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Chapter 1

Cosmic Girls

"So . . .  what do you think?"

It seemed like a simple enough question in and of itself, but Haley James still wasn't quite sure. She once again stared at the red slip of material covering her roommates body and cringed. It was Brooke's third date this week, and with yet another glamorous Frat Boy. The Delta Sigma Phi house this time around, and a blonde curly headed football player by the name of Kip.

Honestly, Haley didn't know whether to applaud her friend for her ability to attract men so easily, or cry at her own inability to do the same. It was one of those things in life that you were either very good at, or....not. And Haley and Brooke fell on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Here they were starting their second semester of their Junior year at Bayview State, and Haley still hadn't managed to meet Mr. Right. Or anyone coming even close. Maybe she set her standards too high? Maybe she was too picky? Watching her friend spin in front of her for the fourth time, Haley began to wander if the problem was that maybe she was just too damn uptight.

"So you like," Brooke Davis asked, coming to a stop, and then smoothing the silky fabric of her dress, so that it lay in all the right places on her body.

Haley contemplated her for a second more, before nodding from where she sat on her bed. "Actually I do," she replied.

"Really," Brooke beamed, "because when I brought it home earlier, you gave me this look like I'd pulled a fucking vibrator out of the bag or something."

"It looked smaller when you showed it to me the first time, skank. Besides I know you keep the sex toys in your bottom drawer," Haley chuckled, sticking her tongue out at the other girl jokingly.

"I knew it! You play with them when I'm not around don't you," she hollered, her eyes wide with a comical smile, as she continued to check herself out in the mirror on Haley's bathroom door.

"Eww, no you pervert. I do however, hear mysterious buzzing coming from down the hall and assume. Because honestly even you can't use your electric toothbrush that often and at that late of night. Although, the mind boggles with all the possibilities."

Brooke feigned a shock expression, letting it fall into a naughty smile."Hey a girl's got needs ya know, and if Frat Boy #27 is too drunk to deliver, then out comes my trusty little friend," Brooke gave Haley another unabashed look, showing her just how confident she was. Haley wished she could be more like that sometimes. Not feel ashamed of things like vibrators or multiple sex partners, or short red dresses that covered just enough to make guys salivate over you. She shook her insecurities away for now.

"Back to the topic at hand, I do like it. The red's definitely working," she finally finished.

"Well I'm glad you approve. Because the lord knows my world would come to a crashing halt if Haley Anne James didn't like my clothes," Brooke through out sarcastically, going to pick her purse up from on Haley's desk.

"Damn Straight," she nodded with a grin.

Both girls gave each other a serious glare before breaking out into giggles, and then walking into the living room of their apartment. Just as the missing link of their circle came through the front door, slamming her bag down on the kitchen table with a angry huff.

"People suck," Peyton Sawyer stated through gritted teeth, a scowl on her face.

"Another fun day in the gallows," Brooke teased, giving her a pat on the shoulder, and then heading to the refrigerator for a drink of water.

Peyton slumped down defeatedly into a nearby chair and rubbed at her tired eyes. "I can't go back there guys, it's driving me insane. And not the funny looney kind. No, the I wanna go on a murdering-rampage-kill-everyone-on-sight kind of insane."

"Oh it can't be that bad Peyton" Haley offered, shifting her weight onto her other leg so that she was standing at an angle.

"You weren't there tonight," the blonde muttered, sucking in a breath of air, exhaling it long and slow, in hopes of relaxing herself.

"What happened? A buncha drunk guys try to feel you up? Oh wait that's every night," Brooke taunted.

Peyton rolled her eyes. "No-- I mean yes that happened, but that's not why I'm in my current state of homicidal fury. I get in there around six to open right, and the first thing I notice is that the only other waitress working is Sonya. And you know I hate Sonya, she's a stupid bimbo that never does anything but flirt and give guys her number."

"We've all had to deal with the stupidity that is Sonya," Brooke cut in, her and Haley sharing a knowing look. 

"I know, but that's not all," Peyton continued. "Not only do two different tables stiff me on tips, but Dominic doesn't manage to catch these two assholes fighting in the back, and when I try to calm them down one of 'em throws his drink at me, and the other pukes on my shoes. On my fucking shoes! Can you  believe that?"

Both girls tired to stifle their urge to laugh and gave their friend sad pouts, understanding her anguish."I'm sorry babe, that bites," Brooke offered a sympathetic hug.

"Yeah it does," Haley agreed, grabbing both of them into one large giant group embrace, squeezing tightly until Peyton finally let out an exaserbated laugh.Then releasing and moving back to their own spots.

"You wanna know the worst part, Satan and his evil spawn weren't anywhere to be found either, so it's not like I could bitch at them for their shitty employer skills," she groaned, seemingly a little less wired after her rant.

Both Haley and Brooke knew who exactly who she was referring to: Simon and Dexter, the owners of Ecstacy, the club that currently employed all three girls. They hadn't intended on getting jobs at the local dance club in town when they first started at Bayview State, but with school loans, rent, food, and the fact that only one of them owned a car, jobs had become a necessity. And with the club being in walking distance of their gated apartment building, the choice had been a no brainer really. Peyton had started working their since she turned nineteen, Brooke close behind, and only a few months ago did Haley receive the sad call from her mother, that she could no longer help her with school, because she in fact had lost her own job.  So here they were, three full-time college students with full-time jobs. Life was a peach.

"Look on the bright side," Haley said, "winter break officially starts today. Five relaxing weeks of yummy homemade food, no homework, and best of all lots and lots of presents."

"Yeah, and five weeks of working my ass off to pay for the lots and lots of presents I'll be buying," Peyton retorted sullenly.

Brooke in the mean time glanced at the microwave clock, and noticed the time read 11:00 pm. Her date should be arriving any minute. She decided to check her make-up once more before he arrived, stepping from the room as the other two girls continued to talk.

"Ok that's it, I'm done coddling, if you want to be in a pissy mood all night, fine, I'll be in the other room," Haley moved to get up.

Peyton put her hand out to stop her from going, and flashed a cheesy grin. "Ok, ok, ok, I'll be better I promise. I'm done. No more whiney Peyton. I'm fun hangy out Peyton now, see," she declared, doing a silly little dance, that consisted of shaking her booty and flailing her arms.

"Alright cornball you're forgiven this time," the brunette tried for a stern face, letting a laugh spill out.

"So what have you got planned, and please tell me it has nothing to do with dark musty clubs or drunken barbarians," Peyton asked, following Haley over to the sofa.

"No and no," She replied pulling a couple videos off the their entertainment shelving unit. "Ok let's see, we've got...Heathers, Clueless, Sleepless in Seattle, Legends of the Fall, and Armageddon," She held the choices up for Peyton to see. "So basically we've got funny, we've got sad, we've got funny-sad, and we've got action. Pick your poison."

"Wow Hales, you really know how to show a girl a good time,"teased Brooke, coming out of her bedroom.

"Not all of us are quite the socail butterfly Brooke," Haley retorted, folding her arms in front of her, tilting her head to the side.

"You mean we're not all sluts, right," Peyton through in, a brazen smile spread over her face.

Brooke tried to look mildly offended, holding her arm up in defense, "Hey! At least I'm getting some action tonight. What are your plans?"

"Movie night, duh," Haley said flashing the movies in front of her, and waving them back and forth dramtically, before plopping them down on the coffee table beside her.

"Exactly my point. When's the last time you went girlfriend. On a date or out with us, or anyone else for that matter," questioned Brooke, with a knowing glare.

"I don't need a man to fulfill me, thank you very much."

"That's not what I mean. I'm talking about having fun. Letting go. Being wild and crazy and completely irresponsible like all college kids should be for at least one night. When's the last time you did that huh?"

Haley's mouth flew open, but when she couldn't think of a response, not a one, she clamped it shut again. Jutting her bottom lip out in a pout Haley gave sad eyes to her frieds. "Ok so I haven't exactly been Miss Popularity lately, whatever. I'm still fun. I'm bundles of fun. Huge heaping, mounding piles of fun, and you know it. And by the way why aren't you singling me out, Peyotn's staying home too."

"She went out last night," Brooke added.

"Whatever, I am fun damn it."

"We know you are, we just want to see you experience it more often Hales," Peyton added, giving her best friend a reassuring smile.

"Oooh I know," Brooke said gleefully, clapping her hands together excitedly, "how bout we all go see D.J. Sonic tomorrow at the club. Some girl in my psych class said he totally kick's ass."

"I can go, but I'll be there working," Haley lamented, disappoonted.

"You suck. Who the hell works on Saturdays anymore," Brooke declared.

"Apparently I do.  Blame Simon, it's not my fault....bitch," Haley through back at her with a challening smirk.







"WHAT," both Peyton and Haley uttered towards Brooke, while laughing.

"I was trying to be creative, shut-up," she giggeled, throwing a nearby dish towel at them.

In the background all three girls heard the faint sound of their doorbell ring. "That would be Kip," Brooke squealed.

"Oh joy," Haley said dryly, twirling her pointer finger up in the air.

"Be nice," Peyton told her, with a chuckle.

Brooke readjusted her dress once more, bringing the clining material up a little farther on her thighs, to show just a bit more skin. "See you in the morning girls," she waved as she went to the door.

"Good luck," Peyton yelled, giving Haley a goofy eye roll.

"Oh I won't be needing it," she winked, before disappearing into the hallway, and closing the door behind her.

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