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Harry Potter and the Werewolf's Bite

Chapter 1: The Bite

The sun was setting on the country of Surrey; when the occupants of number four Privet Drive were just sitting down to eat dinner. They looked like the most normal family in all of England, from the first glance of the three family members you would never guess that there was another boy that lived there also. A boy that made the family far from normal. This boy was a wizard, the-boy-who-lived, Harry Potter.

Harry sat alone in his room watching the sunset, playing the horrible image of his godfather fall through the veil. It had been three days since he arrived back to the Dursleys, and he had not left his room.

Hedwig had delivered many letters to Harry as well as Pig, but Harry left them all unopened on his desk. He couldn't bring him self to reply to any of them, it would bring back to many memories because they were no doubt at the order's headquarters. Harry couldn't even say the name.

Harry had only opened one letter and that was from the ministry. It read:
Ordinary Wizarding Levels

The following are your results for you Ordinary Wizarding Levels exams:

Required Classes

Defense against the Dark Arts: Theory: Outstanding p Defense against the Dark Arts: Practical: Outstanding p

Transfiguration: Theory: Exceeds Expectations p Transfiguration: Practical: Outstanding p

Charms: Theory: Exceeds Expectations p Charms: Practical: Outstanding

Potions: Theory: Outstanding p Potions: Practical: Outstanding p

History of Magic: Theory: Dreadful

Elective Classes

Herbolgy: Theory: Exceeds Exceptions p Herbolgy: Practical: Exceeds Exceptions p

Astronomy: Theory: Poor p Astronomy: Practical: Poor p

Divination: Theory: Dreadful Divination: Practical: Dreadful

Care of Magical Creatures: Theory: Outstanding: Care of Magical Creatures: Practical: Outstanding

Mr. Potter we are pleased to inform you that you received 14/17 O.W.L.s. We would also like to inform you that this year any student that received 10 O.W.L.s is a loud to use magic out side of school in result of the return of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named .

Included is a list of classes that you can choose from in the upcoming years.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Advance Defense Against the Dark Arts

Advance Potions

Advance Charms

Charms Grade 6


Care of Magical Creatures Grade 6

Advance Care of Magical Creatures

Curse Breaking


History of Magic

Advance Transfiguration


Pleas send the list of classes that you would like to take and owl them to your Head of House as soon as possible.

Harry was relieved he passed Potions. He would be able to be an Auror if he wanted to. Harry had quickly chosen the seven classes that he wanted to take, Advance Defense Against the Dark Arts, Advance Charms, Advance Transfiguration, Advance Potions, Advance Care of Magical Creatures, Enchantment, and Curse Breaking.

Now Harry's legs were cramped he hadn't use them much in the last three days. It was a cool night tonight, so Harry decided that it would be nice for a walk to think in the cool breeze.

Harry just walked down the stairs and out the door, he didn't care what his relatives said they could not stop him.

Harry decided to walk the streets for a while. Harry walked down Magnolia Crescent and stopped at the place were he first met his godfather almost three years ago. He stood there staring at the spot were the grim like dog once stood. He stood there for at least a half an hour.

Harry then left and started on toward the park. When he got there he sat in the swing and just dug a whole in the ground with his foot.

Harry sat there in the swing thinking once again about Sirius, when a muggle police car pulled in to the parking lot and shined the spotlight on Harry. The light was bright and Harry could barely see.

"Harry Potter please come here." Announced the policeman from the car.

Who were these people, and how did they know his name? Harry wondered. Harry started to walk over to the car when he saw the two policemen get out of the car.

They weren't policemen at all, with black robes and emotionless silver masks on, they were Death Eaters!

Harry quickly whipped out his wand and stunned the first Death Eater, He was about to move on the second one but he through of his cloak and started to shake like he was having a sesure.

He wasn't having a sesure at all he was transforming Harry immediately took off running towards the nearest houses. So many questions were running through his mind. How was that a werewolf? It's not even a full moon?

Harry started banging on the front door of the house; it looked like no one was home. He quickly looked back and the werewolf was twenty feet behind him. Harry quickly climbed up a fence and onto the garage when he felt sharp teeth like daggers sink into his right ankle.

Harry managed to yank his foot out of its mouth before it dragged him off the roof. Harry clambered up to the top of the roof. He could hear the yelping of the werewolf trying to get to him.

Harry's world started to spin, and he passed out.

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