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Chapter 5: Oh, Baby

A drop of sweat fell from her forehead as she finally dismounted the balance beam. She tucked her legs in, completing the simple flip in the air. She brought her legs out ready to connect her feet to the mat, but landed awkwardly with her feet apart and her knees coming in. She shut her eyes in frustration and fell back on to the mat.

"I just can't do it! I've tried just about everything to make that landing perfect!" she cried out as she clenched her fist and pounded it against the mat.

She opened her eyes slowly and realized that there was a hand extended down to her. Without thinking she took the hand in hers.

"You dismounted to early that time," Cid said as he gently tugged on her hand to pull her up.

Terra stood up, her cheeks burning in embarrassment. She put her head down in shame.

"I can't believe you saw that…" she started.

Cid put his hand up to stop her, "Hey, there's no need to be ashamed. You can't get good at something unless you practice. Besides, I know why you can't control that landing."
She looked at him in confusion, "You do?"

Cid nodded his head, "Like I said before you dismounted a bit too early. I also noticed that you put a lot of weight on your left foot before you jumped, which makes you tilt a bit when you do the flip."

Terra looked at him with shock, "Really? I had no idea," she said as her gaze turned back to the beam.

"Hey no problem. My sister had the same problem for a while," he said as the bell rang ending their conversation, "Well I better go. Have to go to my AP Physics class. How about tomorrow we meet here at the beginning of lunch this time? We'll work on controlling that landing of yours," he said as he waved at her and left the gym.

Terra just stood there her hand still waving even when the door had finally closed behind him. The sound of the second bell finally took her out of her daze. She brought her hands to her cheeks and nearly screamed, "Oh no! I have to get to class!" she said as she looked down at herself, "And I'm still in my gym gear! My teacher is going to kill me!" she said as she rushed to the locker room to change.


The sound of the bell caused Cy to almost choke on the remains of his sandwich. He swallowed the bit with difficulty, "Oh no! It's time for the test!" Cy said in a panic, "Quick, Raven! Who was the guy who was out to get Othello!?"

Raven sighed.

"Cy, you're going to do fine. Stop panicking, you're making a scene," she droned on, "And just to refresh your memory, it was Iago."

"Iago!? Who's he!?" Cy exclaimed.

Raven slapped her forehead.

"Come on Cy…I just went over that five minutes ago."

Cy threw his trash away, and tried to recall what she said.

He snapped his fingers when it finally came to him, "Right. Okay, I remember now. He was the guy who tricked Othello into thinking his wife, Desdemona, was cheating on him with that…that…Cassio guy…right?" Cy asked hopefully.

"Yes, that would be…"

"BOOYAH!" Cy said as he shot a fist in the air triumphantly.

"Don't start celebrating now. You still have to take that test. Speaking of which, you should hurry…" she said, but stopped when she felt arms wrap around her in a tight hug. Just as quick as the arms went around her, they came off. Raven continued to look at him with a straight face, not sure what to make of that contact.

"Thank you so much, Raven! Like you said, better go! Have to teach that test whose boss!" he said as he ran out of the cafeteria and down the hall.

Raven tugged her slightly ruffled shirt down. Still unsure of how to respond to such an 'attack', she threw her tray away and left with her book still in hand.


Starfire was closely walking beside Robin. Her head was swimming with questions, and many fears.

"Star…uh…Star? You there?" Robin said as she waved a hand in front of her.

Starfire shook her head slightly and looked at Robin, "Oh, I am sorry. How rude of me?" she said as she placed her hand behind her head, her cheeks began to warm up in embarrassment.

"So?" Robin asked again.

"So? 'So' what?" she repeated in confusion.

"Well…uh…I asked if you wanted to…"

"Oh Robbie-pooh!" Robin heard and instantly cringed.

"Oh Kitten…" he said through gritted teeth, "What a surprise to see you here…"

Kitten grabbed on to Robin's arm, a smirk gracing her face as she stared at Starfire, "Oh Startflame or something like that right?"

"Actually it is Starfire," she said trying to correct her.

"Whatever…anyway. Robin," she said, her eyes sparkling innocently as she batted her eyes, "Our big cheerleading competition is coming up this weekend. You're going to be there, right?"

Robin removed her arm from his and pushed her away. He pushed his sunglasses back, hiding his eyes behind them.

"Kitten…I'm flattered, but I'm…busy this weekend," Robin said as he watched Kitten's eye twitch.

Kitten relaxed for a moment, "Oh come on Robbie-pooh…it can't be anything to important. I'm sure you can rearrange your schedule to fit this in."

"No can do Kitten. I have to…baby sit…for my neighbor," he said a bit unconvincingly, "They really need me this weekend, and I can't let them down. I made a promise. I'm sure there'll be other competitions."

Kitten turned her head to Starfire and narrowed her eyes before turning back to Robin with a sweet smile, "I understand. It's a real shame. We all got these great new uniforms. I was hoping that you would be there to see them."

"Well like I said…babysitting. Sorry."

"Okay. Well I'll see you later then Robbie-pooh," she said with a wink as she reluctantly left the two together.

"Sorry about that, Star. She can be very…clingy…" he said with a sigh.

"So was that what you wanted to ask me? To help you baby sit?" she asked with uncertainty.

"Well…uh…you see…" he said trying to figure out how to word his excuse.

"I would love to help you!" Starfire exclaimed as she clasped her hands together, "It would be most exciting!"

"But…you don't have to…"

"No really I would love to help you out. It is only fair correct? You helped me, now it's time for me to help you," she said as she looked down at the bunch of books she was carrying, "Oh dear. I left my pencil case in my locker. Excuse me while I go and retrieve it," she said properly as she dashed off to get it.

"Uh…right…" Robin said as he brought his hand to his face.

Once Starfire was out of sight he began to mumble under his breath, "Great…now how are you going to get yourself out of this one?"


Chapter 6: Will Cy pass? Seems like something fishy is going on between Cid and Terra, how will Gar react? Will Robin's little fib get him in trouble? All answers which will have to wait for next chapter. Expect more Gar, Raven, and a bit more fluff in the next few chapters.

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