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A/N – "Thoughts" , Set a month after Just Like Lizzie.

Chapter 1 – Opening His Eyes

Gordo walked out of his english class and headed for his locker. He was going to change books and then go to lunch.

Rounding a corner, he spotted Kate and her friends surrounding another girl. As usual, Kate was leading them in taunting who ever it was.

Walking closer, he finally saw who they were making fun of. "Andie?" Surprised and a bit confused, he also saw that Andie was no longer looking like Kate.

As he was walking up to them, Kate knocked the books out of Andie's hands. With the group laughing, Kate turned on her heel and lead her group away.

Embarrassed and humiliated, Andie bent down and started to gather her books.

One of her notebooks had skidded across the floor and stopped at Gordo's feet. Bending down, he scooped up the notebook and walked over to her.

Standing back up, she was surprised to find Gordo standing next to her.

"Here," he said putting the notebook on top of the pile in her arms. "You ok?"

"Thanks." She turned to open her locker and then started putting the books away. "I guess."

Leaning against a nearby locker, "I thought you were friends with Kate?"

Andie shrugged, "She got tired of me and told me to get lost. Now I guess, I'm her favorite target."

"I think Lizzie would have something to say about that," he joked hoping to make her atleast smile and lighten the mood.

"I shouldn't be surprised. Lizzie got tired of me too."

"Andie." He waited until she looked at him before continuing. "Lizzie didn't get tired of you, you just freaked her out when you started acting like her twin."

"I prolly went a little overboard. But I'm not good at making friends and Lizzie was so nice and together when I first met her, that I guess I wanted to be just like her."

Gordo snickered and tried not to laugh. "Lizzie is nice but far, far away from being together. I could tell you horror stories. That was your problem, your hero worship blinded you from seeing the true klutz that laid beneath."

"Why are you being so nice to me? I mean I wasn't exactly friendly when I was with Kate."

Gordo just shrugged. "We all make mistakes. As long as you keep your identity and own path, I'm willing to forget what happened."

"Thanks Gordo and I am. I just wish I knew what that was," Andie said shutting her locker.

"Give it time." As they started walking down the hallway towards his locker, an idea hit him. "You know you're really good at imitating people, you should try drama. Talk to Miranda sometime, she give you the details."

"You think they'll talk to me," Andie asked a little nervously.

Stopping at Gordo's locker, as he spun in the combination, "Sure. Just apologize to Lizzie and tell her you won't to it again and you just want to be friends again. Everything should be cool." He turned back to his locker and started exchanging books for his afternoon classes. "Why don't you come sit with us at lunch."

Andie's face lit up. "You mean you aren't embarrassed to be seen with a sevy."

Grabbing his bagged lunch and shutting the locker, he shrugged. "I could care less what other people think."

Andie smiled and laughed softly. "I can see why Lizzie likes you so much."

They started walking towards the cafeteria. "Yea, well, we've been friends since we were born."

"No, I mean, I think she really likes you."

"Uh?" Gordo looked at her confused.

"Well, she's always talking about you. Even I noticed the way she looks at you and how possessive she gets when another girl shows interest in you."

Gordo let out a nervous laugh, "Yea right. Lizzie is crazy about Ethan, not me."

"Gordo…" Andie started but Gordo interrupted her.

"No. Me and Lizzie are just friends, that's all we ever be," he said a little bitterly.

Andie smirked, "You wanna be more?"

"No. There is nothing between us." He said a little too loudly, earning weird looks from those around them. "Look, Lizzie and me are just friends. We always have been best friends and we will always be best friends. But just best friends, nothing more."

Andie just looked at him with a grin. "If you say so," she said walking towards the lunch line.

Gordo walked through the cafeteria towards the doors to the courtyard. Walking outside, he spotted Lizzie and Miranda sitting at their table.

Walking over, Lizzie heard him approach. Looking up, she smiled at him.

When she smiled, what Andie told him replayed in his head. "She doesn't like me like that," he said to himself. But her smiling at him did something to him and that made him uneasy.

Lizzie noticed this, she titled her head and studied him as he walked up to table. "You ok Gordo?" Lizzie asked as he sat down.

Gordo swallowed the lump in his throat. "Yea, fine." His voice cracked, getting amused looks from Lizzie and Miranda. Clearing his throat, "I'm fine."

"You sure?" Lizzie asked concerned.

Gordo gave her a weak smile, "Yea. Its just been a long day."

As the girls went back to talking, Gordo couldn't shake the feeling of when Lizzie smiled at him. The harder he tried to push it aside, the harder it pushed back. "There's no way I could like her like that, is there?"