It was Kurt's turn to make breakfast for the team. He flipped a few more pancakes onto a large stack and he turned over the few strips of bacon in the pan, using his tail to crack some more eggs.

"Fair warning, Kurt." Kitty said, coming in and taking a few pancakes from the stack and drowning them in syrup. "Brian and Meggan are having a little fight."

"You mean Brian is yelling at Meggan, [i]ja?[/i]" Kurt asked, adding a few more strips of bacon to the pan.

"Pretty much, yeah." Kitty nodded, sitting down at the table. Kurt growled softly and as if on cue, Brian and Meggan came in.

"But why won't you dance with me?" Meggan asked. "It'll only be for a while."

"At midnight!" Brian cried. "I'm not going to get up at midnight to dance with you!"

"But it's going to be the Equinox!" Meggan said, sitting down at the table. "We have to dance for it!"

"Do I look like a pagan to you?" Brian asked. Looking over at Kurt, Kitty saw his tail shoot up in fury at that comment.

"It's not a pagan ritual, Brian." Meggan said weakly. "My people did it every solstice and equinox."

"Yeah, your people." Brian snorted, rolling his eyes.

Kurt clenched his teeth, staring at the bacon as it sizzled in the grease.

"Brian, don't..." Meggan begged weakly, biting her lower lip.

"Your people are just some riff raff who expect people to feel bad for them just because they [i]claim[/i] that they were killed in concentration camps too."

Kitty had been drinking some apple juice when he said that. She immediately spit it out and looked at him in surprise.

"All you Gypsies do is bang your little tambourines, chant your nonsensical poor excuse of a language over and over again, and have your women covered in jewelry like ten cent whores." Brian continued. "Not to mention have all of your old women act like psychics!"

Kurt held the handle of the bacon pan tightly, his tail trembling as he tried to control himself and just flip the bacon over calmly. Just flip the bacon over calmly and ignore the things Brian was saying.

"Don't say those things." Meggan said. "They're not true..."

"Of course they are. That's why you left that shit hole you called a home and came to live with me." Brian said. "I was the one who turned your life around. If it wasn't for me, you'd still be in that trailer with those Gypsies and..."

"ROMANI!" Kurt screamed. "Gypsies come from Egypt. The Romani came from Northern India. You do not call them Gypsies! They are Romani!"

"Romani Gypsy..." Brian waved a hand dismissively in the air. "They still act the same way." He said. "Bunch of tambourine banging, goat screwing, pagans..."

Kurt snapped.

Grabbing the pan, he dumped the bacon and the fire hot grease onto Brian's head, making him cry out as he stood up in surprise. He banged the pan against his face, screaming at him in rage.

"You bigoted son of a bitch!" he screamed. "You uncaring, self- centered, racist, bastard! I hope you choke and die! How dare you say those things about my people! I should kill you right now!

"Our people are a proud and ancient people and yes, they were killed in concentration camps! Over one point six million Romani were killed but the reason why more people don't know about it is because of people like you, belittling that! How the hell did you become defender of this land anyway?!"

Kurt finished his rant with a swift kick to Brian's face, breaking his nose. Panting, he threw the pan into the sink and he turned on the faucet to wash off some of the grease that had started to burn the pan. Calmly, he took the plate of pancakes and held them out to the others, smiling a bit as his tail swayed side to side lazily.

"Pancakes?" he asked.