The Shadows of Understanding


A collab fic of DTT and JH

Chappie by: Mondai Senshi

aka: Double Trouble Togepi

It should be said that "Yami" means dark and "Hikari" means light. X3 Pet names. And "Chan" just further promoted the pet-name feeling.

First attempt at the first chapter:


Ryou held his change of heart card up to the light of his lamp. Bakura, the spirit inside of his Millenium Ring, looked over his shoulder.


DTT's getting fluffy in the second sentence.

Holy goodness~!! I shall seek out Ra and beg him for forgiveness.

Let's try this again, shall we?


The real chapter 1:


Ryou lay on his bed reading a book, his feet in the air. Bakura, the spirit of his millenium ring, sat on the side of the bed near him. He seemed interested, but insistant on focusing on the window.

Ryou had been a normal kid, when he was younger, and still was sometimes. But other times he had been known to talk to, visit with, or even be posessed by the spirit. It all began when his father brought a dreamcatcher-shaped golden momento back to Ryou on an excursion in Egypt. This item was one of seven golden artifacts from deep within the ruins of Egypt, a choice few harboring the spirits of those departed, among them the Ring and the Millenium Puzzle, which housed the essance of the pharoah.

Bakura spoke slowly. "What are you reading, Hikari?"

"It's a fantasy story," Ryou replied. "The Shadows of Understanding."

"Is it a good story?"

Ryou grinned and looked back at Bakura. "It's too early to say, really."

Bakura nodded. Ryou couldn't help but laugh a little. "Yami-chan, why are you always so serious?"

Bakura shrugged and vanished into thin air.


*DTT squeals* That was fun, but so so hard~!! Oo` I need a break and to return to my own wierdness and my own fans and fics.

JH: Well, you took long enough...

DTT: *cowers* Leave your left arm alone, she's trying~!! You weren't kidding when you said it was hard~!!