Something had happened to Kurt's mind when Jean connected to him that night. It could no longer be reached by a simple tap like it usually could. When Xavier tried to enter it gently without any physical contact, all he saw was blackness.

"What did I do to him, professor?" Jean asked weakly after Xavier failed another gentle connection.

"I think you somehow snapped his mind." Xavier said. "When you connected with him his body was not yet ready to deal with the memories and traumas that occurred during those two days away from here. His mind was snapped away from his body."

"Is there a way that you can bring him back?" Jean asked.

"I don't know." Xavier admitted. "He's deep in there."

"This is all my fault! I only wanted to stop the pain that was coming from him!" Jean said.

"I understand that, but you should have listened to me when I told you that I would deal with it on my own. Your impatience may have cost Kurt his life; if not his very sanity!" Shaking his head, Xavier looked at Kurt. "Tell the others to stay out of here no matter what happens or how long I stay in here. That also goes for you too, Jean." He added with a severe glance. "I don't want you breaking any more of my rules about this. If something should go wrong, I don't need anyone else getting hurt."

When Jean left the room, she found the others waiting to hear about Kurt's condition.

"The professor is going to try and bring Kurt back. He says that no matter what happens or how long it takes him, we need to stay out of there." She said.

Xavier just looked down at Kurt, his brows knitted slightly. What he was going to try was dangerous for himself as well as Kurt. He called it submerging because it felt like he was diving into water and if he didn't get out at the right moment; he and the person he was connected to would end up drowning, leaving their bodies empty and their souls and minds lost.

Slowly, Xavier rested a hand on Kurt's brow, feeling that the fur was covered in cold sweat.

"Come on, Kurt..." he whispered, closing his eyes. "I need you to try and come back to me..." ***
When Xavier submerged into Kurt's mind, it was warm and very inviting, unlike any mind he had ever entered before. Most minds have strong walls and were cold and harsh towards anyone entering it, but Kurt's was warm and had no walls or defenses against people going in.

He went through layers of absolute blackness, forcing Xavier to push harder than he had ever done before.

He called out Kurt's name over and over again, trying to find a trace of Kurt's mind.

Xavier pushed harder and stronger with his power and he finally broke through the blackness, finding himself in a forest.

"This is where you lived with your family isn't it, Kurt?" he asked, slowly starting to walk through the trees. "Kurt, I need you to answer me! Where are you?" Kurt sounded very reluctant when he finally answered him.

"[i]I am over here, teacher.[/i]" Following the sound of his voice, Xavier found Kurt sitting beside a river, looking down into the running water as it went by. His hands and feet were bleeding badly, as if the wounds were freshly made. When Kurt turned his head to look at Xavier, his head was bleeding badly from the barbed wire crown.

"[i]Why did you come here, teacher?[/i]" he asked softly in his native tongue. "[i]I'm fine right where I am.[/i]"

"You're not fine, Kurt. Your body is going to die if you don't come back with me." Xavier said, sitting down beside him.

"[i]Would that really be so bad?[/i]" Kurt asked as he looked down at his hands and feet. Xavier looked at Kurt in surprise, cocking an eyebrow slightly.

"This isn't like you, Kurt." He said. "You're not the kind of person to contemplate suicide like this."

"[i]I know[/i]" Kurt nodded. "[i]When Jean showed me what happened; it got me thinking about a lot of things.[/i]"


"[i]What if another death IS required to absolve our sins?[/i]" Kurt asked, looking at him, seriously upset about the idea.

"Kurt, I don't have the answer to that." Xavier said. "All I know is that we need to get back before we're both dead."

"[i]Teacher, just go.[/i]" Kurt said. "[i]I am staying here.[/i]"

"What could you possibly gain by staying here and dying?" Xavier asked seriously.

"[i]I don't know![/i]" Kurt screamed suddenly, his tail flicking angrily to one side. "[i]All I know is that I'm confused about a lot of things and maybe if I died I would get the answers to my questions! You don't know what it's like, teacher; having your faith twisted up like this in just one day. I feel like I'm being all twisted up inside somehow. Everything gets so hard sometimes for me.[/i]"

"If you come back with me, I will be able to help you." Xavier promised. "Everyone is really worried about you, Kurt."

"[i]Are they?[/i]" Kurt asked, raising his eyebrows slightly in surprise. Xavier nodded, smiling a bit.

"Logan has become a guard dog beside your door, watching over you day and night to see if you improve or not!" he said with a soft laugh. Kurt looked away, thinking about it slowly.

"[i]You promise to help me with this, teacher?[/i]" he asked softly. "[i]You will not forget about this?[/i]

"I promise." Xavier nodded, holding out his hand. Kurt looked at Xavier's hand, his tail curling up slightly in curiosity. He looked up at the man who had saved his life back in Germany and he smiled faintly, taking his hand in his just like he did back in Germany outside of Winzledorf.

Light erupted everywhere, and Kurt's mind went back into his body, making his tail tremble slightly before it began to sway lazily into life. ***
Xavier opened his eyes slowly. Looking down at himself, Xavier realized how close he had been to drowning. From his upper chest down he was soaked in water. If he had taken any longer he might have died along with Kurt.

Looking at Kurt, he smiled and gently removed his hand from his brow as Kurt groaned softly and started to wake.

Kurt's eyes fluttered open and he looked at Xavier with dizzy eyes. When his vision got better, he smiled faintly at him.

"[i]Good morning, teacher.[/i]" he mumbled.

"I meant what I said, Kurt." Xavier said. "I will help you as best as I can." Slowly Kurt raised up a hand and Xavier took it, smiling at him as he gave it a gentle squeeze.

"[i]I thank you, teacher.[/i]" Kurt said.

"Do you feel up for some visits?" Xavier asked.

"Oh, yes." Kurt said, sitting up slowly, his tail flicking in faint excitement. "I cannot wait to see everyone again!"

Everyone came in to see him, and Kurt couldn't help but smile as he found himself surrounded by people who really cared about him.