as tears started forming in her eyes. "Mom," she whispered. Spike then looked and noticed Joyce too. He looked back at Buffy and saw the tears falling down her face and he just wanted to wipe them all away. Spike pulled her away from the window.

"Come on, pet. I don't know what's going on here, but we're going to figure it out." He told her as he pulled her away from the house. Buffy then stopped and looked at him.

"I think I know what's going on." Spike didn't say anything as he waited for her to finish and he wasn't expecting what she said next. "I think...I think we somehow got sent back to the past." Spike raised his eyebrows at her realization.