Conversations with a Hat

Have you ever wondered about what goes on between the ickle-firstie on the stool and the Sorting Hat? How much do the first years influence their placement? Or was Harry a special case? What could have possessed the Hat to put people where he put them? Well, now it's time for you to find out.


Percy Weasley's Sorting

            Percy sat down primly on the stool and put the hat on his head, straightening his robes.

            "Ambitious little thing aren't you?" asked the Hat after a moment.

            "Yes, I want to become the Minister of magic, you know, and then I—"

            "Well, I think Slytherin is the best place for you then, chap."

            "What? Slytherin. No, no, my whole family's in Gryffindor. You can't put me in Slytherin."

            "Why not?"

            "The evil ones are in Slytherin. Everyone knows that."

            "I didn't know that."

            "Oh, really? I thought you were supposed to know everything."

            "No one knows everything."

            "I will. Someday I'm going to know everything."
            "Young man, I am more than 1000 years old and I do not know everything. In the insignificant time that you shall be on this planet you will learn a great many things, but by no means will you learn everything. I can only hope that humbleness is among the things you do learn."

            "Can we hurry this along? I'm sure none of the other students sat here this long."

            "And patience," grumbled the Hat. "Your loyalty seems a bit self-centered. Your mind is sharp and very focused. I really think you'd do best in Slytherin. Cunning they are."

            "I already told you, I won't stoop to their level. Honestly."

            "Is that a promise?"


            "Then remember this warning: don't let ambition rule over your heart. Your heart has to stay stronger. Your heart belongs in GRYFFINDOR!"


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