Spring Break: Fun in Paradise

Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

The rest of the flight was pretty much uneventful. Yusuke suffered a headache throughout the flight and was sure there was a bruise forming. Keiko ignored his complaints and took to staring out the window. Kuwabara told Yukina stories, when he wasn't bugging Yusuke. Everyone thought that Hiei was sleeping, but know one knew for sure. Botan slept for some time then began talking with Kurama when he got bored with his book.

When the captain finally asked them to buckle their safety belts over the intercom, everyone was restless and wanted off the plane. The landing was smooth and as soon as they could they scrambled to gather their stuff and exit the plane.

On their way off the plane they went passed FA Marissa. She sent a glare full of contempt at Yusuke and her sweetest smile at Kurama.

"Boy, I'm glad to be away from that psycho." Yusuke muttered.

"Well, now we need to find the luggage thing." Botan stood on her tippy- toes looking over the crowd. "And I'm not seeing it."

"Please don't tell be she's going to be navigating us through this one. I don't want to be going in circles." Hiei said, crossing his arms over his chest.

Kurama, sensing an argument, jumped in. "I think we just need to follow the signs."

"Or we could just follow the people seeing since most of them are heading over there." Yusuke pointed to where a majority of the crowd seemed to be going.

Keiko sighed. "Come on, let's go! We don't have all day! We need to be checked into the hotel soon!"

The gang found the luggage return and waited.

"Man, can't this thing go any faster?! I'm hungry!" Kuwabara eyed Hiei a moment. "Hey, Shrimp. Why don't you go in there and find our things. You're short enough, you can fit."

Annoyed groans and aggitated sighs answered him. Hiei didn't even turn to glare.

"I think that's your suit case, Kazuma." Yukina pointed to a big black bag. On it Kuwabara had taped a piece of paper with his name in big blue letters on it.

"Gee, I wonder how she knew that." Yusuke said sarcastically.

Keiko and Botan sighed again at the same time. "Don't start now, guys." Botan said.

"Your luggage hasn't come through yet either?" A new voice asked from behind her.

They all turned and saw a brown haired guy with blue eyes. Kurama recognized him as the guy Botan was talking to on the plane. He stepped closer to Botan.

Botan smiled. "Hey, Josh. Guys, this is Josh. I met him on the plane. This is Keiko, Yusuke, Kuwabara, Yukina, Hiei and Kurama." She pointed to each person, introducing them.

"Nice to meet all of you. It kinda sucks, we're here in Hawaii and yet we haven't really been outside."

Yusuke snorted. "You're telling me. This stupid thing is taking forever to spit our luggage out." He kicked the side of it and only suceeded in hurting his foot.

"Yes, he's a big, dumb animal. And silly me, I forgot his leash." Keiko smiled at Josh.

More bags came through on the conveyer belt. Yukina, Keiko and Yusuke grabbed their bags off of it.

"Four down, three to go." Kurama mumbled. 'And I have to be near this guy until they come.' He studied Josh. He was about the same height as him. His brown hair was a little long and was in no particular style. He seemed way too interested in Botan for his liking. He watched them as they talked. He smiled at her more than was needed. His jealousy rose and he forced himself to ignore it.

He almost jumped for joy when Josh announced that his bag was coming. Josh grabbed his suit case and turned back to Botan.

"I hope I'll see you guys some other time. By the way, what hotel are you staying at?"

Botan dug through her purse. "I know I have a card in here somewhere. I don't remember what it's called."

"Sun View Hotel." Kurama said. Botan looked up at him.

"Oh, yeah! Thanks Kurama."

"Hey, Kurama! The rest of the bags are coming. We gotta get going." Yusuke said.

"Well, I'm at the Moon Shade hotel. But maybe we'll run into each other somewhere." Josh said.

"Yeah, well, seeya!" Botan said and went to retrieve her bag.

The two cabs they managed to hail down stopped in front of a large off- white building. The many windows that adorned the building shined in the sunlight. Most were next to a sliding glass door leading out to a small balcony. They stared up at the huge sign on the very top of it. 'Sun Ray Hotel: Comfort And The Sun, All In One!'

Yusuke whistled. "Big building, stupid motto."

"Hey! Yusuke, you wanna help us with the bags or are we going to have to do all the work!?" Botan yelled, tugging a bag out of the back of cab. Keiko had already gone inside to get the keys to their rooms.

Struggling with their luggage, they got into the hotel. The lobby was a high ceilined room with pristine white walls and plush navy carpet. The front desk was a blue marble and Keiko was waiting in front of it. In her hand she held a bunch of key cards. She started towards them when she saw them.

"About time. Ok, here are the keys. One room for Yusuke and Kuwabara," She gave each of them their cards. "One room for Hiei and Kurama," she handed them theirs. "And one room for us girls!" she gave one to Botan and Yukina. "The rooms are all right next to each other, so we shouldn't have any trouble finding them."

"What happens if we lose the key cards?" Kuwabara asked, studying his.

Yusuke raised his eyebrows. "That's a really good question. We don't have to, like, pay for these do we?"

"Because if any of us were to lose them, it would be Detective and the moron." Hiei muttered.


Kurama sent a panicked look around the lobby. "Kuwabara, you can't yell! We don't need to be bothering the other people here."

Kuwabara breathed in deeply through his nose. "Fine. We'll deal with this later, Shrimp." He picked up his bag and stomped off towards the elevator.

"Oh, I'm shaking." Hiei muttered. Kurama elbowed him.

"Hiei, no outbursts here, ok?"

They all managed to pile into the elevator with only a small amount of arguing and pushing. And because Yukina had never been in an elevator before, she got to push the button.

They got off on their floor, where there was only one other person in the burgundy carpeted hall. A middle aged woman in a wind breaker walking suit. She glanced at the group but said nothing.

"Here it is! Our room!" Botan announced outside of room number 102. She slipped her key card in and waited for the green light to flash.

"Well, were are our rooms?" Kuwabara whined.

"Find them yourself. They're right next door." Keiko said before shutting the door.

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