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Fate Intertwined

Chapter One: Change

A pale hand placed a card on the table. She tapped the card twice and looked up.

"Death," a masculine voice said without hesitation.

The owner of the tarot cards tucked stray strands of blue dyed hair behind her ear. She looked back down and began to explain.

"It's upside down," she said calmly as she began picking up what seemed to be scattered cards on the table.

She swiftly stood up and began walking towards the steps of the entrance of the building. A hand grabbed her arm firmly causing her to stop her movement.

"You have to remember I'm clueless when it comes to this stuff," he said letting go of her arm and readjusting his black sunglasses.

She began to walk again, "I'll tell you, but I think it would be wise to return to class. If we don't our future won't be that bright…I can promise you that much Robin."

Robin walked to the glass doors and held it open, "I don't care. Just tell me what that means. I never got that card before."

"It's not anything bad necessarily," she began to explain stepping to her locker, "It can mean a number of things."

Robin leaned up against the locker beside hers and crossed his arms over his chest, "Like…?"

She took a tube of purple lipstick and applied it while looking in the mirror. When she was done she grabbed a poetry book and slammed the locker shut. Robin looked at her strangely.

"I get bored in class," she flipped to the last page she read and began reading it.

"Okay, but are you ever going to tell me what the card means. Its not everyday death appears when you do a reading for me."

"Like I said before it doesn't necessarily mean anything bad. It was upside down," she repeated as they began walking again.

Their classroom came closer into view and Robin began to get agitated. Raven failed to care about Robin's sudden change in mood and grabbed the knob that led to their sixth period class. The door swung open and she moved quickly passed the giggling girls towards her empty seat in the back of the classroom. Robin followed suit and sat in front of her, but turned in his seat so that he could face her.

"What?" she said noticing the sudden glare she was receiving.

"Well…"he said tapping his finger on her desk.

"Class! Settle down please," the teacher said as he entered the classroom.

Robin grunted softly and turned around to face the front. Raven smirked to herself and ripped a piece of paper from her notebook and began to scrawl on it intently.

The teacher cleared his throat and began to address the class, "Well it has come to my attention that we have a new student joining us. She is from a different country, so be polite and help her get used to life here and…" he was saying until he heard a soft tapping on the door.

He walked to the door and opened it with a smile, "Welcome."

A girl with long red hair and emerald eyes strolled into the classroom. The new girl nervously used her free hand to fidget with her purple skirt. A soft tint of pink was visible on her tanned face as she smiled innocently to her new classmates.

"Hello! I am Starfire, but you all may call me Star," she said happily.

Robin looked at the girl like the rest of the guys in the class looked at her, but then felt something softly land in his spiked hair. He averted his gaze and reached for the object planted in his black locks. He opened the scrap of paper and read the note.


He took his gaze off the paper and turned his head from the new girl to Raven. Raven noticed the stare and looked from her book to Robin with a look of discontent on her face.

"I gave you your answer, what else could you possibly want from me?" she hissed at Robin wanting to return to her book.

"What kind of change?" he asked quietly.

Raven slapped the palm of her hand to her forehead, but regained her composer quickly.

"Why don't you tell me," she finished as she returned to her reading.

Robin turned around, but noticed that the new girl was walking toward him. He nervously gulped, but realized that she wasn't walking toward him, but rather to her seat three desks in front of him.

Robin let out a sigh and realized that the teacher was starting a new trigonometry lesson, so he did what any respectable student would do, put on his headphones to drown out the sounds of the infamous polar coordinates. He closed his eyes and began to tap his foot in time with the beats, but just as soon as he began to enjoy the music someone yanked the headphones from his ears. He slowly opened his eyes and noticed his teacher towering over him. Robin felt every eye on him as the teacher began to tap his foot in annoyance.

"Robin this is the second time this week."

Robin nervously laughed and grabbed his CD player to put it away, but noticed that the teacher made a grab for it.

"I don't think so. I warned you many times, this time your not getting off that easily."

Robin let out another sigh as he was handed a detention slip. The teacher walked back to the front of the class with Robin's black CD player in hand.

"Well back to what I was saying…in order to change a rectangular coordinate into a polar coordinate you must…" he began, but was interrupted by the bell.

Robin stood up and began to move out of the room with Raven closely behind. Raven looked at Robin.

"I get bored in class," he mimicked not paying attention to where he was going.

He accidentally bumped into someone causing a bunch of papers to fly around.

"Smooth…" Raven said out loud as she continued to walk away from her friend leaving him to pick up the mess alone.

Robin looked down and began to collect the papers he had caused to scatter and got back up to see the new girl standing in front of him.

"I apologize. I must have not been watching the direction I was walking in," she said in a jumble.

Robin deciphered what she was trying to say and handed the papers to her.

"Don't worry about it. It was more my fault," he said giving her a smirk.

Starfire could see her reflection in his sunglasses, but smiled regardless. She began to walk away but realized that she had no idea where room 227 was. She ran back toward the direction of the person she bumped into and tapped his shoulder gently.

"I apologize again, but can you point me in the right direction. I am looking for a room number 227…" she said looking down at her schedule and then back up at him.

"Well I'll walk you there," he said as he continued to walk.

"Oh, I do not wish to trouble you…" she said, but was interrupted.

"It's no problem, that's my next class anyway," he said walking toward the class.

"Thank you so much! I don't even know you and you are helping me so much!" she said cheerfully.

Robin wasn't used to such perkiness and even found that he was smiling to himself regardless of the fact that he had detention at the end of the day.

"The name's Robin, and it's really no problem at all Starfire."

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