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A/N: Hiya, tis Val! I'm going to continue writing HP poems in this thread, mostly all Harry/Draco slash. Like this one right here! It's Harry's POV. I'm no good in rhyming, LoL!

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Anoymous Fantasy

He's perfect, and I love him so
Even though, no one can know
I swear, those eyes watch me down the way
Those endless flecks of blue take me away
Away, to a elysium of happiness and joy
His expressions towards me are filled with mystery and coy
Oh, how his smile makes me mad
With curiosity and turns my mood glad
Does he know of what I think
Or how a secret wink,
Makes my legs shake
And quake
Watching him pass by
I do not daydream of saying hello or hi
But throwing him down and tasting those lips
Now, my heart is in flips
As those beautiful eyes wander,
And I stare once more into space, to ponder
While my heart grows fonder
Of him