Lies Within Truth
Author: Gothic Spook
Rating: PG-13 just to be safe.
Category: AU. Angst, Romance. DRR
Summery: Mulder's back, but he's not alone. Who's with him and where did she come from? This is a response to Neoxphile's Mulder AU baby fic, that was set of the X Files forum!
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Spoilers: None really. Maybe season 9
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Authors Note: William, Jump The Shark and The Truth NEVER happened! But ALL other episodes DID!
Dedication: To NEOXPHILE who set the challenge!

Mulder, oh my god. I opened the door and saw him standing there, holding something that was covered in a blanket so I couldn't see what it was that he was carrying. I opened the door to him and he instantly came in and I closed and lock the door behind him.

What are you doing here?

Can you get everyone else over here?

Sure, but its the middle of the night. I inform him as I tighten the robe around myself.

Monica, its important that everyone gets here now. He looks at me pleadingly

Let me go and change, then I'll start calling whoever you want. I tell him, he takes a seat on the couch and I make my way to my room. I look at the naked form sleeping under the covers and I cant help but smile. I shake his shoulder until he opens his eyes. He looks at me questionably.

You need to get up. We have to get everyone over here. He was now sitting up as I started putting my clothes on.

Why? What's so important that couldn't wait until daylight? He asked, he himself stood up and started putting his clothes on.

Its Mulder. He's in the living room. I tell him as I button up my shirt.

Mulder? What the hell is he doing here?

I don't know. I walk out into the living room to find Mulder sitting on the sofa, he's talking to whatever is wrapped inside the blanket. I walk in front of him and see a baby in his arms.

I silently ask the question.

Monica this is Lana. He introduces.

I stroke the child's cheek but am pulled into some sort of dram, a vision, I'm trapped inside a room. White walls. Everything is white. The clothes I'm wearing are white. I scream to be released. The glass door opens and men come in. Doctors I think. In white scrubs. I try to fight. To escape but I'm outnumbered. I feel a sharp pain in my arm and then everything goes black. The last thing I notice before I'm unconscious is the smell of cigarettes. I open my eyes and am standing in my apartment with Mulder looking at me. I knew I had just had a vision of some sort. And he could tell. It was like he was expecting me to have it. I looked at the child in his arms and new something was different about Lana. Also there was something familiar about her as well. I couldn't place it. But it was something. I was about to ask where she came from, but John chose that moment to enter the living room. He looked at Mulder and then at the baby in his arms.

Mulder, what the hell are you doing here?

I could ask the same about you Dog-man. Mulder replies, giving us both a sly smile while looking at me and then at him. He raises his eyebrows in a suggestive manor.

What ever you're thinking, stop it! John ordered him. Mulder just laughed and again asked me to call everyone over here, but not to use any names, mainly his, over the phone. He instructs me to call Skinner, The Lone Gunmen and Dana. I phone Skinner and The Lone Gunmen first of all, they all should be round shortly and then I phone Dana last.

I hear her yawn out.

Dana its Monica. Listen can you come to my place straight away?

Monica do you have any idea what time it is? I can tell she just looked at her clock beside her bed.

I know its late but this is very important and has to do with that case from awhile back. I hope she gets the hint, she doesn't.

What case?

The case with that guy, the UFO nut who went missing. I think I may have a lead in the case and its very important. I stressed the word very' to her. She finally does understand and says she'll be right over. I hang up the phone and walk back into the living room where Mulder and John are talking in baby talk to Lana. They both look up as they here me entering.

They're all on their way. I answer the unasked question.

Can I ask you two something? William, is he okay? Mulder asks nervously, looking from John to me and back again.

He's great. John tells him. But I knew Mulder was looking for a different answer.

He's happy. I tell him and he smile a huge grin. Just then there is a knock at the door. John and I instantly pull our guns out. I slowly open the door, seeing who it is and then open it fully allowing The Lone Gunmen and Skinner to enter and I quickly shut the door behind them.

Mulder, you old son of a gun. Frohike greets and then pulls Mulder in for a hug. John had taken Lana off of Mulder so Mulder could properly greet his old friends. Mulder hugs Byers and Langly as well and then sees Skinner standing to the side. Looking a little out of place.

Come here you big bald beautiful man. Mulder reaches out and pulls him into a hug. I have to fight the urge to burst out laughing at the sight. I make my way to the kitchen to put on a pot of coffee. I have a feeling its going to be a very long night. There is a series of knocks on the door. Skinner opens it and lets Dana in, she's carrying William in a baby carrier and has a bag full of his things that he may need.

She asks questionably, not sure why he's here. She enters the living room, Skinner following closely behind carrying William and his bag.

Oh, my God.

Dana sees Mulder and instantly runs to his arms. I cant help but grin as I watch from the kitchen doorway. She kisses him all over his face until finally coming to his lips where they stay for a few minutes. Until they finally pull apart, they look into each others eyes.

You okay? Mulder asks.

Am I okay? Mulder, I haven't seen you in such a long time. I see Dana smile as she reaches out and touches Mulder's face. Her hand lingers. I was so worried.

Well I'm okay. He tells her and kisses her again. As I go back into the kitchen to make coffee I cant help but smile, being witness to the reunion. It was a perfect moment. But I knew that Mulder had something important to tell us all. That's why she was getting everyone some coffee, she knew everyone would most likely need it.

Everyone sat in the living room. Mulder, Dana and Skinner where on the couch. John was sitting in the single armchair with me leaning against it by his feet. And Byers, Langly and Frohike had got some chairs from the kitchen table. No one said anything. Mulder was obviously thinking how to explain everything he needed to. And no one else wanted to interrupt his thoughts. William was asleep in his carrier. And Lana was on the floor in front of me playing with a couple of my old toys from my childhood I had kept over the years.

Okay since no one else seems curious at all, I'll start the questions. Where the hell have you been this past year Mulder? JOhn finally asked. Breaking the tense silence that had settled in the room. I was glad John broke that silence, I couldn't stand it.

I've been looking for the truth. Was all he said and then he took a sip of his coffee.

John was getting frustrated.

And I found it. Again Mulder said no more.

Okay since you're dodging the questions answer this one. Where the hell did Lana come from? Skinner asked, he to was becoming frustrated.

Want a lesson about the birds and the bees? Mulder asked, but seeing the glare everyone was giving him he decided to tell everyone what needed to be said. This past year I have been looking for the truth. When I was out in the desert word got to me that the X Files were still open. It bugged me on why they would keep it open since they were so determined to have it shut down at all costs. So I did a little research on all possible reasons. Agent Reyes its true that you're adopted right?

Yeah, but what's that got to do with the X Files? I asked, a little uncomfortable with everyone in the room now knowing this and the fact that Mulder had gone behind my back to get this information instead of coming to me and asking for it.

It actually has everything to do with it.

I wasn't sure I wanted to hear this.

What's the first thing you remember about your life? Everyone now has there attention on me. I think back to the first thing about my life I remember.

I was 13 and I was in the desert. I was just running. I don't remember from who. I just know I was scared. A police officer found me and when he asked my name and who my parents where and where I was born. I couldn't answer. I didn't know. The police officer who found me adopted me and gave me a home and a name. Tears were running down my cheeks by the time I finished, remembering how confused I was on that day and how empty I felt, to some extent still feel. I had my head down, I couldn't look at any of then, but I knew they were all staring at me. None of them had known this. I had never wanted them to know. John never even knew.

Why didn't you tell any of us this before? John asks as he sits on the floor next to me and puts his arm around my shoulders, I instantly rested my head on his shoulder.

Because there was no point. You didn't need to know and I didn't want anyone to know. I stood up and went into the kitchen, trying to control my anger at Mulder going behind my back. I felt a hand of my shoulder and turned around quickly to see Mulder.

Why did you go behind my back? If you want information on me you could have just asked! I yell at him.

Because it was safer for you and everyone if I went behind your back. Mulder defended.

Why do I get the impression there's more to the reason you called everyone here?

Because there is. Don't you every wonder where the small scars came from. The one behind your ears, the ones around your body. Don't you ever wonder why you cant remember.

The scars are probably from the childhood I cant remember and of cause I wander, anyone would. But the fact is there's no point in wandering because I cant remember.

Because they didn't want you to remember.

I was becoming very confused and very angry.

The government. They didn't want you to remember your connection.

Connection to what? Now I was really confused as to what Mulder was trying to tell me.

To me.

Why would I have a connection to you?

Because you're my sister. I couldn't believe the words that had just come out of his mouth.

No ... it cant be true. He looks at me sympathetically.

It is. I have the proof with me. He looked away for a second and when he looked back I knew there was more he needed to say.

There's more isn't there?

Yes, you remember how Scully had a child, Emily, but she never gave birth to her? Well the same has been done to you. Lana is your daughter.

At that point I couldn't hold it in any longer. I broke down and would have fallen to the floor if Mulder hadn't been there. He lowered himself along with me as I collapsed to the ground. He had his arms wrapped around me tightly. I heard footsteps and thought that the others must be in the kitchen, watching me cry. But I couldn't control it. I was overwhelmed with emotions. I was happy, that I knew who I was and where I had come from. I was scared at the thought of the impact this would have on my everyday life. I was shocked to find out that I had a daughter. I was scared of what to think of all of this. When I finally pulled away from Mulder a little, I looked up at him, he smiled slightly and kissed my forehead. I looked up and saw John and everyone else standing in the doorway watching with very shocked expressions. I'm guessing that they had heard the entire conversation and new everything. I looked at John and saw he had Lana in his arms. He looked from her to me. I stood up and walked over to them. I looked up at John, I then looked at Lana who was smiling and reaching her arms out towards me. I couldn't help but grin and take her into my arms. She instantly wrapped her little arms around me and I wrapped mine around her. Tears started to run down my cheeks again as I placed a gentle kiss on the top of her head. I looked at John, afraid of what he thinks of all of this. But I saw acceptance and love in his eyes. He placed his arm around my waist and pulled me into a hug. Being careful as not to hurt Lana. He then kissed me squarely on the lips. He didn't care what all the people watching would think. He knew it was showing me that he would stick by me no matter what happened.

After everyone had calmed down from the shock of the news, we all sat down in our original places and Mulder had shown everyone the evidence he had collected to connect me as his sister.

Where did you get all of these? How did you get all of these Skinner asked.

The usual way, breaking into government buildings.

I shouldn't have asked. Okay what are you doing back? I thought it was safer for everyone if you stayed away. Skinner asked.

Well I found out that the government has no interest in me anymore.

So who do they want now? Frohike asked.

I actually don't know, but I was told to come back with Lana.

Who told you? Langly asked.

A wise man in the desert.

So what happens now? I ask.

Well we go back to pretending everything is normal. Mulder simply said. Its late I think we should call it a night, everyone needs to at least get some sleep.

Where will you stay? Byers asked Mulder.

He can stay with me. Dana told him.

No, if I'm wrong about there not being any danger then it will put you and William in danger. He explained.

You can stay here Mulder. I have an extra room anyway. I offer and, much to Dana's annoyance, he agrees.

A few hours later I'm lying in bed with John. We're facing each other with our arms wrapped around each other. I watch him as he sleeps. I know I should as well. But I cant. To much has happened. I need to talk to Mulder. And I couldn't wait until morning. I slowly extract myself from Johns arms and walk towards the spare bedroom. I gently knock and Mulder says to come in. He doesn't seem suprise to see me. And I'm not suprised that he is still awake and sitting on his bed.

I'm feeling a little foolish now, he pats the bed next to him. I sit down next to him. We're silent for a few moments, watching the sleeping baby on one side of the double bed.

How did you find her? I ask him.

I was in a government building. I was on my way out when I saw her in a room by herself. I looked at her name and saw Lana Reyes' and I knew she was important, that I had to get her out of there. That was when I started to look into your past.

I'm not sure what I should be feeling. I've always dreamed of having a baby, but I'm so angry that I never got to experience the things I should have.

Like pregnancy.

Yeah, but also not seeing her take her first breathe or see her first smile. I feel like I've kind of been robed.

They did rob you, they took everything away from you.

Will I ever get any of it back? I asked him, on the verge of tears.

I don't know. But you have me back. He tells me then a grin breaks on his face. I bet you've missed tormenting me.

I nudge him with my elbow. But he doesn't react, he looks at me shocked. What is it?

You called me Fox', I haven't heard you call me that since the night you were taken. He smiled at first and then looked away, upset about something, I knew what it was he was upset about.

You did all you could.

I let them take you.

You didn't let anything happen to me. You tried, but they had the power.

I should have done more.

You did everything you could. You spent your life looking for me, you couldn't do more even if I asked you to. I don't blame you for anything. I told him sternly.

He looked at me almost as if he didn't believe it. He pulled me into a tight embrace. I could imagine the things he must be feeling and thinking. He had blamed himself for my abduction. Put the blame on him. And spent his life searching for me. But here I am, found and safe. And I was telling him he wasn't to blame and that I wouldn't and couldn't blame him for anything that has been done to me.

Can I ask you something? I asked him as we pulled out of the hug.

As long as I can ask you something first, its been bugging me since I arrived.

How long have you and Dog-man...? I playfully elbow him at calling John that, but I cant help but laugh.

A few months back I was in a bad car accident, I went into a coma and nearly died, we've been together since after I came out of the hospital. But no one knew until tonight. I explain to him.

He's a good man. I'm glad you're together.

Thank you. Now can I ask a favour from you?

You can ask, but whether I do it or not is a different story.

Tell me about my childhood. What were we like?

We stayed up the rest of the night. I listened as Mulder told stories of my forgotten childhood. I even broke down crying a few times, I was upset that I couldn't remember any of the events Mulder was describing. He held me as I cried and we laughed as he described some of mine and his dumb moments. We finally decided to call it a night about 3AM, I went back into my room and crawled under the covers with John. He instantly placed his arms around me and gently placed his lips on my cheek. We slept straight through the night until the alarm clock woke us up. And also a babies cry. I put my robe on as John was still waking up and went into the living room where I found Mulder trying to calm Lana down.

Care to give me a hand Sis? He practically begged me with his eyes.

I held out my arms for Lana. Mulder placed her into my open arms. It's okay. Look what I have. I held up my car keys and Lana instantly grabbed hold of them and started laughing as she shook them. I look up and smile at Mulder.

Mothers instincts. He states. I look up at him in shock. I still found it hard to believe that the child I hold in my arms is my daughter. But Mulder had shown me the evidence, the blood comparison and Dana had checked over them and confirmed it all. I was Lana's mother.

So what's everyone doing today? Mulder asked after a few minutes of silence.

Well John and I have to go into the office to finish a report. So if you want you can hangout here and just do whatever it is you do in your free time. I told him.

A fun day watching porn! His face lights up at the thought.

Don't even think about it! I tell him firmly while indicating to Lana. No way was I going to allow him to watch porn with her here.

Well what else can I do?

Watch Snow White and her seven little dwarfs.

Oh how fun! He said, his voice full of sarcasm. I place Lana back in his arms while I go and dress for work, John is already dressed and comes out into the living room.

An hour later John and I are sitting at our desks in the basement office. Writing up the report for our latest case. It was silent. We both wanted to finish this report as soon as possible.

Monica have you seen where I put the autopsy report? John asked me while he looked through all the papers on his desk.

No. There's probably a spare copy in the lab you could borrow. I suggested, never stopping writing my report.

I'm sure I left it on my desk. But I guess not, okay, I'll be back in a few minutes. Do you want anything while I'm out of the office? He asked, while walking to the door. He stopped at the door, waiting to see if I wanted anything.

A diet coke would be good right about now. I need the sugar to be able to finish this report.

Okay, I'll be back soon. He said and left the office. I heard his footsteps all the way to the elevator and then the elevator doors opened and finally the closing and taking John to get the report he'd lost. I was still typing up my report when I heard a noise outside the office door.

I called, but received no answer. A few seconds of silence and I heard it again. I stood up and walked to the office door. I heard it again and opened the door. I looked at both ends of the hall, but didn't see anything. I was about to go back inside the officer when I heard it again. Coming from my right. I took out my gun and started walking forward, my gun in front of me. I got the elevator door and found nothing. I sighed and put my gun back in the holster on my hip. I was about to turn around when a hand clamped over my mouth and something was injected into my arms. Everything instantly fell black.

After I had found a copy of the report that I had misplaced, I went to the can machine to get Monica and I a drink. Damn they had run out of Diet Coke. Monica will just have to live with regular. I don't know why she only drinks the diet. She says it tastes nicer and its healthier that regular. I think that's a load of crap. In my opinion regular is a whole lot better than diet. And about it being healthier, well you know what the say, you only live once. After getting the drinks I make my way back down to the basement office. As I step out of the elevator my phone starts ringing.

I says, while struggling to carry two coke cans and a report in my other hands.

John please tell me you're with Monica at this moment. It was Mulder, he sounded panicky.

Not this second, once I'm in the office in a second then I'll be. Why? I had stopped walking at this point.

Because I just got a call from someone saying that Monica wasn't safe and she needed help. It was then I became aware of how silent it was. I dropped the cans of coke and the report and ran to the office. The door was open. I rushed in and my jaw dropped. The office was a mess. Files were everywhere. The computers had been broke and everything was just a mess. I looked on Monica's desk and saw a note. I read its words out loud.

Lies with the truth.

I looked around the office again. No sign of Monica, no blood anywhere, which I thought was a good thing. No clue as to who might have taken her. Except the note.

GOD DAMMIT! I yelled and kicked the crash can to the other side of the room.