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You can't be gone, I won't believe.


It took me a while to adjust to my new life. Not everything was easy...getting use to my living situations...becoming an adult. Through it all, I had my family and friends to support my hope and dreams and weaken my fears and doubts. My best friend disappeared.

I convinced myself a long time ago that the Aurors would find him and everything would go right back to normal. The way things were.

It gets harder to believe that after seven years.

Everyone else has moved on, we graduated Hogwarts as the new generation of witches and wizards alike. We gained jobs, supporting our new homes, began starting families and turned into parents as well as grown-ups.

I still remember sixth year, the Deatheaters came after Harry on his birthday and he barely escaped.

He remained at Headquarters, quiet and distant from the rest of us. At the beginning of sixth year, he didn't do much with his friends. I suspected that he had a relationship with someone special after some time... accidentally walking in on them...

After that, he was glowing. Then they invaded. . . . .and he was gone.

A deeper part of me refuses to give up on Harry, he will return and the Wizarding community will be saved...


Things change over time...for good or bad...