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Harry Potter and the Werewolf's Bite

Chapter 2. Moony

Harry woke up the next morning his foot killing him and his face hurt. He looked around, he was on a roof. Memories started flooding in, about the night before.

Harry pulled up his right pant leg and there it was covered in blood, but it looked like it was already halfway healed.

Harry then looked down to make sure that the werewolf that bit him was gone. He gingerly tried to climb down the fence but it was hard because the werewolf tore most of it down. Harry wasn't worried about anyone seeing him, he was focused on one thing, Getting Remus' help.

Harry dragged himself to Privet Drive slowly, with a couple people slowing down asking him if he was alright.

On the way home Harry felt weird, he felt like he could hear everything, and his vision got blurry, so he took off his glasses and was amazed to see that his vision was better then perfect.

When he was walking up the stairs finally at home, his uncle Vernon yelled from be hind him, "Where were you last night?"

"Out," Harry said slamming the door behind him. Harry then went to the desk and scribbled a letter to Remus.

Something happened, I need you and only you to come
as soon as possible. Please hurry


Harry gave the letter to Hedwig and passed out on his bed.

'Harry! Harry! It's me Remus wake up!" Remus said shaking Harry awake

"Huh. Oh professor you're here." Harry said yawning

"Harry I am not your professor anymore, now what happened?" He asked

"Well I was going for a walk," Harry began. "I stopped at the park and a cop shined its spotlight on me and told me to come here. So I was starting to walk over there, when two Death Eaters got out of the car." Harry paused. "I managed to stun one right away, when I was going to stun the other but he threw his cloak off and started to shake. At first I thought he was having a sesure but then I remembered how you transformed in third year."

"So I took off running," Harry paused again. "I went to a house and pounded on the door, but no one was there. So I climbed the fence and was getting on the roof when it bit me, so I climbed up further and then passed out." Harry ended.

"Oh no Harry," Lupin was speechless

"But how can that be, the full moon isn't for four days?" Harry questioned

"Harry let me see your bite." Remus said gravely. Harry pulled up his right pant leg. The wound was nearly healed by now. "Harry, I am sorry. You're a werewolf." Remus sighed . "Voldermort must have found a way for them to transform at will.." He said talking to himself

"Remus! What are we going to do I can't be a werewolf."

"I am sorry Harry you are, we have to tell Dumbledore."

"NO! We can't we have to keep it a secret."

"Harry we have to, he can help you."

"No, He can't "Harry told him. "Only you can, you know what its like." Harry paused, "And he can't know, he'll think I am a freak."

"No he won't Harry he is very understanding, anyways he doesn't think that about me.

"Please Remus, keep this a secret?"


"Because" Harry really didn't want to tell him why, so he wouldn't feel bad. It was just that he didn't want to be looked down apon by all of society. It would be okay not being famous, but he didn't want to be hated either. "Please?" Harry begged.

"Harry we have to tell him, if Voldermort can some how have them turn at will." He paused. "We will tell him after the full moon. It is in three days, we will go to my house. You will have to prepare yourself the first time is very painful."

"If we tell Dumbledore he will tell, the whole world!" Harry argued.

"No he wont, don't worry about it now. You will have to relax." He finished the conversation.