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Summary: Naruto and Sasuke have had a relationship for years now but no one knows about it. It's a both sweet and sour reality that they live in. Naruto promised that he would protect Sasuke, even throw away his own life if he had too. When that finally happens Sasuke finds the harsh reality hard to live in. Centuries later they met again but can they find each other again with their new lives, secrets and memories?

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Itsu Made Mo, Dobe

Written by Monkan and Beta Read by Asaroth

Chapter 1 - I was so happy

"Sasuke, do you think this will last?"

Sasuke opened his eyes and looked into a pair of sky blue eyes. Frowning slightly, he let the question move around in his mind for a moment before asking, "What do you mean?"

Naruto looked down on the ground where he sat, next to Sasuke, who lay in the grass on his back. "Day's like this, you and me, here, today." He gestured with his hand. "I don't want this to end. I'm happy just being here. Truth is I haven't felt like everything is so perfect in a long time. I don't want this to end." he said the last in a whisper.

Sasuke began to understand what Naruto tried to say. He sighed inside. He understood to well what the blond tried to say, it just felt so right being here with all their fears left behind in the village. Near by, on a tree, they had a long time ago craved their names in it. He actually had learned a new jutsu to make it look as nice as possible. It had taken time, many bruised fingers and a lot of practice but the result and Naruto's smile had made it all worth it.

Reaching out he grasped the other boy's hand, he looked deep into Naruto's eyes. "I don't want this to end either." His words spoke even more clearly in his eyes than in words, leaving Naruto not doubting him.

5 Year Later

Two figures jumped from tree to tree at a fast pace, desperately trying to not slow down.

"How did he found us so fast?"

"I don't know but he's right behind us."

"We have to lead him away from the Village. Orochimaru is after you but I don't want to stay around." The blond said.

The dark haired youth was about to say something when a giant snake suddenly came against them, intercepting them from the side.

The blond jumped against his partner and efficiently knocked both of them out of the way. The snake took a turn around a few trees and came after them again.

The hunt went on for about 30 minutes until the snake blocked their way mid-air and hit them with its tail. Both hit the ground hard, Sasuke looked over to Naruto to see if he was all right. He noted the line of blood coming from the corner of his mouth. Naruto dried it away with his sleeve.

"Kuso, we can't run from him for much longer." Naruto yelled.

Sasuke looked up at the snake and Orochimaru who was now standing on its head. He bit his lower lip to control his rising feelings of anger.


"Haha. What a cute little prey." Orochimaru's voice echoed around them.

Naruto and Sasuke grasped their kunai's and held them in front of themselves.

"I must say you made it harder for me but it's useless no matter what you do."

Both glared hatefully at Orochimaru.

"What do you want?" Sasuke asked.

"I thought you would have figured it out by now. Your body holds so much for me. I first thought your brother was perfect and the strongest one but now..." He let the words trail off, leaving little doubt of what he wanted and chills running down their spines.

"No, leave him alone." Naruto shouted as he jumped forward. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu." He yelled in fury. Seven clones, him included, attacked Orochimaru.

"Idiot!" Sasuke yelled after him.

But it was too late. The snake had followed the real one with its eyes and hit Naruto again with its tail. Naruto managed to avoid the attack but he wasn't fast enough. The snake sent him flying toward a tree behind him and he hit it hard. Naruto spat out more blood as he held his stomach.


Something snapped in Sasuke at the sight of his friend, bodyguard and lover. He rushed with all of his strength toward Orochimaru with his weapon ready to do a lot of damage.

"Hm, not tiered yet?" Orochimaru began to do seals with his hands.

Seeing this, Sasuke decided that close combat was out of the question. 'I'll use that jutsu to end his life.'

Sasuke threw his kunais, took a jump back and began to form the seals for an attack he had never used before.

Orochimaru dogged the kunai that came in his way but his snake wasn't as lucky. It got hit in the eye and disappeared in a large cloud of smoke. Orochimaru jumped onto a near by branch and just as he landed did he the last seal.

"Ninpou: Violent wind."

A gigantic tornado began to form and as it began to spin faster its destruction level heighten. It grew in both speed and strength quickly.

Sasuke had to hurry. If he screw up now, he wouldn't only fail the jutsu but also lose all his chakra. The clock seemed against him when finally.

"Katon: Flaming Oni."

Flames shot up around Sasuke and shielded him as it burst higher and glowed like the sun. Sasuke screamed as the pain of the powerful jutsu ran through his body. The yellow colour turned white and rushed toward Orochimaru with a shriek. It went right through the tornado like it just was a small breeze, dispelling it. Another scream filled the air.

Orochimaru wasn't a former legendary shinobi of Konoha for nothing. Somehow, even if it went against reality he managed to escape the centre of the fire. But he still got hit and it left him half burned and mad as hell. Orochimaru clasped his hands together in a seal and this time Sasuke couldn't do anything against it, he hadn't even gotten his breath under control. He had himself created the jutsu he had used. It had taken him years to perfect it and master it. It used up almost all chakra he had, too much of his stamina and just as much spirit to perform it but once mastered, almost nothing could survive it if it hit some one or something. Unfortunate Orochimaru belonged to those few that survived even if they where greatly, almost royally injured.

Suddenly the earth began to spin under Sasuke's feet and the world around him became unfocused 'What?'

"I see it have finally caught you." Orochimaru smiled wickedly and walked closer to Sasuke. "I didn't want to hurt your body to much so I had to set up a trap."

Sasuke's eyes widen. 'What trap.' he groggily looked around trying to see what he had missed.

"Don't try, you won't find it and it's to late anyway."

Orochimaru began to form the seals that would release his soul from his current body.

Sasuke looked around trying to find a way to escape, finding none as he could barely move his head an inch. Sasuke closed his eyes. He didn't want to see this at the end. Failing to stay alive and protect those that where precious to him. Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, The other former rookies, the village...


"I'm sorry Naruto." He could feel the flow of a chilling chakra coming closer to him, from everywhere, licking his skin.

Suddenly he was pushed out of the way by a black, blue and yellow form.

When they hit the ground they rolled a few times over before over the edge of a small cliff, sending them out into a clearing. Gasping for breath Sasuke found his surrounding becoming focused again but he still felt dizzy. He felt how his face was caressed by someone's hair. He could smell the familiar sent of the forest and fresh air in it. There where only one person he knew that could smell like this, he reached out and buried his fingers in the blond locks he found.

Naruto lifted his head to look into Sasuke's dark and slightly unfocused eyes. Sky blue eyes met ebony dark ones.

"Sorry I'm late but that was one powerful shockwave you created." When Naruto received no response he raised himself up on his elbow. "Are you all right, Sasuke?"

All Sasuke could do was nodding his head before letting himself rest his head against Naruto's shoulder. "Thank you..." he whispered.

"You know I would never fail my job as a bodyguard." He said with a smile, feeling the other young man tense slightly.

"But protecting you is not just my job, it's my dream. I would never let anything harm you. Remember that no matter what I do."

Before Sasuke could answer him an ear-splitting sound brought them back to reality.

Out of the corner of his eye's Naruto saw the rain of chakra coming at them. He grabbed Sasuke around his waist, jumping out of the way just in time before they where hit. Orochimaru or what was left of him now came out of the forest.

Coughing out some dust Sasuke opened his eyes and stared into a pair of deep red eyes, the eyes of Kyuubi.

"Na.. naruto.." Again before he could say more he was pushed out of the way once again.

The blasts created holes in the ground, sending dirt and grass into the air every time. Naruto kept on avoiding the blast's with Sasuke in his arms, hoping Orochimaru would get tired from using so much chakra in his condition. But luck wasn't on his side today.

Naruto began to feel exhaustion setting in. In a few minutes he himself wouldn't be able to jump around just as fast anymore, not with Sasuke at least. It had been several hours of intense fighting against Orochimaru. He had to do something, but how do you defend yourself and another person against this powerful enemy that just kept on coming and coming against them?

"Naruto… leave."

Naruto blinked once before looking down at Sasuke, he was now sweating and gasping for breath. "Leave me here, you can't beat him. No one can."

"I won't leave you here, idiot." barely ducking another attack, too close for his taste.

"Dobe, you can't keep this up for much longer. He only wants me."

Naruto shocked his head. "I can't believe I'm hearing this from you of all people." But Naruto could feel failure closing in on him.

'No one can beat him, no one human.'

He jumped over to an untouched place in the field and laid Sasuke down before turning around, facing Orochimaru.

'I have never been completely human to anyone, except my friends. That has been my curse for living this life.'

Naruto ran closer, dogging the attack. He made himself a more threat so Orochimaru wouldn't go after Sasuke before he had finished him off.

'If this is the only way to save the Sasuke then so be it, I love him to much to lose him.' His red eyes gleamed and he could feel his blood starting to boil. When Orochimaru came closer to him, Naruto threw his remaining kunais and multiplied them into 80.

'All right Kyuubi, you and I have come to live with each other for over 22 years. It's time you help me protect Sasuke even if you hate it.'

The kunai's hit the ground, piercing it. From the distance Sasuke sat, he looked more scared than he had been in a long time.

'Naruto what are you doing? You bastard, come back.'

'I'm happy I met you Sasuke.' Naruto's whiskers grow into deeper marks, they almost seemed real. He concentrated on controlling Kyuubi's chakra so he could make his attack as powerful as possible. The red chakra raised around him as he could feel the flow within him. So powerful, beautiful and so deadly.

'I've been happy this past 8 years. I never said it but when you confessed you loved me it meant so much more to me than dreaming of becoming Hokage.'

'Naruto, please don't do anything stupid…'

'If only it didn't have to end like this but I won't survive this no matter what I do from here on but I don't want to watch you die either.'

Sasuke felt tears behind his eye lids. He could see the red chakra spinning around Naruto. Somewhere deep inside he realized what Naruto was about to do.

'No, don't do it dobe.'

Orochimaru could also see the evil chakra. He had to do something to stop it or he would be in more danger than losing his current body in half an hour.

'I realize what it means to protect some one precarious. To die like Haku and so many others have. I can't think of any more honourable way to die as a shinobi.'

Kyuubi's chakra was now rising up, circling around Naruto. The seal on his stomach burned right through his shirt forming its red pattern on his black shirt. Naruto grabbed Orochimaru's arm. He pierced through their hand with a kunai so Orochimaru wouldn't be able to escape. Naruto closed his eyes, concentrating on opening the gate to Kyuubi's cell. The intensity of Kyuubi's chakra was now touchable even to the hidden leaf ninjas in the village. He concentrated on forming the Rasengan. Putting every bit of Kyuubi's power into it. It was no longer the normal Rasengan, it flowed over every edge it could find even if it had none. Red and blue circled in it, competing against each other.

More sweat broke out over Naruto body. Orochimaru tried to free himself but while he still was bounded to his old body so he wouldn't die he didn't possess enough strength to do this otherwise simple task. He grabbed one of his weapons and strikes it into Naruto's chest, making the blond man to moan in pain but not making any big difference as he was as good as dead anyway.

Then time seemed to stop, it was quiet.

'I love you, Sasuke. Forever.'

Naruto opened his eyes but this time it was his blue eye colour that stared back at Orochimaru. Then, the Kyuubi Rasengan hit Orochimaru.

All hell seemed to happen. The explosion was bigger than anything in many years but it was still quiet. Tree broke from the cheer force of the blast. The sand in the field blew in turmoil. The quiet sound in Konoha made everyone's nerves stand on edge. Not even the wind could be heard. In Hidden Leaf every one felt the terrible chakra that had haunted many adult's nightmare's through the years. Then came the actual sound of the explosion. It shattered windows and scaring even the dead out if their graves. If they where around that is. They all knew what this feeling meant.

The Nine Tail's Demon Fox had returned.

But then it was gone. Just gone! Every trained ninja, from Genin to the Hokage ran toward the origin of the explosion.


At the clearing

Sasuke lay on his side a great distance from where he had been when the blast occurred.

"Naruto." He called out. He stood up and limped toward the centre of the meadow. Blood ran down his thigh from where the kunai had pierced it.

"Naruto." He saw something and hoped it was Naruto but when he came closer he saw it was Orochimaru's body. By just the look of it he could tell that Orochimaru was dead. No one could be more dead than this.

Then he saw something yellow at the corner of his eye he yelled, "Naruto." he ran as fast as he could.

Naruto lay on his side too but lifeless. Sasuke collapsed down beside him and gathered the young man in his arms', letting Naruto's head rest on his chest.

'This isn't happening. This isn't happening.' Sasuke said the word's to himself over and over again. Like a mantra. 'Why, why did you do it?'

"Dobe..." Sasuke broke down crying, letting the tears he hadn't cried for years now fall.

"...don't that, idiot..." Sasuke opened his eyes and stared into Naruto's face.

"Why...just tell me why."

Naruto tried to speak but no words would get past his lips at first.

"Cause... I love you..." A smile played his lips.

"I love you to, now you have to save your strength. You will be better, you'll see..."

"What's... with the... tears?"

"What tears?" Sasuke lied. "You will live, we will continue to live together. From now on I won't hide you in the shadows anymore but you have to promise me that you'll live for many years to come."

Naruto reached up to stroke away a tear from Sasuke's face. "Tears.. don't suite... you...but... at the same... time.. it does..." Naruto didn't have the strength to hold his hand up much longer. "You still...have do for... Konoha. The... peace treaty. I'll... wait" Sasuke took his hand in his before it feel completely down.

"Don't talk like that, you are a hero now... you can't leave me now..." He pleaded. "I will treat you for ramen when we get back, just try to get better." It was the normal deal they used when they wanted to spend time together; of course it was mostly Sasuke that used it on Naruto.

"Sound's... good..." Naruto said with a smile. His breathing slowing down but it didn't stop.

Sasuke felt something warm touch his face. He looked up over the battle field and saw over the fallen tree's the sun setting down at the Hokage Mountain. The sight was amazing to say at least.

"Look at the sky, Naruto."

Both looked with tired eyes but they were still amazed but the beauty of it. It was so the other shinobis found them. Sasuke sitting in the middle of the damaged field with the blond in his arms as they looked at the sky while they where bathed in the remaining warmth and colours of the sun. Both had ripped clothes covered in blood and dirt.

They where rushed to the hospital. People went out of their way as a great amount of shinobis rushed through the streets with a silver haired ninja carrying a bleeding figure in his arms. The seal on Naruto's stomach was now half gone, you could say that it was broken in a way. He was followed by the Tsunade-sama as she carried a dark haired man in the remains of his Hokage clothes with dried blood and dirt on his face. His eye's followed the silver haired shinobi with his eyes the whole journey to the hospital.

They where about to be sent to different rooms but the fight Sasuke put up with in his condition changed their minds. The blond had been quiet through out it all even if his eyes were open. They where put on their own beds. While nurses and doctors rushed around the room taking care of their injuries with the best of their ability. Tsunade came through the doors and took care of the closet injured, Sasuke.

Sasuke's mind wasn't on his surrounding but on the body lying on the bed next to him. Naruto's eyes were closed now and his breathing slow. His normal spiky hair was soaked with blood and sweat, making it seems unnatural tamed. Other than that his face was the same as ever.

Naruto heard voices around him and he saw white all around him when he opened his eyes. He saw Sasuke on the bed beside him. Locking eyes with him, he sighed in relief when he heard Tsunade's voice saying Sasuke would survive. Then let the darkness consume him. Sasuke would live.

"...naruto..." Sasuke whispered when he saw Naruto's eyes close and a cold hand gripped his heart. Then alarms sounded all around him. 'What was happening? Naruto please open your eyes.' He saw every one around him working on the blond but eventually they stopped and a nurse shut of the screaming machines. A death silence hushed the room. Every one looked at the blond man, some of the nurses even turned away with tears in their eyes.

"What's going on? Why did you stop?" Sasuke asked as he raised himself with his arms. He looked from face to face. "Tsunade?" He asked as he looked at her with big eyes, not grasping what was happening.

Her own mind couldn't grasp it totally too but she knew what she had seen before and there where no denial in this scene as she had seen it too many times in her life.

"I'm... sorry..." She began but when he heard those words he shocked his head. " you're lying." He flung his leg over the edge before they could stop him. He fell to the ground, for his leg couldn't handle his weight. He grabbed the edge of the bed as people made to help him. "STAY AWAY." He screamed at them.

He walked over to the other bed, reaching it just in time before he could collapse to the floor again. He reached out a hand and shocked Naruto shoulder gently. "..Naruto, wake up.." No answer. "...please... Naruto, don't... die..."

He could no longer deny what he saw and he cried out with great sobs raking his whole body. He made everyone in the room lowering their heads. More of them had a hard time holding back their tears as they witnessed a man they knew as a genius of the Uchiha Clan and their 6th Hokage cry over his fallen friend.

There where probably no one in the Leaf Village that day that didn't hear the desperate cry of a broken man.


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