Let Me Be Your Shadow

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It's been  five years since Temari last stepped beyond the Wind Country, but she continues to dream each night of lush green trees and sparkling rivers. She couldn't forget the feeling of crisp air in her lungs, and the color of the cerulean sky. And she couldn't forget him…

They only spent two hours together in the arena, in a languid battle of tactics. It felt more like a game of shougi than battle, and in some ways…it felt as if he was flirting with her. The tactical advances and ploys felt like a demure kind of courtship; and whenever she remembered when he finally caught her, a delicate red would spread across her face. Because of the desert heat, no one notices when Temari suddenly becomes silent and flushed in the face.

Funny how the helplessness that she had felt as she walked towards him returns to her time and time again, as if she's irresistibly drawn to him. Even after such a long time, she remembers the grim satisfaction in his eyes, and the little smile that haunted her dreams…

And now, now she wants to more than just dream. No one is going to stop her.


"And will you be our spy, and always remember your village?" Kazekage-sama's piercing gaze made me nervous.

"I pledge my allegiance to the Hidden Sand."

"Are you ready to leave here, leave you home?" He pressed on. "Forever?"


I was so lost as I exited the tall iron gates, and felt the resonating boom of it shutting shaking my bones. There was no need to turn around to know how majestic our village looks from the outside, with its rough sandstone walls gleaming dull pink in the sunset like an unpolished gem amid this sandy wasteland. With tears in my eyes, I raised my head to face the sun. There was no turning back now; I could only follow the sun.


Their Hokage regarded me with suspicious eyes, a pair of golden brown orbs full of energy and intensity. I was surprised how young she was, only a few years older than myself. I handed over my official papers and passport without a word, absentmindly slipping off my Hidden Sand forehead protector from around my neck, tucking it into my bag. The concept wasn't new, to send a shinobi as an immigrant to a different hidden village. My purpose there wasn't to gather information or to assassinate someone, but simply to live here and remember my allegiance to my village, so that I will aid them in combat if they should attack the Leaf, or motivate the Leaf to aid the Sand if my homeland is in trouble. My sister-in-law back in the Wind Country is one in fact, she married Kankuro two years ago…I often wondered if she really loved him.

I never thought Kazekage-sama would choose me to be a spy. No matter how much I wanted to be there, arriving to the Hidden Leaf as a spy made me feel deceitful and guilty.

"Very well, all of your information are in order," the Hokage stood up, and gave me a polite grin, "your Hokage welcomes our new shinobi!"

I received my shiny new forehead protector and address to my new apartment with a quick bow, and exited her office.

Her gaze burned into my back, I hurried out.


After I situated in the little apartment at the edge of the village, I slipped into some lightweight clothes and climbed out of the window. Now that I was finally there, I had to seek him out. I waited for so many years for this day…The blazing heat within my chest spread like a fever as I leaped into the forest.

The burning urge cooled after a few moments among the branches, and I dropped to the ground to stroll slowly in the shades. Above, the sun and leaves made an intricate display of light and dark, and fell around me in a pretty dappled pattern. Even seeing these shadows reminded me of him. I tried to imagine what he would look like now, as a man. Would he still have that weary look in his eyes? Or that shrewd smile? It suddenly occurred to me how absurd I was being, a twenty years old woman that's in love with the memory of a twelve years old boy she met five years ago.