I couldn't believe what I was reading. This was the last thing I was expecting to find. I don't know what to do. Cry. Pass out. Scream. Yell. Laugh. I just didn't know what to do. It was to amazing. Everything we had ever wanted to know was now right in our hands. All of the plans that had ever been made. All of the research that has ever been done. Everything we could need to know about how to destroy the Super Soldiers. To destroy the aliens. To save the world. IT was right under our noses the entire time of searching for the answers. The truth was now open. And now we had everything we could possibly need. I look up at Mulder and see he is thinking along the same lines as me. He doesn't know what to think or what to do, he stuck. Full of to many emotions in one go. His search for everything he had ever wanted to find was finally over.

What do we do now? I ask him in a whisper.

We wait until the time is right, and then we kick some alien ass.

What do we do until then?

We have a few things to do, I believe we have a wedding to plan, so what do you think of a Halloween wedding?


Author Notes: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT IN THIS! This was a load of fun to write! One day, I may do a sequel. But I'm not sure. Anyway please let me know what you think of this fic. Good or Bad?