Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans.

It's very interesting watching
Them like this, I can see their
Every move, hear every
Conversation that they have
With each other. And they
Have no idea that I'm
There. Not in person of
Course. I'm not naïve, and

I watch them all, the mighty
Teen Titans. Starfire is trying
To get a horrified Beast Boy
And Cyborg to eat her pudding.
Raven is sitting on the couch in
The living room reading her
Dark Poetry. Then he steps
Into the living room. Robin.
The fragile little boy who
Naively thinks that his
Will to do good and his friends
Will keep him from being my

Robin. The boy wonder, who
Tragically lost his parents in
That trapeze accident. Who
Was trained by Batman and
Now the leader of Teen Titans.

Some people may wonder if I
Want him for something more
Than just my apprentice.
Well, that's my business. Isn't it?

The End?