I have decided to start another fic! And maybe I'll actually finish this one seeing since all the other ones that I have started I gave up on!

This one is about the gang's Spring Break adventures while they are in Hawaii! Hopefully it help get rid of your winter blues, because I can't wait 'till spring and it's cold as a frog's ass here in Michigan!

If you have read some of my other stories you will know that I absolutely love the Kurama/Botan couple! So, of course, that will be the main couple in this fic! There will be the other couples, like Yusuke/Keiko and Kuwabara/Yukina. I just might have to have Hiei find some beach babe that he likes! Lol! We'll see!

So, read on and tell me what ya think! (I hope it's good, I hope it's good, I hope it's good!)


^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^* Chapter One ^*^*^*^*^*^*

"Last boarding call for Flight 142. Flight 142 passengers, please board the plane."

"Did that just say Flight 142?!"

"Did you just hear it say Flight 142, or were you too busy being an idiot?"

"Don't even start this now, guys! This is not the time!"

"He started it, Urameshi!"

"Enough! Don't make me bring out my oar!"

"We're supposed to go on Flight 142, right?"

"That's what the ticket says."

"Well, where is the damn boarding gate?"

"Yusuke, you don't need to swear!"

"Uh, you guys? Is that Flight 142 taking off right there?"

The group turned towards Yukina, and stared out the large viewing window she was looking out. From there they had a perfect view of Flight 142 taking off, heading to Hawaii.

"Aww, shit!"


It was a busy day at Sylvan Airways. People were hurrying to catch their fights, greeting visiting family members, or saying farewell to friends or family leaving or going on vacation. Shops selling food or souvenirs were overcrowded with people looking for that last souvenir or for more food to bring on the plane with them. Babies wailed, people argued, old friends laughed over old memories as they walked. The sitting areas were occupied by people waiting until it was time for them to board their plane.

Right now, one was also occupied by a group of young people, all of which seemed to be in a bad mood. Their luggage was sitting around them.

"Well, if we're ever going to get to Hawaii we need to get new tickets." Keiko said, looking down sadly at her ticket.

Next to her, Yusuke sighed.

"How come nothing ever works out for us? We always got bad luck."

"And stupidity." Hiei murmured, sending a glare to Botan.

"It's not my fault!" she said defensively.

"We spent 20 minutes looking for Flight 124 instead of 142!"

"So I read it wrong! People make mistakes, ya know!"

Yusuke was about to say something else before Kurama cut him off.

"Placing blame isn't going to help us right now. We need new tickets. Yusuke, why don't you and Keiko see if we can exchange our tickets for new ones?"

"Sure, why not."

"Oh, and hey! While you're up, will get me some food? I'm starving!"

"Get your own food, Kuwabara. I'm not your maid."

Yusuke and Keiko walked towards the ticket counter.

"Fine! Asshole!" Kuwabara yelled to Yusuke's back, earning himself and the others disgusted looks from people walking by.

"Well, I am gonna go get something to eat. Anybody want anything?"

"I am kind of hungry too, so I'll come with you." Yukina stood up, straightening the pink sundress she was wearing.

Kuwabara smiled at her and took her hand. Yukina blushed, but didn't take her hand away. Then she listened intently as Kuwabara told her a story about how he heroically helped a lost little boy that last time he was in an airport.

Botan watched them walk away with a wistful smile on her face. Then she turned to study Yusuke and Keiko. Keiko, wearing a pair of white shorts and a yellow tank top, looked as if she'd like nothing better than to punch Yusuke in the face. From where Botan was it looked like Yusuke was arguing with the ticket seller. Finally, Yusuke reached back into the pocket of his jean shorts and pulled out his wallet.

"Looks like we got the tickets." She commented as Yusuke grudgingly handed money to the ticket guy.

"That's a relief." Kurama said. He sat next to Botan, with Hiei across from him.

"I can't wait 'till we get there! It's going to be so much fun!" Botan said excitedly, turning around in her seat to face Kurama.

"I heard that the hotel we will be staying at is really nice. Big rooms, nice views. I think that there is an indoor pool also."

"We won't be using that when we have the beach a short walk away," she thought for a minute and said, "Well, maybe at night."

Hiei, who appeared to be sleeping, cracked an eye open and looked at the couple across from him. He shook his head and closed his eye again. He didn't understand why they didn't just come out and say that they like each other. It was obvious to him that they both did have feelings for the other. Still, they stayed just friends. Some day he might just have to beat some sense into the kitsune.

"I hope there are nice stores there. I told Koenma that I'd get him something."

"I'm sure there is. I plan to get something for my mother also. My little brother said he wanted me to look for some seashells for him. And my stepfather collects shot glasses. I'll have to keep an eye out for one."

"Stupid, money grubbing jerk. You won't believe what that guy up there made us pay!" Yusuke jerked a thumb back to the counter. Keiko rolled her eyes.

"You had to pay? Why? We were exchanging the tickets."

"I don't get it either Kurama, but the guy said something about how they don't give full money back refunds when people miss their planes. Apparently you have to 'call in' when you think you're not gonna make a flight so they can give the seat to someone else." Just talking about it made Yusuke's face redden with anger. Keiko continued when Yusuke stopped.

"And, since are seven empty seats on the plane, which could have been used, we have to pay."

Kurama nodded.

"But, we got the tickets! We're going to Hawaii!" Botan cheered.

"Where did Kuwabara go? Our new flight leaves in half and hour." Yusuke asked, surveying the surrounding area for his orange haired friend.

Then he heard a commotion coming from behind him. Turning he saw a rich looking lady freaking out about something. The others looked too, to see what was going on. People where standing in the way though, blocking their view. Then they heard it. Kuwabara bellowing.

Everybody sprang up. Pushing through the crowd, they came closer to the scene.

When they what was happening they face faulted. Hiei was the only one standing, but he was sweatdropping.

Guessing by how the little, miniature poodle was latched on to the hem of Kuwabara's navy blue shorts, Hiei was pretty sure the human had done something to piss the dog off.

Yukina was standing behind Kuwabara, a frightened look on her face. The lady was frantically pulling her dog off of Kuwabara's shorts.

When the dog was finally off, it let out a series of high pitched barks. Kuwabara fell backward and sighed.

"How dare you! Pestering my poor little Sophie! You should be ashamed!" the lady yelled over the barking. Then she turned on her heel, and marched away.

"Are you okay?" Yukina asked, kneeling down next to him.

"I don't think that was a dog. It had to be some kind of mutated rat! That dog didn't bark, it squeaked!"

"Kuwabara! What the hell are you doing!?"

"I just wanted to pet it! It reminded me of my little kitty back home!" Kuwabara whined.

Everybody rolled their eyes, except Hiei, who 'Hn'd'.

~^* Half and Hour Later *^~

The flight attendent smile in welcome as they came onto the plane. Her smile grew when Kurama came on, and she added a wink as he walked past.

People chatted quietly around them.

Their seats were at the back of the plane. There was one single seat facing a pair of seats across from it. Hiei sat there, not wanting to sit by anyone. Kurama sat across from him. In the chair behind him Yusuke sat, with Keiko next to him. Then, across from them were Kuwabara and Yukina. Hiei wasn't too happy about that seating arrangment. Botan, being the last one onto the plane, took the last empty seat next to Kurama.

Yusuke took Keiko's carry on bag and put it in the compartment above them. Kuwabara did the same for his and Yukina's. They sat back down and looked at each other.

"Why are these seats facing each other? Don't they normally all face the same way?"

"Who cares? As long as I get to sit next to my sweet Yukina, it doesn't matter how the seats are."

"I care," Yusuke said, "Because now, I have to look at you ugly face."

"Say that again, Urameshi." Kuwabara warned.

"We've been on the plane for five minutes and already you guys are fighting." Keiko said, looking out the window. She turned and looked a them.

"Can you two please behave yourselves during the flight?"

The boys nodded.

As Botan began looking through her carry on bag, the captains came on over the intercom.

"Aloha! This is your captain speaking. We are getting ready to take off, so if you could fasten your safety belts, we'd greatly appriciate it. Also, Flight Attendent Marissa will be going over the safety guide with you. Hope you have a nice flight!"

As Marissa stood up to go over safety precautions, the plane engine roared to life.

Keiko and Yukina looked out of the widows excitedly as they saw the ground roll by beneath them.

As soon as the plane started moving, Yusuke looked nervous. He tightened his seat belt and gripped the arms of his seat.

Botan pulled our her CD player and a magazine. Kurama grabbed a book he had brought along and turned to the page he was on. Hiei closed his eyes and tried to sleep.

Before Botan put on her headphones she looked at Kurama. He looked up at her and smile. She smiled back.

"Hawaii, here we come!"

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