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What happened the last chap...

Robin woke up and found himself back at the Titan Tower with Starfire who gave him a note that was from Terra letting them know that she and Slade had the other Titans and that they had to come or they would get sevrely hurt. Starfire and Robin went to the pier and they are now getting ready for a huge fight.

Chapter 8-

Forever Love

Slade and Terra along with the other Titans stopped right in front of Robin and Starfire as Stafire's powers made the wind howl and waves roar, the clouds becoming a dark shady color as rain started to fall. They both looked towards where the cage was and realized that their friends were asleep.

"Hey ya!" Terra said darkly.

Terra was wearing black pants and a short black tank top that had an 'S' on the right side of her breast showing she was inellgance with Slade. The wind blew her long blond hair behind her as her dark blue eyes narrowed looking at Robin and Star. She put her hands on her hips as Slade just stood there.

"So Robin long time no see?" Slade slowly said looking at Robin right in the eye.

Robin held his pole towards the ground not saying anything as Starfire started glowing a darker shade of the mysterious color looking towards Terra with hatred.

"Terra why have you gone to his side?! I thought you were our friend!" Starfire yelled out angrily while Terra only smirked.

"The reason is because Slade gave me an offer I couldnt refuse!"

"And what might that offer be Terra?!" Robin gritted his teeth as he got into a fighting stance.

Terra was quiet for a moment and then she spoke softly, "The reason is because he said that he would help me control my powers and find my parents."

Robin and Starfire looked towards her, little sadness in their eyes as she continued on with her story, "See when I was younger I found out about my powers when I was mad at someone...


Terra played with her dolls in her room having a fun time. A lock of blond hair fell onto her face as she pushed it back and started playing with her dolls again.

"Hey Ginger do you want to go to the mall with me?" Terra said moving on of the dolls closer to another doll as she changed her voice for the other doll.

"Sure Sue! I would like that!"

Terra started to giggle when she saw her door to her room open and dropped the dolls running over to her dad and her mom who smiled down at her and picked her up.

"Daddy! Mommy!" Terra shouted snuggling close to her parents.

"Hey sweety, you want to go outside to the park?" Her mom said as Terra's eyes lightened up with delight, shaking her small head up and down.

Her parents laughed as they set Terra on the ground and grabbed her hand, all of them walking outside and towards the park. It was 3:00pm in the afternoon as Terra saw other children with their parents having so much fun! Terra giggled as she looked up at her parents who stopped and looked down at her. Her father bent down and looked at Terra, holding out a butterfly barrett. Terra's eyes glistened with happiness as she grabbed it and looked at it with such delight.

"We wanted to give this to you Terra, we hope that you like it." Her father said as he grabbed the butterfly clip and pushed back her hair putting it on.

Terra smiled as she hugged her dad and mom who lifted her up in their arms, "I wuv you."

Her parents only smiled as they continued on walking towards the park when someone walked out in front of them. Terra couldnt see the persons face for her father had her arm around her head.

"What do you want? Why are you here?" Terra heard her father say, then she heard the other man laugh as she started to shiver.

"I need to talk to you Carl about something important, very important." The man said as Terra felt herself being passed to her mom.

"No, I need Sharon to come too. Both of you need to come with me."

"But what about our daughter?! We can't just leave her here!" Her mother shouted as she looked towards the mysetrious man who she couldnt see.

"You figure that out, just leave her at the park. I'm only going to be talking with you for a moment or so."

Terra looked up at her mom and dad who looked towards each other and then down at Terra as they walked towards the park, "Sweety, I need you to stay right here. Mommy and daddy will be right back ok?"

Terra was set down on the swing as she nodded towards them both confused. Her parents walked away and went towards the man who walked them towards and dark place. Terra started to swing and waited for her parents to come and pick her up. Hours and hours passed, it was probably 11:00pm at night now as Terra looked sleepily towards where her parents had went.

"Mommy, daddy, where are you?" Terra breathed slowly, cold air coming out of her mouth as she fell asleep on the swing.


"I waited another day there and my parents had never come back so I stayed at home for while until I ran out of food and then I grabbed some of my parents money that was in the house and ran away searching for them. While I was I found out about my powers when some guy tried to steal my money." Terra finsihed her story as she was now looking towards the ground.

Robin and Starfire looked at each other in sadness, "Terra we're sorry to hear about this, but Slade wont help you. He can't be trusted."

Slade looked angrily towards Robin and then sighed as he looked towards Terra, "Terra I've already helped you with your powers dont you think I know where your parents are?"

Terra looked up and saw Slade glare towards Robin as she listened to what Slade said to her. She tried to figure it out. Coul he help her? Or was he lying to her?

Robin and Stafire looked towards Terra pleadingly to believe them as Terra suddenly smilled and jumped on a rock flying towards them with the other Titans.

Slade looked pissed off as Robin smiled in victory, "You're lost Slade, your plan wont work against us!"

"You're right Robin, everything is ruined for me so I guess there's only one thing for me to do," Slade said calmy as he then started to run towards Robin. "And thats to kill you."

Robin dodged his attacks as Starfire and Terra released the other Titans and woke them up from their slumber, bringing them back to reality.

"What happened?" Beastboy confusingly said as he looked towards Robin and Slade who were now on one of the docks.

"You guys were taken by Terra." Starfire said as she looked over towards Terra who had her head down in sadness thinking that the others would get mad at her and everything but then she felt an arm around her and realized that it was Beastboy.

"Dont cry Terra, we know that you didnt mean too."

Terra nodded and wiped away her tears as she then smiled and wripped off her clothes to reveal her old ones, "Now lets go kick his butt!"

Slade pushed Robin off of him and looked over at the Titans who started coming over towards him, "I will finsih you all off later."

Suddenly he shot out something towards them as they got surrounded in a big blue round ball. They all started using their powers to break through but nothing would work.

"Ah!" Slade heard as he turned around only to get hit in the head by Robin.

Robin ran over to Slade on the ground and stepped on his chest, "Now to find out who you really are Slade."

Robin reached down towards Slade's mask and tore it off only to growl angrily as he saw the televsion monitor again, "I know that we'll see each other again Robin, but right now it's too soon, you're not ready yet."

Then the screen went blank as everyone was released from the ball that they were stuck in. Starfire flew over and started hugging Robin really hard, "Robin! You are unharmed, yes?"

Robin nodded as Stafire released her hold on him while the other Titans cam over and looked down at him solemnly, "We're sorry that you didnt actually get Slade."

"And I'm sorry for betraying you guys... I really thought that Slade would lead me too my parents. I shoudl have known better, thinking that Slade would help me!"

"Dont blame yourself Terra, you didnt know." Beastboy said as he and Terra started walking off to talk alone in private while Raven and Cyborg started following, Cyborg since he wanted to know what was going to happen and same with Raven yet she wanted to kill BB for reasons that people might just know.

Starfire was about to follow when she saw Robin looking out at the water which was now calm and same with the rest of the weather thanks to Star. She flew over to him and looked at him, "Robin is there something else troubling you?"

"Actually yes Star and I think I need to tell you it now before I lose it again." Robin said as he looked towards Star and smiled towards her.

"Star, ever since I met you I knew that there was something different about you, not because you're from a different planet but because you always give me this weird feeling inside of me and I can never explain it, except that I always have that feeling when I'm around you."

"Actually Robin, I have that same feeling too," Starfire said as Robin looked at her in surprise. "Ever since when I first met you I always loved being around you. You taught me so many strange things here and showed me strange things that I would never understand if it were not for you. Earlier today when you had woke me up in the lab I had, had a dream about you well... 'kissing' me as they would call it."

Robin felt himself get red and so did Starfire as they smiled towards each other, "Star, I want to tell you that I... uh... that I love you."

Starfire remembered that this phrase meant that you liked each other and that you both wanted to be girlfriend and boyfriend in other words be together as one, "I love you too Robin."

Robin and Starfire then both closed their eyes as they both leaned in and kissed one another on the lips, loving the sensation that they were both getting.

Even though that Slade had gotten away, Robin had foiled his plans again and the best part of all, Starfire and him had both found a true love for one another that they'll always keep as Forever Love...


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