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Blue Light

Chapter One

Yusuke kept on listening to Keiko as she yelled at Yusuke for leaving her like he did so he could go to the Dark Tournament. Yusuke sat on the ground of a forest with Keiko standing across from him at the side, lecturing. Botan stood behind the bushes, eaves dropping on this certain 'lovers spat'.

At the end, however, they both seemed to have made up.

To Botan's disappointment, they didn't end it with a steamy kiss or anything!

"Well," Botan pointed out, "This relationship is certainly something else." Botan then placed a finger on her chin in a questioning stance, "If this is a relationship at all!"

Keiko then left; both Yusuke and Keiko seemed satisfied with what just happened.

"You can come out now, Botan." Yusuke chuckled.

Botan squeaked in surprised. She lingered a bit in the bushes before she popped out.

"I was just checking on you two so-" Botan piped.

"Uh huh," Yusuke laughed out loud.

A crack of lighting streaked across the sky, the clouds started to change into a dark, gloomy gray and black.

"A storm?" Botan asked.

Yusuke stared up into the sky with a dark feeling boiling in the pit of his gut.

The clouds started to gather a bit quickly every few seconds.

"Lets get going," Yusuke instantly grabbed Botan's wrist and started to run through the forest.


Yusuke, ignoring Botan, just kept on running.

They reached the hotel where they entered and made a quite a scene as they crashed into a wall.

"Yusuke!" Shouted a voice.

Yusuke felt arms around him so he looked up to see who it was.

It was Keiko. "Are you okay?" She asked.

Yusuke had a blank expression while Botan looked at Keiko with a sour face.

"Go straight for the boyfriend," Botan sighed, "I feel unloved."

Keiko glowed red in her cheeks, "We're not going ou-"

Yusuke, finally gaining his senses back, nodded. "Yeah," Yusuke muttered, "Like I would go out with a little girl…"

"WHAT!" Keiko knocked Yusuke upside his head. "Who would want go out with a boy who's brain the size of a damn pea!" She then stood up, walking away from an aching Yusuke and laughing Botan.

Yusuke growled, rubbing his head, "I didn't think that was funny, Botan."

"Well," Botan smiled, "You deserved it."

A loud boom was heard and seemed to shake the building. Everyone on the floor Botan and Yusuke were on were startled or terrified.

"What is going on here?" Botan looked at Yusuke.

Yusuke shook his head, "I don't know but that storm isn't normal."

Botan sighed, "Well, I just now remembered to tell you that your egg is going to hatch."

"My egg?"

"Yes," Botan shouted, "Your egg! Have you forgotten about your inner-spirit?"

"My inner-spirit?"

Botan raised a brow, "I really think you need to check that head of yours, Yusuke. Keiko may have knocked out a memory cell."

"She may be right, Yusuke." Yusuke jumped and looked behind him to Koenma in his teen form.

"Shit!" Yusuke shouted.

"Now, now." Koenma stepped forward and held out Yusuke's golden egg or his so-called '"inner-spirit."

"You shouldn't pop up on people like that!" Yusuke shouted.

A loud thunder roared outside, Koenma glanced outside of the main window to see the dark, pitch-black sky and white streaks of lightning.

Yusuke, however, was looking at his egg in Koenma's hands.

"Oh!" Yusuke looked sheepish. "That egg!"

Botan snarled, "Truly, are you that blunt?"

Yusuke put his hand behind his head, a signal that he truly did forget and was trying to act like he really didn't.

"Really, Yusuke." Botan shook her head.

Botan then added, "This egg will hatch an animal that is so fierce and deadly. It's supposed to represent your inner-spirit."

Koenma gave up the egg to Yusuke, "It'll be hatching any minute."

Yusuke raised a brow as he took the egg but was surprised to feel the egg shake in his hands. Then suddenly, the egg started to hatch and golden rays sprung from the cracks tearing through the shell. The room became engulfed in gold but then vanished in a blink of an eye.

Koenma glanced around, "Where is it?" He said.

Botan scratched her head in confusion, "I don't know…"

Yusuke felt a slight breeze swift against his left cheek. Yusuke turned and blinked.

There flying in the sky was a dark-blue phoenix that stood on Botan's shoulder with its wings flapping. It was a beautiful winged creature, the wings wide and large. The beak was a lighter blue than its wings and it had a long feathered tail that was so long it reached down to Botan's waist with white lining the tip of its tail.

"He's beautiful…" Botan stroked the phoenix's chest with a finger.

Yusuke raised a brow, "What is that thing?"

"A phoenix," Koenma pointed out. "Phoenix's are fire birds that have magical powers…" Koenma stared at the bird before saying anything else.

"But they usually are red or a golden color-" Koenma continued.

However, Botan interrupted him. "Though it's rare to see a blue one," She said with a warm smile, "I used to have one when I was younger…"

Yusuke scratched his head, "How can you tell it's a guy?"

Koenma blinked, "I really don't know, um… Botan?"

Botan grinned, "The phoenix here has a white tip at the end of its tail. Only male's have this while females are more of a baby blue color and are without that white tip."

"You seem to know a lot, Botan, so I leave you both to sort whatever it is that Yusuke needs to know about." Koenma then left them.

Yusuke came up to the phoenix and tried to poke at it. "So this is my inner-spirit?"

The phoenix scrunched away from Yusuke.

Yusuke scratched his head, "What's wrong with it?"

"He's just shy," Botan replied.

Yusuke growled, "Whatever."

"What are you going to name him?" Botan asked.

Yusuke shrugged, "I don't know." Yusuke then blinked, "Hey, why don't you name him?"

"ME?" Botan blinked, "Really?"

Yusuke laughed, "Really."

Botan jumped up and down then wrapped her arms around Yusuke. "OH! You're the greatest!" Botan shouted.

Yusuke turned red in the face, "Um…" He pushed Botan away so he could look at her but was stopped in his tracks.

"Botan…" Yusuke said softly, "You're crying."

"I know… I mean, you…" Botan just broke down as the phoenix left her shoulder. She bent her head so she could hide her tears, her blue eyes shining with sadness.

Wait! Botan sad? Botan was never sad!

"Aw, jeez Botan." Yusuke said softly, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Botan wiped her tears, looked up and gave Yusuke her familiar bubbly grin. "Just old memories."

"Okay…" Yusuke said with raised brow.

Botan broke away from his hold and lifted a finger to the phoenix and stroked its feathered coat.


Yusuke grinned, "Great name for the guy."

Botan nodded, "I hoped you'd like it."

Yusuke glanced at the bird and sighed, "Well, since he seems to like you, keep him with you, Botan."

The ferry-girl nodded and smiled.

Yusuke then turned and left.

Genkai glanced up at the sky from the top of the hotel building with a frown.

"Something's changed," she said. Genkai turned around and looked straight into the face of the one she never thought she'd see again.

"I know," the voice said gruffly.

Genkai crossed her arms across her chest. "You really should have thought this through." She said.

"I know."

"She'll find out."

"I know."

The voice then spoke again, "You should have told me."

Genkai nodded, "I know."